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Ranking of the best K-pop comeback songs in 2020: from BTS to BLACKPINK


BTS released two great albums this year (Photo: Big Hit)

Although this year’s world tour may have been suspended, it has not prevented the best and smartest K-Pop stars from releasing some reliable 2020 comebacks.

From batsmen BTS and BLACKPINK to emerging organizations (such as Weeekly) and veterans (such as BoA and Taemin), there is something for everyone.

K-Pop fans are lucky to be able to enjoy a lot of content from the industry through online concerts, allowing idols to connect with followers all over the world.

Towards the end of 2020, we will review the 20 strongest releases and rank them from outstanding to outstanding.

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20. Super Junior – 2YA2YAO

In January, K-Pop legend Super Junior returned with the retro 2YA2YAO.

From the puns in the song title to the energetic elastic chorus, SM Entertainment Group’s “excellent performance” has clearly not dimmed over the years.

19. NCT Dream-Deja Vu

Member Mark returned after leaving NCT’s cutest unit, worried that he might become too mature for NCT Dream.

Deja Vu makes it work by combining the fresh sound of the band’s youth with a bit of strength. The second half of the chorus is too attractive to be rejected.

18. BLACKPINK-your preferences

Your preferences are sparse; the main sound is electronic jingle. However, it can make Jenny, Gisu, Rose, and especially Lisa’s attitude shine.

“Look at you, look at me now.” They laughed, and then demanded “Bring your boss out!” The hyped ending. We like it very much.

17. The Wandering Child-God’s Menu

Seeing the food reference, they found that they compared themselves with the omnipotent existence in the music world.

Felix’s deep voice and Chang Bin’s bluff played a huge role in this fierce song. Add it to the running playlist.

16. Weekly-Zigzag

Novice Weeekly has a good start from Zig Zag. It’s fun, cute, and more importantly, it is unforgettable for a rookie group. We bet that this may not be the type you usually want, but you will sing in the shower. Watch out for these girls.

15. SuperM – Tiger in it

Tiger Inside used fewer voices, more voices, and the club atmosphere of the early 00s to do what SuperM’s actual championship track 100 did not have-allowing each member to shine. SM Entertainment’s cross-border team sounds more cohesive here.

14. Cignature-Nun Nu Nan Na

The Novice Carnival debuted in February this year, and its main single is a touch-tone.

Talking and singing are both fun, Nun Nu Nan Na should give people a simple, high-energy, candy-colored joy.

13. Eternity-Dunton

In short, DUN DUN is the biggest drop of curls in a year, the riot of waving light sticks.

“I will dominate for a while and make you breathless” Aisha spat out in her confident draw. mission completed!

12. Kai-음 (Mmmh)

Although he is more famous for dancing than singing, this cold and attractive slow jam is suitable for EXO star’s voice. Kai doesn’t need to do much, nor does it need to be done. “Mmmm” restraints are too numerous to mention.

11.Dream Catcher – Scream

The dream chaser firmly adheres to the props of his musical path. This year, they stood out with fast, angry, and dark screams, a song that other bands could not complete.

10. ITZY – Wannabe

“I don’t want to be someone, I just want to be me,” said ITZY, who was wobbly with the song.

Except for the chorus, the two parts of Wannabe are different, so it always attracts your attention and conveys a confident message through the chorus. It’s just rocks.

9. Twice-can’t stop me

Perhaps people are eager for nostalgia now more than ever, including the nostalgia for music – Dua Lipa’s praise and Kylie Minogue’s latest album prove this. This can explain in some way why I can’t stop me, a roller coaster that goes back in time with a synthesizer that sounds so blooming.

8. Irene and Surgi-Monster

The monsters are sexy and slightly scary, sounding as dangerous as the title suggests.

The fragile, trembling baseline contrasts well with the sweet voices of Irene and Seulgi, Yes The whole tragic wailing? spooky.

7. Taemin-Criminal

Taemin is always happy to accept his comeback. This year he gave us the sultry dance single “Sin”, and his breathing made him sing forward.

6. BoA-better

K-Pop idol BoA brought a bunch of sensual old-school R’n’B to tell her lover to step up the game.

This year marks her 20th anniversary in the K-Pop industry, and Better is the perfect way to mark it. It was this voice that made her stand the test of time.

5. MAMAMOO – Dingga

Only MAMAMOO is cool enough to put the phrase “drink like a fish” in a sparkling disco about laughing with a partner. Who else can resist Hwasa’s squatting footsteps: “Do you want to dance?” What about you?

4. GOT7-Breath

This is the chorus that makes Breath great. It is a wise production choice for the sound to fall midway, and the howling enters your head without giving in. Not that we want it…

3. BTS-Black Swan

The trailer for the comeback of “Soul Map: 7” was an adventure that followed the climax of “Boys Have Love”, but it finally paid off. The result is a mix of string and trap rhythms, because the group reflects what it means to be an artist.

2. GFRIEND-Apple

For some reason, Apple attracted a lot of people when it was released in July, which is a hidden gem in BLACKPINK’s summer. Sweet and mysterious again and again, it attracts you from the beginning with the feeling of the 80s.

1. NCT 127-Start

The annual NCT 127 came to the fore. At that time, girls carried a little more burden on boys than boys, which once again proved that this group is indeed unlimited and can adapt to any type of people.

The concept of martial arts, improvisation of hitting the guitar, Bruce Lee shouting loudly, this is all about kicking music-it’s so fun.

Honor Award…

Baekhyun – Candy


(G)-IDLE-Oh my goodness

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