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Republicans admit their struggle to overthrow Biden

Republicans are working hard to mobilize against President BidenFour members of the Sikh community among Indianapolis victims shot and killed overnight health: NIH overturned Trump’s ban on fetal tissue research | Biden Investments. 7B Antivirus Variant Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) team will Meeting again on Friday at Johnson & Johnson (J&J): Moderate 0B Infrastructure Act is a tough sale for Democrats | Department of Justice sues Trump ally Roger Stone for unpaid taxes More They worked hard to resolve the issue of how to regain power in Washington next year.

Facts have proved that Biden is an elusive code for Republicans. He can successfully convey the message about his administration for nearly 1

00 days, keep a relatively low profile, and refuse to participate in the daily oral debates that have consumed Washington in recent years.

Republican senators admitted that this posed a challenge and they did not achieve their goals.

“We need to do better. I think sometimes our messaging should not achieve the desired results, because many of the things they are doing are very popular things-when you spend money, you will be very popular .” Sen. John ThunSenate Republican John Randolph Thune (John Randolph Thune) will boycott special funding next week (SD), the second Republican in the Senate, talked about the success of the Republicans in defining Biden.

When asked how the party is going, Sen. Mike BraunIs Michael Braun serious about climate change?Take agriculture exclusivity seriously: Republican senators seek FBI investigation into Biden Pentagon nominee Many Republicans say no to COVID-19 vaccine (R-Ind.) Answer: “Very bad.”

“I don’t think we are doing well because he is trying to define himself and launch these things, and we spend every penny on it, and the public is buying it,” Braun said. “We have to find a better way of expression and melee, but I don’t know we have found it.”

It took Biden decades to build his reputation as a deal-friendly trader, and he rose through the party’s centrist.During the 2020 campaign, he talked about his relationship with the Republican Party and hoped President TrumpDonald Trump (Donald Trump) Freedom Caucus members condemned the Republican organization for promoting “Anglo-Saxon political traditions.” MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s new free speech website bans certain curse words. Leave the office to avoid “fever.”

Bipartisan speech continues in the White House, and the government has contacted Republican lawmakers through private telephone calls and publicly disclosed Oval Office meetings.

Republicans disconnected this kind of remarks from his way of governing, pointing out that the White House invitation did not lead to actual policy changes towards the Republican Party.

“He has been in dialogue about unity and the two-party system, and there is hardly any masterpiece at all. We need to clarify this. I think the invitation to the White House is one of them. …what did we get in the end? Zero,” Blau. En said.

Republicans are betting that voters will ultimately oppose Biden’s trillions of dollars in spending.

“He speaks mildly and is a kind person, and he is a likable person. Many of us know him and have a relationship with him, and it may be more difficult to attack a relative and a loved one.” Thune said.

However, he added: “As far as policy is concerned, if he continues to drive along the left, leftmost lane, he will eventually start to catch up with him.”

So far, the Republicans have not resolved this issue, and Biden has won praise this week for his rightist style and substance.

Republicans quickly supported the government’s announcement of new sanctions against Russia. His speech at the memorial of the congressional police who was killed this month won praise from Fox News, and the host Harris Faulkner called him an “iconic figure” with “compassion and compassion.”

Republican senators have admitted that apart from politics, they are largely like Biden, and many people have known him for many years or even decades.

Senate Republican Leader Mickey McConnellAddison (Mickey) Mitchell McConnell (Pitch poll): 50% of Democrats approve of Congressman Pelosi’s DC regime: “You must seize it” The Progressive Party puts Democrats More on national defense (Kentucky) At the last stop in Kentucky, he accused Biden of leading a “left-wing government”, but added that he was a “first-rate man.”

McConnell said: “I personally like him very much, I mean, we have been friends for a long time.”

Republican senators said that Biden’s reputation as a “good guy” and gentle tone helped him politically isolate him from the outside world.

“I think he is in the honeymoon period now, because he looks like a good person, he is. But people think that just because you are a good person, you are a gentle person, and he does not rule like a gentle person. “Sen said. John CornynThe intelligence leader John Cornyn urged the implementation of a mandatory breach notification law. Senate Republicans said they would not have a more heated debate on the hate crime bill, and the venue grant application portal will last for five days without any updates. (Texas).

He added: “It is always difficult to associate with good people, because usually people bring him the benefit of doubt.”

According to averages compiled by the tracking site FiveThirtyEight, Biden’s approval rating has remained stable from the 50s to the mid-1950s since late January. This is higher than Trump’s income during his four-year tenure in the White House.

A poll released by the Pew Research Center on Thursday showed that Biden’s approval rate was 59%, higher than the 54% in the March survey. 46% of Americans also said that they like how Biden “behaves as president,” compared with 27% of Americans. 44% said he improved the political debate.

Republicans do think they have successfully hit Biden.

Just last month, the surge of unaccompanied immigrant children along the US-Mexico border became a political hot spot. Democrats admit that this is an area of ​​concern for the senators. Joe ManchinJoe Manchin’s “Money: Moderate 0B Infrastructure Act” is a tough sell for the Democrats. The Department of Justice sues Trump ally Roger Stone for owing taxes. Moderate 0B The infrastructure bill is a tough sale for Democrats. (DW.Va.) used another “C” word-crisis-to describe the situation.

The polls support the Republican Party’s view that the border is Biden’s weak link. A Quinnipiac University poll found that only 29% of Americans approve of how Biden handles the border situation, while 55% of Americans disagree.

48% also told Pew that they viewed illegal immigration as a “very big problem”, an increase of 20 points from a year ago.

“I think he has defined himself. … I think all we have to do is point out what he is doing, the disaster on the border.” Sen said. Ron JohnsonRonald (Ron) Harold Johnson Pelosi: When the opposition Wisconsin Treasury Secretary Sarah Godlewski initiated the Senate bid, Giving up the “right to choose” of the 9/11 style committee on January 6th (R-Wis.).

Johnson also accused the media of not focusing more on the border, adding: “When you have mainstream media, you will remain popular.”

However, as the senator returned to the Capitol this week, the Republican leadership focused their weekly press conferences on infrastructure and spending. Only Thun mentioned the border. The same was true for the second press conference on Thursday.

Some Republicans tend to participate in the culture war dealing with Republican bases, and Biden’s mental health has been a constant whirlpool of right-wing speculation.

However, Corning received fierce criticism in a tweet this week, citing an article by Politico, which detailed Biden’s “less is more” media strategy. Later, he sent another tweet asking who was “really responsible”, sparking criticism that he was raising these issues. The Republican senator described the experience as a “carpet bomb attack,” but insisted on his tweet.

“I think this is a very good question. When 10 Republicans were discussing the COVID-19 relief bill, they were obviously with the President and Ron KleinRon Klain White House was “shocked” by the Indianapolis shooting He shook his head…so I think it’s a fair question,” he was referring to Biden’s chief of staff.

But Senate Republicans have largely avoided personal attacks on Biden. They believe that in the long run, the best way to counter him politically is through policy.

“I don’t participate in that kind of dialogue. I’m more worried about the details of the policy-making process.” Braun said.

Voting shows that Biden’s ideas are popular among most Americans. Pew found that 67% of Americans approve of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus package. Morning Consultation-Polls show that 57% of Americans support his infrastructure plan.

Braun attributes Biden to the seemingly popular picking problem, and even if the Democrats subsequently expand the actual scope of legislation, they can do more.

“I think he defined himself and it resonated with the public. He pursued a two-party system and unity. They chose the theme-who opposed COVID relief? But at that time it was only 10%. Who opposed infrastructure? Braun said: “Only only Six percent are roads and bridges. ”

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