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Royal News: Queen Urgently Calls to Raise Cash After a Dismal Financial Year | Business Wire Royal | News

The official website Royal Collection under the Queen je has reduced many products as low as half price to attract customers. This includes the 2021 Queen’s Palace calendar for £9.95, which is now 50% off. The special “sale track” also has 2020 commemorative coins, as low as £2.45. For those who wish to buy souvenirs of this troublesome vintage, the price has been reduced from £4.95 to this.

A message on the website said: “The front of this commemorative coin is Buckingham Palace, and the back is designed with a crown and national flower logo.”

After the monarchy suffered this year’s loss of tourists from Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and Holyrood House, the desperate sell-off.

In order to control the increasing number of coronavirus cases, England carried out a second lockdown last Thursday.

There were 280 new coronavirus deaths and 24,540 new cases confirmed in the UK on Friday.

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Royal Family LIVE: After a disastrous fiscal year, Queen is eager to raise cash

Royal Family LIVE: After a disastrous fiscal year, Queen is eager to raise cash Picture: GETTY)

3.05pm update: Out of health concerns, the queen may be “closed for many years”

A royal expert said that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the queen may be forced to “close the door for many years.”

“U.S. Weekly” reporter Christina Garibaldi (Christina Garibaldi) said of “We Are Royal”: “The Queen is very good at communication and openly communicates about the future.

“We don’t know what will happen to COVID. We don’t know if she will be forced to hide for years.

“We don’t know what will happen. She is 94 years old this year. But she will not slow down anytime soon.”

2.12pm update: When the queen is the “absent mother”, Prince Charles showed the “goodwill” of Lord Mountbatten

Prince Charles received great “kindness and encouragement” from Lord Louis Mountbatten, when his parents, the Queen and Prince Philip, were too busy.

Prince CharlesThe growth of the Netflix Royal TV series “The Crown” is crucial. Before the fourth season will land on Netflix on Sunday, November 15, a royal expert talked about one of the key themes of the first episode, including the special relationship between Prince Charles and his mentor, Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten (Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten), the first earl of Burma Mountbatten, was an officer and politician of the Royal Navy, uncle of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Elizabeth The cousin of Queen II after being removed from office.

Lord Mountbatten was one of the key confidants of Prince Charles’s growth. When his parents tied the Queen and Prince Philip together for royal duties, Lord Mountbatten gave the young royal support.

Howard Hodgson, the royal biographer and author of the book “Charles-Who Will Be the King,” claimed that Charles had found important allies in Lord Mountbatten when the queen was “usually the absent mother.”

Mr. Hodgson told Express.co.uk: “The little boy Prince Charles cut off a lonely figure.”

Update at 2pm: Princess Diana will not ally with Meghan and will be angry with Harry’s friends

Her friend Tina Brown (Tina Brown) said that Prince Harry dismissed the royal family and Britain would provoke Diana. She said that Diana was still an avid monarchist-and added that she would not be with Megan.

She said that Diana “wants to perform her duties, and she wants the queen to be proud of her.”

“And I think Diana would have thought the Commonwealth [role] It was a good show for Harry. “

Ms. Brown added: “She could have made Harry understand what he could have done in life in the UK.

“Everyone said that Diana would be very excited about Megan, but I think she would be very competitive.

“Diana is very complicated. He loved her son to death and might be jealous of their two wives.”

1.19pm update: Even before meeting Prince Harry, Meghan Markle still proudly showed respect for the military

Meghan has always provided firm support to her husband, a veteran, Harry.

He served for 10 years and traveled to Afghanistan twice during this time.

He even admitted that he prefers to be called by the military title of Captain of Wales compared to Prince Harry.

To commemorate the close ties with the military, Harry set up the Invictus Games, an international competition for injured veterans-Megan chose to make his first public appearance as the royal girlfriend at the 2017 Olympics.

The Duchess of Sussex also brushed past the army in 2014 (the year before Harry left the army), when she went on a USO tour to boost the morale of the US army.

She and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff visited troops in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom.

The purpose of this trip is to cheer up military personnel because they cannot entertain Christmas with American celebrities.

12:11 noon update: Prince Charles thanks his followers for their birthday messages

Prince Charles thanked his followers for their birthday messages on the Twitter account of the Clarence House. Today he is 72 years old.

There is a brilliant photo of Charles next to the title: “Thank you for all the best wishes for the 72nd birthday of the Prince of Wales!”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also issued a birthday message: “Happy birthday to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales!”

The Queen’s official royal family Twitter account also posted a sweet picture of the Prince of Wales as a child, and another picture of Charles smiling with his mother.

The picture has a caption: “Happy birthday to the Prince of Wales today!”

11.24am update: Kate Middleton and Prince William confessed “little secrets” during the coronavirus lockdown

To commemorate the first anniversary of the texting helpline 85258, William and Kate talked to several volunteers who participated in the program-and told them his “secret.”

He told them: “I will share a little secret with everyone, but in fact I am volunteering on the platform.”

He remained anonymous while participating in the “Call 85258” program, which provides support through text messages to people experiencing personal crises.

The Royal also stated that he has received training from a mental health charity and uses a pseudonym like other volunteers.

Kensington Palace has confirmed its participation in the commemoration of “Volunteer Week”.

10:35 am update: Meghan Markle and Harry are accused of deliberately deceiving “covering up” the queen

Prince Harry’s own royal biographer claimed that the photos of Harry and Meghan at the Los Angeles National Cemetery were “incredibly fake.” In a speech on The Royal Beat on True Royalty TV, Angela Levin said the photos are similar to “fashion photography.”

Meghan Markle and Harry Prince posted photos of their visit to the Los Angeles National Cemetery on the anniversary.

This photo series shows the Duke and Duchess of Sussex laying down wreaths on the cemetery and looking solemn.

ITV’s Chris Ship wrote on Twitter: “Prince Harry and Prince Meghan visited the Los Angeles National Cemetery today, marking #RemembranceSunday.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex hope to’personally know’ this day in their own way.”

10.05 AM update: After selecting the song “Insensitive”, Phil Collins frustrated and hit Prince Charles’ birthday party

Charles and Diana’s marriage is famous for the pain it caused to husband and wife. The fourth season of Netflix’s fictional TV series “The Crown” will play a role in the tension between mismatched couples to be released tomorrow.

However, when they got married for the first time, their wedding was hailed as a “fairy tale”-despite reports of infidelity, after several years of marriage, this illusion has begun to appear, but most people still think they are in Relatively happy together.

That is, until they dramatically announced that they had taken an unprecedented step towards separating the future king and queen.

The explosive news broke out in December 1992, one month after Charles’ 44th birthday, after years of dissatisfaction with Charles.

When the Prince of Wales celebrated his 72nd birthday today, looking back at his previous party, it showed how singer Phil Collins (Phil Collins) may have embarked on this couple’s marriage, because this couple’s marriage is slowing down. Slowly disintegrate.

He explained: “I participated in the competition on his 40th birthday, arranged for his 40th birthday, and then participated in the competition at her 30th birthday.”

In Jonathan Ross’s performance, the singer continued: “I played a completely insensitive [my hits] —Life is separated, no one is together anymore —It seems, I didn’t know they were breaking up, no one told me!

9.41am update: Prince Charles’s birthday is in stark contrast to Harry and William’s double behavior

Due to the national blockade, the Prince of Wales’s 72nd birthday today will become even more understatement.

It is not clear how he intends to spend the day, but Royal Observers have assumed that he will contact his immediate family to commemorate the occasion.

Although he may be able to see Prince William and his children after the lockdown in December, he has not seen Prince Harry’s son Archie Harrison for a year.

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle) travelled to Canada in November last year and decided to settle in California with Archie.

8.19 AM update: Only Queen Elizabeth II is “incapable”, Prince Charles will take over as King-Expert

Prince Charles is celebrating his 72nd birthday today. Although he has passed the national retirement age, he has not held the top position.

The question of whether Charles can become king before Queen Elizabeth II’s death has been debated for decades.

Constitutional experts claim that Charles has been preparing to win the championship for his entire adult life, but unless the 94-year-old queen is “powerless”, it is unlikely to retire early.

Although Charles is unlikely to become a king before the queen’s death, there is a regency bill that allows him to gain more power when the queen is 95 years old.

Iain MacMarthanne, a constitutional expert, told Express.co.uk: “The Regency Act is a law regulated and prescribed by the legislature in case of loss of sovereignty, minors or not in the territory.

“It wasn’t until 1937 that the Regents Act finally incorporated the provisions on these incidents.

“So far, any legislation on regency has been made provisionally.”

7.50 am update: If Meghan and Harry are interviewed by “Stupid”, they will start a “total war” with the Queen

Meghan Markle, 39, and Prince Harry, 36, resigned from senior royal positions in March 2020, and moved to California with their son Archie.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also signed an agreement with Netflix, which is expected to bring their revenue to more than $250 million (£190 million).

But the royal expert Marlene Koenig warned that the royal couple should not interview the royal family during an interview with Princess Diana (Princess) and Diana (Princess).

Ms. Koenig told Express.co.uk about Diana’s blockbuster: “This is counterproductive to her and it is counterproductive to Charles.

“This undoubtedly helped the queen to make a decision, saying:’Yes, you are about to divorce’.

“I think Harry is going to be strong now.

“They and Liberty found enough hot water.

He said: “I think they will be very stubborn and absolutely crazy, because it will not help their situation, and of course it will not help their situation with the British tabloids.

He said: “I think a full-scale war will be launched against them. I don’t think this will happen, but this is the last thing they have to do.

“I think Harry should know more about whether he wants to reach any settlement with his family.”

Other reports by Rachel Russell.

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