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Republicans fight to exempt Trump

Republican lawmakers are fighting for persistence President TrumpDonald Trump Kim said that North Korea’s efforts will focus on making the United States “surrender”. Pelosi urged Democrats to prepare to return to Washington this week because it was Ken Klippenstein who called the call: “Ideology”

; blind spots prevent law enforcement agencies from responding urgently to congressional riots. From now to January 20th, serving as a cabinet member is considering resigning or citing the 25th amendment to remove him.

its. Lisa MerkowskiTrump (Lisa Ann Murkowski) stares at the new impeachment threat to Republican senators: Trump “committed an impeachable crime” Merkowski said she would not consider joining the Democratic caucus. More The Alaska Representative became the first Republican senator to demand Trump’s resignation and announced on Friday afternoon that “he has caused enough harm.”

“I want him to resign. I want him out,” she told the Anchorage Daily News.

One day later, Sen. Pat ToumiThe Patrick Patrick Joseph Toumi government used the Patriot Act in 2019 to collect records of website visitors (R-Pa.) Will retire at the end of 2022, he said Trump’s actions have risen to the level of impeachment.

“I do think the president committed an incredible crime,” Tumei told Fox News in an interview.

The remarks of Murkowski and Toomey put pressure on the Republican centrists, such as Sanz. Mitt RomneyWillard (Mitt) Mitt Romney (Mitt Romney) struggle for the Latino vote has just begun. Dershowitz said that he will once again defend the Trump Senate Republican leadership member in the impeachment trial: impeaching Imp Tron Pu “will not happen” more (Utah) and Susan Collins (Susan Collins)Susan Margaret Collins (Susan Margaret Collins) 50-50 The Senate opened the door to a solution to Trump’s continued violent moment. Republican senators regrettably have done nothing more to contain Trump.This is why Manchin, Romney and Collins will have to exert important Senate powers. More (Maine) As of Saturday night, he has not talked about whether Trump should resign or be removed.

Romney is the only Republican senator to convict Trump for impeachment articles in February. He accused Trump of inciting mob supporters to sweep the Capitol when Congress counted election college votes on Wednesday.

Representative Garrett Graves (R-La.) called on Trump to retire from his office on Friday, even though he said he does not support the impeachment of the President or invoke the 25th Amendment.

“He actually needs to resign. I mean, in fact, he will not speak on the court, speak, exercise all the power and power of the White House, and may even technically find a way to hand over a solution. [Vice President] Penny,” he said.

its. BensasSenator Ben SasseGOP: Trump “committed impeachable crimes” Merkowski said that she did not consider joining the Democratic caucus McConnell to distribute Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial. More (R-Neb.) is an outstanding conservative and potential presidential candidate for abuse of power and obstruction of justice in 2024.

Sass said in an interview on “CBS this morning”: “If they come together and have a procedure, I will definitely consider any clauses they might propose because, as I told you, I believe the president has ignored His oath of office.”

Sass said: “He swears to the American people to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution. He opposes this.” “What he did is evil.”

Sass later stated that he was angry that Trump appeared to be “happy” with images of rioters flooding into the safe zone to destroy the electoral votes.

“As the TV show aired, Donald Trump walked up and down the White House, wondering why the rest of his team were not as excited as him, just as the rioters complained to the Capitol police trying to enter this building. Like a building,” Sass said the conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt In the interview. “That is happening. He is very happy.”

Sass told Hewitt: “I’m sure you have also had conversations with other senior White House officials.”

Particularly harmful to Trump is a clip that shows him and his family jubilantly watching the video monitors of the pro-Trump mob gathered around the Capitol and accompanied by Party song “Gloria”.

A video taken by Donald Trump Jr. shows his girlfriend Kimberly GilfoyleKimberly Guilfoyle (Kimberly Guilfoyle) singer Taylor Dayne (Taylor Dayne) responds to criticism after Mar-a-Lago’s performance: “I try to remain depoliticized” Donald Trump (Donald Trump Jr.) Tested positive for COVID-19 Trump’s test sparked fear of spread: this is someone he met last week Dance with the enthusiastic White House chief of staff and urge the audience to fight Mark MeadowsThe pressure of Mark Meadows prompted Trump to leave the “Hill’s Morning News”-Trump finally admitted; the pressure of the 25th Amendment increased the pressure on Republican senators, urging Trump officials in Congress Don’t resign after chaos Soon, the rioters crossed the Capitol Police and ransacked the Senate and House of Representatives offices, then gave a thumbs up.

In the background, the president and his daughter Ivanka TrumpIvanka Trump “Morning Hill”-Trump finally admits; increasing pressure on the 25th Amendment Ivanka Trump urges “Patriots” to storm the Capitol , In the now-deleted tweet “stop immediately”, in addition to Trump, there are five Republican contenders that will receive more information by 2024A senior adviser from the White House can be seen watching the crowd intently.

Democrats in the House of Representatives threatened to impeach Trump before his inauguration day, provided that he does not resign or is not expelled from the 25th Amendment.

Pelosi said Friday night that if Trump does not step down immediately, she has instructed the House Rules Committee to move to impeach him. She said that the House of Representatives will also pass legislation to form a committee to declare that the president cannot perform his duties.

On the other side of the Capitol, Senate Republicans are preparing for the possibility of a second Trump impeachment.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mickey) Mitchell McConnell (Mitchell McConnell) (R-Ky.) A memo was distributed to colleagues last Friday outlining how the Senate will proceed if the House of Representatives approves the articles clause and transmits the Senate to the House of Lords on or before January 19. The deputies plan to resume normal business after the Senate election. Vacation in January.

McConnell said that if Trump is impeached by the House of Representatives, the most likely scenario is that the Senate receives a message from the House of Commons informing it of its actions on January 19. This will give the Senate the option to order the administrators of the House of Representatives to produce these articles. on the same day.

Two members of Trump’s cabinet have resigned after Wednesday’s violence: Secretary of Transportation Zhao aPreview of Elaine ChaoSunday’s show: As Trump calls for removal, the riots angered Washington. The top Trump official was formally removed from office and then reissued a letter of resignation to indicate that the resignation was to protest Cuomo: “I call on President Trump to resign.”(Married to McConnell) and the Minister of Education Bessie DeVosBetsy DeVosSun (Betsy DeVosSun) Sunday program preview: Trump’s call for removal is growing, and the riots have angered Washington..

De Vos wrote in his letter to Trump: “We should highlight and celebrate the many achievements of your government on behalf of the American people.” “On the contrary, we can only clean up violent demonstrators above the U.S. Capitol to destroy the people. Business chaos.”

She wrote: “This kind of action is unreasonable to our country.” “You have no misunderstanding about the impact of your remarks on the situation. This is my turning point.”

The biggest question in the future is whether McConnell, now regarded as the main political compass of Senate Republicans, will call for Trump to step down.

McConnell has the ability to get Republican senators to do things. He has a lot of leverage and his relationship with you and the leader is very important. “A Republican senator who requested anonymity said that he will discuss how Republican senators will deal with the political consequences of the violence on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, which killed five people.

Republican senators praised McConnell for largely suppressing the push to vote against Biden after delivering two powerful speeches in the Senate on Wednesday.

Only six Republicans voted to veto the Arizona election, while seven senators rejected the Pennsylvania election. This is in stark contrast to the way the Republicans vote in the House of Representatives. The Republicans’ votes in the House of Representatives won 121 and 138 votes.

Other Senate Republicans said they were still worried about Trump’s ability to exercise power within the Republican base and pointed out that he still received 74.2 million votes on election day.

Trump suffered a major setback on the front lines on Friday Twitter suspended his account permanently on the grounds that it “may further incite violence.”

The second Republican senator requested anonymity to discuss Trump’s influence with voters. He said that the phone calls of voters flooded his office, asking senators to vote in support of the vote against Biden’s election.

The congressman voted against the votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania. He said: “Some of my friends say that going back to China is not good for you.”

The congressman said to the Republicans: “They are upset about this.”

However, many Republican lawmakers insist on using Trump.

its. Mike LeeMichael (Mike) Shumway Lee Lawmakers (Michael (Mike) Shumway Lee Lawmakers), Capitol Policeman killed, leaders in the Capitol Senate should urge Biden to nominate candidates for national security after urging Trump officials to resign . The Chairman of the Senate Republican Steering Committee (Utah) contacted National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien and White House Adviser Pat Cipollone and asked them not to do so before Trump leaves office resignation.

Chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee Roy BluntRoy Dean BluntTrump (Roy Dean BluntTrump) stared at the new threat of impeachment. Sunday’s program trailer: riots swept through Washington, and Trump’s call for removal was rising. Fleischer) said Trump acted “alone” after the Congressional riots: “I will no longer defend him” more (R-Mo.) It was predicted on Friday that the Republicans would reject any articles of impeachment that the House of Representatives quickly passed, and told Missouri TV that the Senate voted in favor of Trump’s removal, which “will not happen.”

Jordain Carney contributed.

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