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Retrospect and Analysis of Fantasy Football Week 12 Games

Chiefs of Kansas City @ Tampa Bay Pirates

Tyreek Hill is the story of Week 12, when he scored the seventh highest PPR points in a game in fantasy football history. He ended the game with a score of 15-13-269-3, becoming the first receiver to record 200 receiving yards in the game this year, and because Bucs inexplicably continued to be people-oriented, he finished the game at the end of the first quarter. People have no security help. Since Lee Evans (Lee Evans) in 2006, Hill was the first WR to record 200 yards in a quarter and the most received first-half yards since 1991. In the past three games, he created as many as 47 goals, helping Hill become the current number one. One fantasy WR increased significantly in one year.

It was a good matchup. Tampa Bay struggled with running, but the relationship with passing has been very fragile recently, but Patrick Mahomes still exceeded when he threw the first half yard (359) since 2004. expected. With 462 passing yards and a TD:TO ratio of 32:2 for the year, this made him a favorite to win another MVP award. Since 201

8, Mahomes has gone through 300 yards in three games before halftime, which is more than the rest of the NFL combined (two games). Think about it-he also missed Mecole Hardman (Mecole Hardman), he must also have a 90-yard touchdown on Sunday.

The Chiefs committed the red zone for the first time in 17 games, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire used quiet performance as an excuse while facing defense, allowing every game to be as low as The 53.0 NFL rushing yard ran to the guard (but still curious that he rarely considered his performance in college and was used as a catcher…)………… …..

Tom Brady has set a career-high number of interceptions at home this season, but he and the rest of Tampa Bay’s offense looked better in the second half. Mike Evans has 11 TD catches in 48 receptions this year, and of the 41 pass attempts that Brady made on Sunday, only 3 were by Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown). Brown) (this will bring an awkward situation to the family). The game was not as close as the final score indicated, and Kansas City deservedly became a Super Bowl favorite.

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) celebrates with teammate Patrick Mahomes (15)
If you have a Mahomes-Hill stack in your fantasy, congratulations. (AP Photo/Jeff Robertson)

Las Vegas Raiders@ Atlanta Falcons

In the indoor game against Atlanta’s defense, the quarterback scored the most fantasy points this season. Derek Carr committed four turnovers but did not achieve poor performance. Josh Jacobs is not much better (although the defender’s game is more difficult), he also lost a lot of money and got injured. If Jacobs misses the time, Devonty Booker is well worth fighting against the Jets in Week 13… Matt Ryan is also struggling, earning only 4.7 YPA, because with or without Julio Jones, his breakups were very fierce (and Olamide Zaxos’ landing score did not (to no avail)… Brian Hill lost to Judge Ito Smith with a goal TD and most of the goals, while Calvin Ridley and Hayden Hurst are in a quagmire.

Arizona Cardinals@New England Patriots

Kyler Murray was disappointed by the New England defense team, who entered the NFL’s highest allowed 8.7 YPA and ranked last in the DVOA, failing at least twice in every other game this season After reaching a touchdown (Bill Belichick is still the same thing for young QB). Kenyan Drake nearly scored third, but was stuffed into the inch line in the final game before halftime. His usage is very encouraging…Damien Harris (Damien Harris) far outperformed his own scoring, while James White (James White) received a negative receiving yard but scored twice All touchdowns were scored, as everyone expected…Cam Newton only finished 9 passes to get 4.7 YPA without TD and two draft picks, but the Patriots still won (if Zane Gonzalez this season Without three turnovers within 50 yards, Arizona’s record looks very different).

New York Giants@Cincinnati Bengals

Brandon Allen (Brandon Allen) is undoubtedly a problem, which makes Cincinnati lose all the fantasy value, and now it is worrying that Colt McCoy (3.1 YPA) is the same in New York, but Daniel Jones (Daniel Jones) fell. This is a very unfortunate timing, and the next 13th week against the Seahawks is very favorable. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The defense against the tough Seahawks is not ideal… The 4-7 Giants has a -39 scoring margin, but ranks fourth in the NFC.

Cleveland Browns @Jacksonville Jaguars

Kareem Hunt won 6.2 YPC, but was completely covered up by Nick Chubb. Jack Chubb had a melee for 176 yards and scored 22 points. Jarvis Landry (Jarvis Landry) suddenly broke out, and last week Jacksonville (Jacksonville) defense seems to have everyone into the IR… although Keelan Cole (Keelan Cole) and Laviska Xie Laviska Shenault looked like a sleeper this week, but Collin Johnson took full advantage of all of the team’s injuries. Mike Glennon proved that the QB has been significantly upgraded and verified that the team gave up Luton. The decision… James Robinson is the fourth fantasy PPR guard, which is great for the undrafted rookies of the 1-10 team, who cycled three bad quarterbacks.

Carolina Panthers@明尼苏达Vikings

After a season of high pass attempts, Kirk Cousins ​​performed well despite missing Adam Silen and Alf Smith, even though he has won 17 TD passes in six home games this season. ball. Teddy Bridgewater (Teddy Bridgewater) was injured very late, his condition will affect the rest of the Leopards to move forward… DJ Moore (DJ Moore) is also injured, if the situation is serious, this to Robbie Anderson ( Robby Anderson and Curtis Samuel (Curtis Samuel) are big news.The goodbye in Week 13 of Carolina seems to be desperately needed… Justin Jefferson’s crazy efficiency has declined, but due to two touchdowns, the fantasy manager will forgive him… rookie Jeremy Keane for playing back-to-back. The touchdown has clearly recovered the mistakes, and with this in mind, the team that has become more unlikely to lose has happened… When his teammates once helped him off the court, Darwin Cook looked a little lost this season, but he Miraculously returned, so although he undoubtedly disappointed the DFS players on Sunday, the managers throughout the season should sigh to relieve the pressure

Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts

When Derrick Henry ran wildly, the Colts did miss DeForest Buckner with a 17-yard pass for 140 yards and 3 touchdowns, which is RB Best Fantasy Game 10th game This season (that is, Ryan Tannehill stole a TD run). Henry (Henry) did not become the successor of hope like Dion Lewis (Dion Lewis), but in the disillusioned season, even in the PPR league, the “big dog” is still the second biggest fantasy of the year. . In the second second half of the season since 2018, Henry has now scored 26 touchdowns in 18 games… AJ Brown received TD yards for 69 yards and also launched a counter-attack to the game. Kick attempts, and the star’s trailblazer somehow reached 16 touchdowns despite seeing fewer than 150 targets… Jacoby Brissett has become a TD Condor, despite Nyheim Hines is still playing in the PPR league. TY Hilton scored for the first time this season, and Michael Pittman was disappointed despite seeing 9 goals.

Los Angeles Charger @BUFARO Bill

The Bill stands out from the crowd with a more productive and rapid offense, and Josh Allen’s quieter games have been due to John Brown’s inability to play this season. Allen may plan to deal with ankle swelling this week, when he planned to play Monday night on a rare neutral field (Bill may have to return to the scene of “Hail Murray”)… Justin Herbert enters The NFL’s lead is under pressure but still struggling in most cases “passer score”, although rookies can manage 300+ passing yards even in disappointing situations…Austin Eckler Only managed 3.1 YPCs, but performed well during the return period (LAC is arguably the worst blocking team in football), rising by 16 goals, which means that Keenan Allen’s value has been reduced. A small blow, and Ekeler can definitely be considered as the top five forward… As someone who bet friendly on this result, the ending order is not ideal, it seems that Anthony Lynn may no longer be Favorite of “Best Coach of the Year”.

Miami Dolphins @ New York Jet

Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) greatly increased DeVante Parker (DeVante Parker) fantasy value (also helpful to Mike Gesicki), and Miles Gaskin ( Myles Gaskin may be a fantasy changer. Miami plans to play three consecutive home games… Frank Gore (Frank Gore) has entered more yards season than Jonathan Taylor and Alvin after contacting this code. ·Alvin Kamara is high and set a new season high in rushing yards, because in 2020…Jason Sanders has 8 wins and 8 in field goal attempts over 50 yards this season…Sam Darnold entered the worst game in the NFL with no pressure, no pressure and a passer score of zero when the NFL is as low as 5.0 YPA. He received two draft picks and TD on the return trip Is zero. Denzel Mims (returning home after leaving early on Sunday) is the real deal, already the biggest fantasy champion of the offseason, from Joe Flacco/Sa Sam Darnold and Adam Gase to Trevor Lawrence and anyone else.

New Orleans Saints @Denver Broncos

The Broncos were forced to start catcher Kendall Hinton at the quarterback. The Broncos should think this was a victory they didn’t get blocked (this team won 36.5 with the Saints’ 17-point favorite. Minute). Hinton became the first QB player since Ryan Leaf in 1998 to complete the game instead of the number of times. It is not easy to become a full-time quarterback without WR qualification, but it is not valuable in the fantasy league. Thing… Jerry Jeudy entered fourth place at the airport this season (has been doing well in the competition for the past month), but saw a goal on Sunday…Taysom Hill benefited from the game script , And in the past two weeks helped the fantasy manager score his fourth rushing championship. He will once again become a required course for Week in another duel in Atlanta on the 13th… Alvin Camara (Alvin Camara) Kamara) In the case of Hill at the center, in two games two yards and one yard to gain -2 yards, and his new mobile QB also lost four points. If that was not enough, Kamara also lost two sprinting TDs and was carried by Latavius ​​Murray on Sunday’s route. In week 13, Kamara won the Falcons’ defense. This was his harshest blow to fantasy in the past six weeks, so his once great fantasy value continues to be undermined.

San Francisco 49ers@Los Angeles Rams Team

After averaging 344.3 passing yards in the first three games, the ugly Jared Goff returned on Sunday and rookie defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw scored six points. San Francisco had some defensive reinforcements (including Richard Sherman), but the Rams lost for the first time this season, even though they became defenders while scoring 7.5 points on their defense. In fact, this is already the 49ers’ third victory of the season as a weak man… Deebo Samuel defended against the Rams after he was touched by a wide receiver in a game this season. The maximum number of yards was achieved in the game, and the minimum number of yards entered the backcourt. Brandon Aiyuk and Samuel would theoretically cut into each other’s goals, but this would require the unlikely event that they must stay healthy at the same time… Cam Akers became a male The Sheep’s first-choice guard, although he will not be consistent with the committee, due to his offense, the rookie has a good fantasy of playing time, and arranged the end time.

Chicago Bear @绿湾包装工

Aaron Rodgers easily resisted a raging defense and entered four touchdowns, which allowed him to get the second TD that surpassed that year, and his protection was still elite, and he was also protected on Sunday night. Zero hits… Davante Adams’ standard quiet game still led to his travel to the end zone (in week 12, Michael Thomas, Cooper Cooper, Terry McLaughlin, Jerry Judy, AJ Green and DJ Moore have captured zero of the 23 final zone goals this season; Adams has dropped 8 out of 6 to appear in the end zone), and Aaron Jones (Aaron Jones) And Jamaal Williams (Jamaal Williams) continue to divide the work equally…Although most of the works are in the so-called garbage time, Alan Robinson and David Montgomery both showed the best of the season during that time. A good fantasy game blows out, so at least Mitch Trubisky has such an idea.

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