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“Rookie” Season 3 Preview: Nolan was arrested for shooting and breaking the rules

Be ABC Rookie According to reports, when returning to duty on 10/9c next Sunday, January 3, Officer John Nolan will have Lucy Ricardo’s “frank” action.

When we finally entered the program, Nolan (played by Nathan Fillion) and his TO Nila Harper (Mekia Cox) collected enough damn evidence, even if not indirectly, to prove that detective Nick Armstrong (ha Rod Perino) implied that the legend of the area was a bid for crime boss Serj Darien (Serj Darien). When Nolan faced Armstrong unwisely alone, he exchanged fire and the latter was injured.That was when Armstrong revealed that he had taken steps Nolan As another dirty police officer of the late Erin Cole, this shootout will only confirm this.

Nolan rushed home, frantically searching for evidence of Armstrong planting somewhere. However, just when he found a compartment in the wall behind the headboard, the sirens and lights arrived at his door, preparing for arrest.

Although Officer Nolan once did the right thing, he must now persuade his superiors Armstrong̵

7;s illegal operations, and at the same time ask very difficult questions about his and Harper’s tactics.

TVLine invited acting show host Alexi Hawley to explain the next content and the series’ plan to deal with another bad police.

Rookie HarperTV station | In the ending, I asked you how complicated things about “Boy Scout” John Nolan might be, and you said that you are determined to make it as complicated as possible. How is the result?
I think we have become very complicated. Obviously, he has to overcome some huge obstacles, including the way he and Harper did business at the end of last season. Therefore, this is not just Armstrong’s framework. This is also the echo of the path they chose to take.

TV station | Will we see Harold and/or Annie Wersching in the premiere?
In fact, we will see more of these two-spoiler alerts! Obviously, Armstrong was shot by Nolan at the end of the final, and he will desperately try to combat Nolan and Harper’s emotions.Then Annie comes in [as serial killer Rosalind Dyer], In an unexpected way.

Rookie TimTV station | In fact, the last time we spoke during the pandemic was not far away, and you are just beginning to figure out what progress the show will need. You think rookies may have to “roll slowly” in the last 30 days to stretch them. What do you ultimately decide to do?
We have done it. Part of it must be driven by COVID; for the sake of agreement and security issues, I honestly don’t think we can put the police in the roll call room. This is one of our main tasks. So basically, we feel: “Let’s skip the first nine or ten episodes, and hope that once we get there, the situation will change.” I think the result of this is really good. It’s great to really understand the last 30 days of being a rookie, and the subsequent “senile inflammation” — Lucy (Melissa O’Neil) and Jackson (Titus Makin) have basically completed the training of officials Still a student-but from Tim (Eric Winter), the pressure is also increasing. “Well, I only have 30 days left for you, so I have to work harder and let you accept the twist one last time,” something similar.

TV station | Are you saying that Tim might actually become more nervous at the last minute?
He definitely felt that he only had a few weeks left, so he wanted to make sure that she had received proper training before she was released.

TV station | Will we meet newbies when we go offline at some point?
we will. You know, it’s very interesting-we can’t do a roll-call game room, just make a splash on the road, but because it is a symbol of rookie, because you sit in the front row, that is, when our rookie moves back it will be a thing. Obviously, when one or two rookies appear, letting them take over that position is also one thing. I don’t want to hurt the story of the show because of the absence of these moments, but it is a slow process.

Rookie Rolls​​​TV station | You gave me about Brandon Routh (Legend of tomorrow) Officer Doug Stanton is playing. Is he the main entry point for police issues? Or do you plan to solve this problem in multiple ways?
He is definitely One Way, but we are dealing with it in multiple ways. One thing we have is that we are patrolling performances and most other police performances are not. Most of the other shows are investigative and have to deal with crimes once a week, so they are really at a loss as to how to talk about security issues.But we do a lot of different things in each episode, so every call we make on three different patrol cars is fine anything. To be honest, this allows freedom to really solve the security problems throughout the season-too much.

Brandon’s role is Jackson’s new trainer, because Lopez (Alyssa Diaz) will be promoted to detective, which is a problem. He was definitely a policeman who crossed the line in a particularly uncomfortable way for Jackson, which allowed us to enter “How do you remedy?” How difficult it is to get rid of the police. But you also have Jackson’s weakness as a rookie. He can be fired to try to control the training officials he ultimately disrespects. It is very dynamic and very intense. In the end, it allows us to really push the feelings of many of our characters with Brandon’s character.

By the way: in this climate, let Brandon enter and play a role, which proves his bravery as an actor and his commitment to this cause. This is a potential risk for him, but he is still committed to this cause. I will always be grateful for his willingness to step in and play a challenging role.

Rookie LopezTV station | What kind of personal storyline will be used this season?
In fact, we have many.When we broke through Season 3, it was obvious that we shouldered the responsibility of fulfilling all police-related dialogues and really dig out a lot of problems, but we don’t want to lose everything that makes our show. Our show.If we suddenly become us, we won’t serve anyone American crime Or special discount after class-anything that does not meet the conditions Rookie. Our show is a lot of fun, but at the same time we do serious things, we do romantic things, so we are committed to keeping the same show, and I am proud to say that we did.They are a bit spoiled [one personal storyline] In a promotion-I hope they won’t-but you also made Lopez a detective and suddenly fell into the bottom of the food chain; this season will be her runner. In addition, we will meet Nolan’s mother this season, so I think it will be very exciting.

Everyone has a personal story, because I think that’s why people really like this show. It’s like, they didn’t really show up in police work, but showed up because they cared about these characters, so yes, there will be romance. There will be all kinds of things.

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