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Republicans want to make “waking up” companies pay-literally

“Boycotts may be effective or ineffective, but the effective way is to find out each unique benefit that these awakened companies receive in accordance with the law, cancel them, and require them to operate like all other companies in those states.” Vought added Say.

At the political crossroads, the increasingly aggressive counterattacks against the outspoken companies of the political parties are the latest and perhaps the purest examples of political parties. Republicans have spent decades adapting themselves to the corporate world and its preference for lower taxes and reduced regulations. Driven by the 2017 Republican tax reform, the party lowered the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21

%. In return, they received industry funding and political support. Now, however, they are betting that they can win opposition to the idea that political correctness has entered the board and irreversibly damaged the roots of conservatives.

For Trump alumni like Vought and other conservatives who have failed in large corporations, the sudden enthusiasm for their cause has been a welcome development. Despite this, many conservatives still suspect that the newly coordinated election campaign foreshadows an earthquake for Republicans. For example, there is no willingness to accept the corporate tax increase proposed by President Joe Biden to pay for infrastructure spending. But even though this is not the end of marriage for Republicans and big companies, even if they see marriage as the beginning of a turbulent relationship.

“Old habits are hard to break. Conservative MPs have been in office for 30 years, and it’s like learning a new language for them.” said Rachel Bovard, senior policy director at the Conservative Partnership Institute. “They still believe that the profit motive drives these companies, and it is not in their interest to punish conservatives. However, you will see young senators and public officials shouting about it, which will affect their political progress.”

The root of this friction began during Donald Trump’s presidency, when the White House occasionally engaged in cultural fights, which aggravated the president’s personal, political and business whims, and conservative TV presenters encouraged boycotts. Those companies that seem to fit the liberal pressure movement.

But after Trump assumed the presidency, the Republicans used laws to punish corporate entities that they believed had crossed corporate entities, and this situation has intensified. The most prominent case occurred a week ago when Delta Air Lines publicly condemned Georgia’s new voting law written by the Republican Party. Civil rights organizations stated that this would impose new difficult requirements on absentee voting and postal voting, thereby making people of color difficult. Of voters have greatly deprived the right to vote. Soon after Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian condemned the legislation as “unacceptable,” Republicans in the Georgia House of Representatives voted to cancel the company’s profitable fuel tax relief. When the state senator refused to accept the measure on the last day of the legislative session, the measure failed.

On Friday, Texas Governor Dat Patrick attacked American Airlines, which opposed the Republican Party’s proposal to adjust voting hours and give state leaders more power over local elections. Dell Technologies also condemned this measure, which has not exceeded the requirements of the state assembly.

Patrick (Patrick) wrote in a lengthy statement: “Texans are tired of companies that don’t share the values ​​we try to guide public policy.”

Then the Major League Baseball Association announced that it is withdrawing its annual All-Star game from Atlanta Stadium to protest the voting overhaul in Georgia. Trump urged his MAGA followers to boycott America’s favorite entertainment and many companies that criticized the voting law “until they slack off”, while Georgia Governor Brian Kemp accused Major League Baseball of succumbing to “Cancel culture”. Other Republicans accused Major League Baseball and Delta Air Lines of conducting false propaganda activities, and pointed out that although China has well-documented human rights violations, the two companies still maintain commercial ties with China.

“Will the Major League Baseball now end its dealings with countries that do not hold elections at all (such as China and Cuba)?” Florida Senator Marco Rubio is one of the leading Chinese hawks in the Senate. I was writing to Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Rob Manfred (Rob Manfred) on Monday.

But this is not just an accusation of hypocrisy or boycott on the menu. Within a few hours, the main voices of the Republican Party-from Donald Trump Jr. to Senators Mike Lee (Utah) and Josh Hawley (Utah) )-It is recommended that the baseball league’s century-old antitrust exemption should be terminated and MLB should be classified as a sport rather than a business. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell issued a follow-up warning on Monday morning. He said that if American companies continue to act like a “waking parallel government,” there will be “serious consequences.”

A spokesperson for McConnell declined to clarify what the Kentucky Republicans called “serious consequences.” The Chamber of Commerce is a pro-business lobbying organization. Although it has been increasingly supported with the support of Democrats in the past, it has been supporting Republican candidates and legislation for most of the time, but has not responded to requests for comment.

The radical public pressure campaign carried out by conservatives to influence corporate behavior puts the company in an uncomfortable position and must overcome the left’s appeals for social justice and the right’s unexpected threat to its bottom line. Some Republicans say they are just flipping pages from the Democratic playbook-just as progressives have called for a boycott of Equinox gym after its CEO donated to Trump, or a ban on In-N-Out burgers after the founders donated to California Republican chain store.

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich said: “After the left-handed attacked for twenty years, ordinary people started to fight back and said that if this is the rule of the game, we will also participate in the game.” “I think that. Yes [Republicans] Say, “Oh, do you want to fight with me? This is what a fight looks like.'”

But there are also fears that Republicans will fall into endless tit-for-tat, which will damage long-term ties with the business world. So far, Republican lawmakers have only targeted individual companies, not entire industries. Take Rubio as an example. He said he would support the unionization of the Amazon factory in Alabama, not because he believes that unions are essential to labor rights, but because it will expose the hypocrisy of the e-commerce giant to The so-called noble company.

Former Republican congressman and Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz said: “I hope the company will bring Michael Jordan’s approach into the political arena, and realize that Republicans and Democrats buy shoes and we are all sitting on the same rack. aircraft.”

“I think the Republican Party as a whole will better point to [Opportunity Zones] Rather than fighting Coca-Cola and Delta one at a time, this is a better long-term solution for everyone. It’s just stupid at some point,” Chaffetz said.

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