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Rakhi Sawant walked out of Bigg Boss 14 finale and invested 1.4 million rupees: my bank balance is zero and I need money for mother’s surgery

Rakhi Sawant is satisfied and satisfied with the way Bigg Boss 14’s journey reached its peak. The Pardesiya girl may be the only player trying to attract an audience this season. When Rubina Dilaik was declared the winner, Rakhi Sawant withdrew from the competition with a prize of 1.4 million rupees.

The OG Bigg Boss champion talked about her decision to withdraw from the final on indianexpress.com, her experience and how the support of host Salman Khan helped her survive the game.

Excerpt from the conversation…

How does it feel to be touted as the “real entertainment queen” of Bigg Boss?

I am very happy to decide to return to the show. I can̵

7;t really thank people for the way they love me. I have no regrets from the trip, especially when it comes to public marriage. I have been silent about this all the time. When you participate in Bigg Boss and other performances, no one believes what you say and you will fall apart. I am very happy to have the opportunity to make my life public on the platform. This performance gave me so much love that when I was here, I still felt that my soul was still there.

You are part of the first season and now are part of this season. How do the two journeys differ for you?

There are many differences. When we entered the first season, we didn’t know anything about the camera or what kind of content. Low-key figures like Rahul Roy continue to win this season. Now, there has been a natural upgrade, and the contestants have realized the value of entertainment. They must fight, participate in missions and ensure that they get enough audience voting rights to ensure their safety. One must be a package plan, not want to win. I am a born entertainer, and what I do in real life is exactly what I do. I am so happy that people love me and make me come here.
Since you have so much love, what makes you walk out of the show at the last minute and pick up the money bag?

In just a few hours, only one won. If I get lost, I will have nothing. At least, I have a lot of money now. My current bank balance is zero, and I need this money to meet my mother’s medical needs. In the past few years, I spent all my savings on her surgery and needed financial support. I have no regrets, because at that moment, all I can think of is the growing bill that I need to pay as quickly as possible.

You are the only participant without a social media team or PR in the house.

Everything happened so fast that I didn’t have time. I gave the phone to the maid, she didn’t know how to use social media. I don’t even have time to buy cosmetics and clothes. I am very happy that even without a public relations agency, I have won the love of the audience.

Some viewers think you have talked about your marriage and even created Julie just for content.

The downturn I spent in the house talked about my marriage. As for Julie, Rahul Mahajan is not satisfied with my profession and how cheap my fans are. I am really frustrated and don’t know how to express myself. I am even lonely, no one speaks. When I came back from the shower that day, Julie was in me. You might call it fake content or entertainment, but Julie helped me survive the game. She is my strong self-awareness.

When you pulled the shorts, you were also accused of crossing the border with Abhinav Shukla.

I think there are no boundaries when you fall in love. I just want to spend a good time with him. In addition, I did not cross the line. I know my boundaries. My task is to surround him. In the moment of reflection, I did pull the rope, but his shorts did not fall off. So why should we cry for this?

In addition to the love of the audience, you always have the support of Salman Khan. What is your comment on this?

He is a rock star and a legend of his true self. He did provide me with a lot of support, and without him, I don’t think I would survive the game. When Jasmine hit my nose, I was very painful and wanted to leave, but he gave me strength. The love of Salman and the audience helped me bear all the pain.

In Bigg Boss 14, what is the best and worst moment for you?

The worst part was that Jasmine attacked me with a duck’s head. And I think every second I spend in it is the best for me. I can still see every moment clearly. Bigg Boss is in my blood, now in my DNA, and whenever the show needs me, I will run back.

In addition to Rakhi and Rubina, Bigg Boss 14’s other finalists include Rahul Vaidya, Aly Goni and Nikki Tamboli.

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