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Read Dr. Emily Landon’s presentation on the second coronavirus surge in Illinois-NBC Chicago

Emily Landon, a Chicago doctor and an infectious disease expert at the University of Chicago Medical Department, spoke on Thursday about the second surge in coronavirus cases in Illinois.

Landon speaks regularly during the coronavirus pandemic in Illinois. At the beginning of the crisis, her number one was all the rage on social media.

Please read her complete speech in Illinois on the following Thursday.

Thank you Dr. Ezike and the Governor for inviting me here today. But this is not a happy occasion for me.

Like me, public health officials, epidemiologists, and doctors all predict that this fall will bring more cases or hospitalizations and cause more deaths. We hope that knowing this will help us take steps to avoid this situation. Many of us have done these things. We wear masks conscientiously, even if we don̵

7;t really think we are contagious. We keep our distance from friends and neighbors, and we wash our hands religiously. Now, as the weather gets colder and cases are increasing, we are not sure what else we can do.

You will see that for many reasons, we are today. But I am really worried that misinformation and fatigue will obscure our best intentions. I heard someone say: “Sometimes people wear masks and still get COVID. So why bother? Sometimes people say that people like me are climbing up hills and we should make everyone sick and overcome it.

I know that many of you have heard the same views from your friends on social media and even in the news. Sometimes people make these statements and modify them with facts or graphs that look almost as convincing as you see today. They sometimes ignore expert comments and make you wonder what we actually think. They make you question every inconsistency in the guidance. So today, I want to clarify some facts. First, inconsistent recommendations are neither evidence of conspiracy nor inconsistent data. They prove that knowledge and epidemiology are changing. In different situations, different indicators mean different things. For example, when the test rate is low or changes rapidly, the test positive rate may be completely different from when the test rate is stable or the test rate does not increase much. Everyone is trying to use the best information available to make the best decision. There will be differences in details. There is no metric or metric, but an understanding of the needs and consequences of the virus and the pain of the community.

New data is released every day. Science is learning. We changed the guidance because we learned new things. The constantly changing recommendations should make you satisfied with our progress.

Disputes are a normal part of every process. There is no correct way to deal with a new pandemic, but we are all in the same boat, and if we want to get somewhere, we should try to work in the same direction.

Some people are still skeptical about masks, because people like me didn’t fully understand their importance in curbing community transmission in March. Now, every study shows that masks can reduce risks. Common sense says that masks can reduce risks. If masks cannot prevent infection, health care workers will get COVID when caring for patients. Research on antibodies for health care workers shows that despite their close contact with COVID patients, their COVID is only slightly higher than the normal population.

Nevertheless, no mask is perfect. However, there is increasing evidence that if you catch COVID while wearing a mask, you may not get sick. In fact, many of us believe that this may help reduce mortality compared to the early stages of the pandemic. Did you know that a study conducted in Kansas showed that areas with mask authorization have lower COVID incidence and mortality rates than areas without mask authorization? This provides us with evidence that masks can prevent COVID. But this also tells us that they can reduce the severity of the disease, and authorization is very important. Because in counties where there is no requirement, people can wear masks, and if someone wants to, they can be encouraged to wear masks, but when everyone wears a mask, it’s better for all of us.

Therefore, no matter what you hear, masks are important. Masks are very safe. Over the years, construction workers, health care workers, artists, and all kinds of people have worn masks without complications. So stop fussing and wear a mask-especially now that the weather is getting colder, which brings me to another question.

Warm air is more humid and has more moisture in it. You know this-humidity prevents the water droplets from our mouths and noses from being juicy, and when they are wet, they will weigh more and will fall closer to the ground. However, when the air cools, it does not hold much moisture. It’s drier there. Although our HVAC system is very good at heating moisture, it’s not good at venting moisture back into the air. You know, because you have to buy more lotions and complain about dry skin throughout the winter, you can even buy a little humidifier placed in the corner and realize that it doesn’t actually solve the whole problem because it’s a smaller A bigger problem that humidifiers cannot solve. Dryer air means your droplets are also drier and smaller. They can hover in the air, be lighter, stay longer, and can go farther. That is the airborne transmission that you keep hearing about, this is a fact. Literally, autumn and winter make COVID more spread.

Most importantly, the cold weather allows us to spend time in energy-efficient houses that keep the heat and COVID indoors.

There have been many reports about this kind of super spreader incident. They can be described by three Cs: uncovered contact with people in a closed space, which is crowded because the more people you have, the more likely one of them will have COVID.

Many modelers have shown that when people are not wearing masks, indoor ventilation in most buildings is not enough to prevent the spread of COVID. Therefore, it seems that restricting indoor gatherings where people do not wear masks is a key part of preventing the spread of COVID. Yes.

You will find that bars and restaurants are one of the few places where people gather and they cannot really wear masks and eat. Unfortunately, the employees, restaurants and businesses here are all casualties. But there is no solution. Not just models. Long-term early data shows that recirculated air from HVAC spreads COVID from one home to multiple other homes in the air. In Louisiana in August, a quarter of the cases were related to bars and restaurants. It was warm time then. In one week, more than 100 cases were related to a law firm in Michigan. Throughout the summer, in Minnesota, 29 bars and restaurants began to gather throughout the community. Closing bars and restaurants, plus mask directives, changed the pandemic trend in Arizona, Texas, Florida, San Diego, Washington DC, Illinois-I can continue.

This is not the fault of any particular restaurant. In fact, everyone in these places does everything they can to prevent this from happening. But the reality is that the restaurant is completely safe from 6 pm to 8 pm, and from 8 pm to 10 pm becomes a super broadcast event, which depends entirely on whether people with COVID enter the door. Also, you must remember that people with COVID are infectious before they contract the disease. Some people will never even feel sick, spread COVID to their close contacts, while honestly thinking that they are good.

Even if some of the best tests in the country are to be carried out in the state, there is still not enough testing to identify all asymptomatic cases.

Moreover, if the source contact has never been tested, then all contact tracking in the world will not tell you.

Although we do not want to admit this, we cannot know when we pose a risk to others.

Whenever the number of cases in the community increases, the likelihood that anyone, including me, will have COVID will increase. And we are in the wrong direction on every indicator. The risk today is higher than yesterday. Unfortunately, the risk tomorrow may be higher than today.

These facts about not having masks indoors don’t just apply to bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, this is true for our connections with anyone, including small gatherings in our own homes. As cases increase, our bubble needs to shrink. This is the only way to stop the spread.

COVID thrives on such uncovered indoor contacts. This is what we must stop. We flattened the curve in March because everyone heeded the warning and kept very few close contacts. It’s just that your family, meeting the barista’s mask, going to the doctor, or going to the library will not spread COVID, but you will have meals in the cramped lounge with your colleagues. And when you try to be 6 feet away from it, the in-person book club with wine and appetizers will be safer than Zoom.

Unfortunately, this weekend’s Halloween party may become a super broadcast event. Thanksgiving can be the prelude to the tragedy of your family.

We have had enough tragedies.

I know you miss your family and friends. Sometimes, you may not even care if you receive COVID.

But you do care.

We all care.

Therefore, it is time to start planning risks in the same way as planned voting. Have you planned to vote?

So go to these places. The IDPH website has all the information that the governor showed you that you saw here today. It also has many tools that can be used to help you determine which risks and which are not significant. You can also use the Chicago Department of Public Health website. Brown University has a great free online tool called My COVID Risk App. I highly recommend. It uses EPI data in your local zip code to help you assess the risk of going to the grocery store or gathering with friends, and helps you find ways to reduce the risk so that you can make your own decision.

In the end, I just want to say a few words to everyone who doesn’t believe me.

You may never understand why the rest of us are still worried about COVID. Why do we still wear masks and wash our hands, why do we skip the Halloween party and make other plans for Thanksgiving, why do we eat alone in the lounge or put on sandwiches outdoors…

This is because we have the courage and compassion to make sacrifices for the benefit of our community and even for the benefit of people we don’t know. Like you, we pay taxes and park at the stop sign. But we know why we do this.

And we don’t mind. It may be difficult, but we will continue to do so. Because we know that true freedom has nothing to do with masks.

Those who don’t believe me are welcome to join us at any time.

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