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Republicans believe that the majority of seats in the Senate

Republicans see a path through Michigan and Minnesota, and occupy the Senate majority in the next Congress.

There are many opportunities that do not benefit them. Many people think that the Republican Party is a loser in the fight for control of the Senate.

But Republicans believe that even if as many as four current Republican congressmen fail in defeat next week, they can still maintain the majority by removing senators. Gary PetersGary Charles Peters Biden leads by 7-7 in Michigan. Trump-Poll Hill’s campaign report: 2020 consumer war | Biden wants to clean up oil debate grades for South in two weeks at Jaime Harrison Carolina Senate bid raises millions of dollars more (D) in Michigan or its. Tina SmithTina Flint Smith (Tina Flint Smith) “Hill’s Morning News”-Sponsored by Facebook-Justice Barrett appears in court; One week before election day, Hill’s campaign report: Trump, Biden prepares Final vote on voters Minnesota Senate candidate Jason Lewis (Jason Lewis) underwent “successful” hernia surgery. More (D) In ​​Minnesota.

In their disdain Republicans generally believe that Democrats want to win control of the Senate, but Republicans also pointed out that in the extremely poor countries that are beginning to consolidate, the poll numbers of fragile Republican incumbents.

Senate Republicans still admit that their defensive line is difficult, with 23 seats available for re-election, while the Democrats have only 12 seats.

Republican senators control 53 seats. They are confident of defeating Senator Doug Jones (D) in Alabama. This means that Democrats need to win at least four Republican-controlled seats and the White House to elect a senator. Charles SchumerChaumerHouse Democrat Bill introduced investing 0 billion in STEM research and education. Graham dismissed criticism from Lou Dobs Lewandowski of Fox Business: Trump wants to see no matter… if they are with The President breaks through every Republican Party’s re-election “MORE (DN.Y.) The new majority leader.

“I think it’s even money, it’s 50-50. There is a fierce battle going on, a lot of money is spent, the competition is quite competitive, but our candidates are doing well. They have their own,” the Senate majority whip John ThunJohn Randolph Thune (John Randolph Thune) to ensure that more Americans can use 5G technology Penny will not host Barrett’s final confirmation vote. Gaves focused on Meadows during Trump’s difficult time.More (RS.D.) said Wednesday.

Currently, the politically disabled are giving the Democrats an advantage.

The famous prophet FiveThiryEight.com stated that Democrats have won the favor of the Senate and have an 80% chance of occupying 48 to 55 seats in the next Congress.

But Republican senators and party strategists said that people are too concerned about potential Democrats in traditional Republican states such as Georgia, Montana, and Texas to take over, and for potential troubles in Michigan and Minnesota, Peters and Smith is far ahead of the challenger.

Republicans hope that Michigan candidate John James can attract enough African American voters in urban areas and perform well in rural areas to replace Peters.

“I think Michigan is an opportunity that people have at least realized. John James has done a great job raising funds. And I think if he can vote for voters in the city, he will do well out of the state. His The shot is good,” Thun said.

A poll published by the New York Times/Siena College on Wednesday showed that Peters leads James by 8 percentage points, the same as the Democratic nominee. Joe BidenJoe Biden and Hillary Clinton responded to Chrissy Tegan’s tweet: “I love you” The Supreme Court rejected Trump’s efforts to shorten the deadline for mailing votes in North Carolina to defend overnight: Trump campaign Campaign use of military helicopters raises moral concerns | Air Force plane intercepts planes at Trump rally | Senator introduces bill to expand visa review scope MoreLeading President TrumpDonald John Trump Hillary Clinton responded to Chrissy Tegan’s tweet: “I love you” Police appealed to the police Supreme Court after Florida mothers rejected masks on mask policy at school board meetings Rejecting Trump’s efforts to shorten the deadline for mail-in voting in North Carolina In the state.

Other opinion polls show that the Senate is more competitive.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted from October 20 to 25 and the Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted from October 21 to 27 both showed that Peters led by 6 points.

The Senate Leadership Foundation’s multi-million dollar advertising campaign for the Republican Super Political Action Committee, allied with the Senate Majority Leader, supported James Mickey McConnellAddison (Mickey) Mitchell McConnell (McConnell): The Senate’s “50-50 Proposal” battle “Packaging” the Federal Court is already a serious question What the Biden administration should look like more (R-Ky.).

Democrats in Washington also invested money in the game.

The nonpartisan “Cook Political Report” rated the Michigan Senate campaign as a “lean democracy.”

For the race in Minnesota, Cook rated it as a “solid democracy.”

But for Thune, the game in Minnesota is a “sleeper”, and for Republicans, it has matured.

“I think if you live on Minneapolis Street, people will be concerned about safety. Paul Suburbs,” he said, referring to the Republicans’ belief that Trump’s law and order message will work with suburban voters On the broadcast, the voter was worried about the riots and robberies that occurred after the police killed George Freud, a black man in the later period. may.

“You are in a rural area and it is really strong for Republicans,” Thun added. “Election night will always have some surprises.”

Minnesota is more like Republicans, but the game between Smith and Republicans Jason LewisJason Mark Lewis (Jason Mark Lewis) “Hill’s Morning News”-Sponsored by Facebook-Justice Barrett appears in court; A week before election day, Hill’s campaign report: Trump, Biden are ready to confront voters Proceed to the final vote Minnesota Senate candidate Jason Lewis (Jason Lewis) underwent “successful” hernia surgery more The KSTP-SurveyUSA survey conducted last week showed that the statistical relationship between the two candidates was 43% and 42%, which aroused new attention.

“The game in Minnesota is getting tighter. This is close, but the Democrats may be ahead.” said Vin Weber, a Republican strategist and former congressman from Minnesota, who hinted that Lewis’ attention to crime in Minneapolis is attracting voters. .

However, Senate Democratic strategists believe that the Republican Allies did not spend a lot of money to defeat Smith.

University of Minnesota political science professor Paul Goren said that although the “methodology of the KSTP-SurveyUSA poll is reasonable,” it is compared with other surveys that show Smith has a greater lead , This is an “outlier”.

He said: “I think Smith is still in the driver’s seat and should be cautiously optimistic about the results, but this is by no means a guarantee or certainty.”

A Senate Democratic strategist firmly opposed the Republicans’ hopes of winning the Senate race in Michigan or Minnesota, noting that Trump is widely expected to lose both states.

Thun said that in other parts of the country, some traditional Republican states have assured him that they will begin to act as expected by Republican senators at the beginning of the 2020 election cycle.

“Some of these states have started to correct themselves. Take Montana as an example, I feel good about it. The Danes movement is there. Steve DynesSteven (Steve), David Daines, the Democrats trailed by 3 points in the Montana Senate game: Opinion polls show that the Montana Senate game is tied for a strong player Chess match with the aid of COVID-19 (R-Mont.), he is 3 points ahead of the governor. Steve BullockSteve Bullock (Steve BullockInterior) said that despite the “violent tweets” from the Democrats, Penderley will remain at the BLM Democrats 3 points behind in the Montana Senate campaign: polls show the Montana Senate Statistics in the campaign are tied MORE (D) In ​​a recent poll by The New York Times/Siena College.

Thune added: “The number of some of our existing employees has begun to increase and improve.”

One of the current Republican lawmakers is Sen. John CorningJohn Cornyn Cook (John CornynCook) handed over Texas to Biden (Biden) pushed to Trump territory Cruz (Cruz): Hunter Biden (Hunter Biden) attack will not transfer “single voter” Texas. The “New York Times/Siena College” poll conducted from October 20 to 25 showed that he was 10 points ahead of Democratic challenger MJ Hegar.

Republicans also believe that they have a better chance of retaining the senator. Tom TillisThomas (Tom) Roland Tillis’ late donation surge has pushed election spending forecasts to new heights. Penny seeks to increase Republican election rights for the Republican Senate. Nearly 47% of all registered voters in North Carolina have already voteDemocratic challenger Cal Cunningham publicly apologized to his wife for having an affair during the campaign.

The Democrats retorted that Cunningham managed to maintain a leading position in the polls.

Thun also expressed optimism for the senator. Susan Collins (Susan Collins)Susan Margaret Collins (Susan Margaret Collins) Kidion leads Collins by 3 points in the new poll.Hill’s 12:30 report-submitted by Facebook-within a week, Biden Trump’s campaign was standing there Hill’s morning report-sponsored by Facebook-Justice Barrett appeared in court; there is still before election day A week One of the most vulnerable Republican senators in Maine.

Susan Collins (Susan Collins) will have a long way to go before the Maine presidential election.She may be able to get enough distance and space between herself and her [Trump,]Thun said.

The second Republican senator requested anonymity to discuss the opinion of maintaining the majority in the Senate Republican Caucus. He said that he and many colleagues are still hopeful because experts and pollsters widely predict that Trump will be defeated in 2016. Beat, this is wrong.

“I’m pretty sure Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham Clinton Hillary Clinton responded to Chrissy Tegan’s tweet: “I love you” Trump fights for the battlefield, Arizona Biden in the new national poll Leading 12 Republican congressman said: “I am going to win, but I am not so sure anymore.”

The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee spokesperson Stewart Boss (Stewart Boss) refuted Republican optimism.

He said: “Republicans are busy days before the election because they are currently defending in a dozen competing Senate seats, but this has not changed the fact that these races are in the last minute.”

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