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Carmen Emanuela Popa, the unforgettable designer of Future Folk • Cosmopolitan.ro

The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 brings to light a new project of the Alumnus Club UNESCO in Bucharest: I told you Future Folk in an earlier material that you can find here: "FUTURE FOLK" at the beginning – an initiative, the current one Values ​​and Symbols of Costume Brings

Future Folk proposes in an attempt to highlight the stylistic power and symbolism of the costume, an original cultural product, an avant-garde collection of costume designs traditional collection, which will be presented in the parliament palace in June and then as a traveling exhibition in the Village Museum in Bucharest, Ploieşti and Tulcea appears

The author of the collection, Carmen Emanuela Popa, is a doctoral student at the National University of Art in Bucharest and known in the major cities of international fashion through his manifesto. His creations are translated into stories, feelings, attitudes, like monuments that rise in the souls of men. Caring for the symbolism and philosophy behind every object, for every inspirational reason, Carmen Emanuela Popa's artistic creations are an artistic invitation to communication and understanding between people

"Creativity is the most important thing … It gives wings and lets you speak metaphorical about all your feelings. "(1965) The unforgettable designer

Carmen Emanuela Popa has become the designer that many critics outside of the country should not forget. The Huffington Post journalists have presented the most memorable collections of Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Russia – a show to be seen this year from 13 to 17 October 2018 – one of which is the collection of Romanian designer Carmen Emanuela Popa:

" Carmen Emanuela Popa's spring / summer 2014 collection has brought a futuristic dream to life, for it is no longer different: lace, quilting techniques, skin and a few feathers that add some delicate touches to a serious collection with a tight tunic long skirts. (…) An unforgettable look: a model that embodies a bride whose head is covered in a capsule, but with lots of charm, even if the garment reminds of a piece of protection, it remains female, wonders who she is, where she is going and what she is doing? "Further details can be found in the article from Huffington Post


Vogue UK narrated the spring-summer collection 2018 in the form of a refined ritual of the modern woman:

The recognitions continued, especially the Parisians who loved the conceptual fashion of the designer Carmen Emanuela Popa. 19659007] Collection FUTURE FOLK

A stylistic osmosis between the clothes that is specific to the Romanian national identity and the national minorities in Romania on the one hand and the contemporary garment on the other, Carmen Emanuela Popa's Future Folk collection is personified as a unit with strong visual effect, by chromatic reduction, stylization but also reduction or multiplication of forms, by antititische connections of elements such as flowers, geometric motives, etc., which are only hinted at, with artistic techniques and painting, print, collage

Carmen Emanuela Popa

The collection shows the graphic elements that are found in popular costumes parallel to stylized plant-inspiring structures and converge in various cases to an abstraction of forms. The chromatic accents are strong and range from numerous arnica and burgundy to lime stone to deep black nuances, all on native white ground

For more details on the collection, see: "FUTURE FOLK" from the beginning – an initiative that brings up-to-date values ​​and symbols of traditional costume



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