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Raiders Week first, Burroughs and Nemesis against Panthers

On Sunday, the Raiders took care of their business and defeated a team that should be defeated. They enter Carolina and bring a “W”. In grand plans, this is important because we have to start again every week. Despite the victory, the Raiders led many times, including in the middle of the fourth quarter.

The game has eight leading advantages overall. The Raiders only need to ensure that the final lead change is theirs. It boils down to an accidental pass interference penalty for former Raiders guard Tahir Whitehead (Tahir Whitehead), which allowed the Raiders to maintain their late scoring drive and played a defensive role. To prevent the Panthers from getting fourth and first place. The Raiders escaped with a 34-30 victory.

Now let̵

7;s take a look at the best performers.

The man who should have been named Rookie of the Year last season is vacillating. After the Raiders hit a three-pointer and started the game, Jacobs became the driving force for them. He scored his first touchdown in the Raiders’ second drive in a one-yard touchdown run. But he also has a lot of power to bring them there, first with an eight-yard pass, then a large pass block, can make the first low catch, then a third yard and a five-yard ball.

That was the first of three touchdowns in this game by Jacobs. His second TD appeared in the third quarter and extended the Raiders lead to 27-15. As before, he provided himself with an assist during the defender’s catch, allowing him to pick up 29 yards.

In summary, Jacobs has 139 yards of melee (93 offenses) in 29 touches (4 catches). They rode victorious horses.

Those loopholes in the production line have not been opened. At least not most of the time. The first game of the game was a five-yard game with Jacobs leading in stealth mode. When Jacobs fell in third place for the first time, the stealth mode cleared the way for him.

The second touchdown of the day was a long bomb shot at a short distance. That game was established by a screen by Darren Waller, and the Hudson was blocked off the court, so he could pick up eight yards.

Jacobs’ second touchdown of the day caused the intestines to pass through the huge hole opened by Incognito and Hudson. And, of course, neither of them allows any pressure, let alone sacks.

His longest reception was only eight yards away, which was a bit unusual for Waller. Usually, he is usually the big recipient there. But he is not the receiver, his goal is very strict, which means that his responsibilities are beyond the scope of the receiver’s responsibilities.

In the second leg of the Raiders, they are looking for their first three-point bet conversion. Then they passed Waller on the third and second yards with seven yards. In the end, Jacobs scored a touchdown to end the game, and Waller’s seal made it possible to some extent.

Waller’s next gain is the bottom third of the Raiders. It walked eight yards in the third and second rows. After two games, he grabbed 6 yards. The game ended with a field goal to regain a 10-9 lead. Waller will have six catches with a 45-yard lead.

This is one of the situations where some of the players became honorary ballet dancers based on a game. To be fair, Littleton had some outstanding performances in this game, but one performance was better than all others.

The Panthers got the ball with more than 4 minutes left in the game and dropped to 34-30. They drove into the Raiders territory again and found themselves in fourth and 46th. At this time there is 1:23 left on the clock, which means they must convert the first hand down to any stroke they want to win.

The Panthers form Team I with Christian McCaffrey (Christian McCaffrey) behind guard Alex Armah. Teddy Bridgewater took a snapshot and quickly handed it to Armah, hoping not to hand over the strategy to their rising star McCarfrey to prevent a surprise attack The person caught. The problem is that they have used this game in the third and third games and had a touchdown at the beginning of the fourth quarter. This time the raiders are ready.

When Armah got the ball and Raswon McMillan came on and joined him, Ferrell knocked down the gap. Alma was blocked by a rope in front of the wall, but he stood up and made a second effort. This is where Littleton hit him, his knees stretched into the turf to no avail. The Raiders take over and continue to win.

Speaking of single play wonders. Agolor only made 12 spikes in the game. He is in the back seat of two rookie starters Henry Ruggs III and Bryan Edwards. Rugers will withdraw from the game in the second quarter, which means it’s Agholor’s time.

In his fourth shot, he told Derek Carr to throw the ball into the end zone and he would score. Carl said yes, he threw one of his best passes ever. Agulo ran under it, grabbed his shoulder, and scored a 23-yard touchdown. It’s so beautiful. And before halftime, the Raiders led 17-12.

The experienced receiver had an obstacle in the game against Josh Jacobs (Josh Jacobs), which allowed Jacobs to break 14 yards. This drive led to the goal.

Trent Brown left the game after three hits with a calf injury. He was replaced by Sam Young and then left the groin after 15 spikes. That left the strategy in a pickle. They have no tackles. Therefore, they require their utility to back up the guard.

If Goode comes in and looks useful, his work is commendable. But he looks very good. He hit 45 spikes, didn’t give up the sacks, didn’t even see any pressure I could see. Not only that, he also laid a great foundation for Josh Jacobs to get the team’s last touchdown.

After further review, it is obvious why Abram was not very happy to accept the praise of the game after the game. As he said, it was sloppy, and he was right. Regarding the overall performance of him and the defender, there is still a lot to improve. There are many areas that need to be cleaned up.

That being said, he took the lead in bringing all the attackers and defenders into tackles. Tackles are more than twice that of the next guy. Abram’s 13 tackles are impressive, although when your safety leads the team to tackles, this is usually not a good sign, because it usually means that the game has risen to second level.

Abram’s biggest game occurred at the end of the third quarter, when Christian McCaffrey tried to rebound, Abram came on and charged at him. You might hear the sound of the pad popping, and McCaffrey is forced to back down. Unfortunately, the Panthers were able to maintain this momentum, and eventually McCarfrey (McCarfrey) rounded the right edge with one last laugh, staring at Abram into the finish zone.

Regarding Abram’s days, all we can say is that he was productive and he was everywhere, making him feel his presence. He brings energy to this defense, which is what it lacks. Other things can be taught, and entanglements can be resolved.

Last season, Carlson made only two attempts from 50 yards, and none of them participated. By the half of the football game in the 2020 season, he has been asked to try his first field goal from 50 yards.

In the first round of the third quarter of the Raiders, their offense stalled. Carlson was asked to prove that the job he deserves continues. He lined up for a 54-yard attempt and nailed it, extending the Raiders’ lead to 20-15.

He also connected a 20-yard field goal and 4 points, which was a perfect day.

QB Derek Carr

As mentioned earlier, the 23-yard touchdown against Aholol is truly beautiful. Other than that, Carl didn’t do many outstanding things. He tried several unconnected deep balls at Henry Ruggs III, and Ruggs drove a big ball at a deep crossing. What Carl did was to execute the Raiders’ offense efficiently and let Josh Jacobs do his thing. He scored a touchdown without interception, hit 22 goals in 30 meters, a total of 239 yards. A solid day worth mentioning.

WR Henry Lagos III

Ruggs led the team with a 55-yard advantage, 45 of which was one of his games, and strangely he opened up in the middle of the field. He is impossible to miss, and Carl does not. Lagos will be stopped on a yard line, and Jacobs will get the score in the next game.

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