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Questions with Addison Rae and Rachel Hollis on the show tonight

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TikTok dance is a symbol of fighting for opportunities

YouTube/Tonight Show

I can describe the best way to describe the video of Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy Fallon) standing behind Addison Rae because of the crazy dance performance of TikTok Show tonight The tunes sung by the band are very uncomfortable. As the clip went viral on Twitter last weekend, others seemed to feel the same way.

Rae is the second most followed person on TikTok, in the episode last Friday Tonight̵

7;s show starring Jimmy Fallon. She performed eight popular “TikTok dances” and she danced with Fallon at the end of the medley. If this part exists in a vacuum, it will be a strange thing, Lovely Most edited.Dance is LovelyShe performed well, but the production was still very awkward.

But because both Rae and Fallon have a huge influence in this country, the meaning of the clip makes me and others feel uncomfortable, and the reason is far greater than its production value. Rae was selected to appear in a stage performance created by the rare TikToker band (usually BIPOC). I tweeted about it, and my tweet and many other responses are more viral than the clip itself.

Producer Show tonightThe average level that attracts millions of viewers, chooses Rae as the representative of these dances.I think because the vast majority of Americans Show tonight The audience is not familiar with TikTok culture, and they are likely to associate 20-year-olds with the origin of these dance fanatics.

“So I guess all the black creators who make these dances are busy?” User @KoolestKidOut tweeted.

Not all the creators of the eight dances are black, but many of them are black. In fact, most of the dances popular in the app are created by professional and amateur black dancers. The dance choreography in the medley is “@noahschnapp (“do it again”), @jazlynebaybee (“savage love”), @yvnggprince (“Corvette Corvette”), @flyboyfu (“Laffy Taffy”), @keke. janajah (“Barbarians”), @macdaddyz (“Blind Lights”), @theemyanicole (“Upward”), and @thegilberttwins (“Fergalicious”).

On Wednesday, Rae responded to her criticism Show tonight Represented by saying that she “loves so much” the original creator and supports “so many people”.

“Of course I want to work with many of them. They definitely deserve all the honours because they present amazing trends.” She added.

Before you think that 30 or 60 second dances are not suitable for this level of controversy, please consider the following points. First of all, how much money is involved in viral investment, and how many career and brand opportunities do online creators have. Ray is a living embodiment of this lucrative economy! The irony is that she is such a person because she has the work and support of black and brown creators pursuing the same things, which is ironic.

Secondly, the fast dance sequence is not as easy as it seems. Last year, I contacted several Black TikTokers for a story, when the dispute about credibility reached the tipping point of the application. I learned that Internet dance has become an emerging subculture in the dance world, especially from the Atlanta area. Dancers like Bryan Sanon and Zach Jelks told me that they have dedicated their entire careers to actions that they know will enter the mass market online, which requires Special creativity and strategy. (This is also the reason why ordinary people or dissatisfied trolls cannot develop, perform or sell choreography with the same level of success. Also, if you are a dissatisfied troll, but don’t want to disturb this problem, I will tell you Challenge to prove that I did wrong)

Sanon also told me that when black dancers perform each other’s dances on social media, complimenting each other has become a self-evident rule. This is why it has become increasingly frustrating to see everyone else working on these best practices on TikTok.

In June 2020, black creators asked the most popular white influential white dancers on the platform to give them basic recognition. Some of them did it: Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae learned to incorporate dancer credits into their TikToks. Quick tags or mentions can attract groups of new followers into their accounts.

Although the recognition and active support of the lesser-known BIPOC creators are basic steps in trying to take advantage of opportunities, all of us agree with the entire system, which continues to elevate Charli D’Amelios and Addison Raes. Charlis and Addisons have more privileges, and their families can afford them the opportunity to engage in this new type of profitable entertainment. They have the desired appearance and personality characteristics. The fans immediately attracted them. The more popular they become, the more the United States wants to invest in more companies, and the more popular they will become astronomically.That’s why Show tonight The creators and producers of the TikTok subdivision thought of the most eye-catching content in the app, and one of the dancers with the highest attention.

In order to break this system and create more fairness, one or more people in this chain need to start evaluating different things. Fans can reconsider or redistribute their support; influencers can not only share their spotlight, but can also lend it to others altogether. Media like us can re-examine how we influence influential people; other large television and commercial industries can redistribute their investments.

This is a tricky terrain and infrastructure that has been in this country for hundreds of years. It may be an illusion to think that changes can be made overnight, maybe they shouldn’t do that. The system and many American industries involved in the system depend on each other to survive. A lot of money is involved. When I report on influencers, or even in criticism, I will ask myself how much my report has broken the system, and I may inadvertently give them more opportunities and attention. I don’t know, I welcome your ideas. But I do know that ignoring the issue altogether is not only to no avail, but it can be said that we have reached this point.

In addition, as someone who has spent their lives in the pandemic, they try to learn these TikTok dances: they are more challenging than you think.

Chen Wen

“Girl, don’t call me relatives!”-Rachel Hollis

Toxic positive enthusiast and Instagram self-service queen Rachel Hollis posted TikTok rants on Wednesday, many people said… What is F?

In TikTok, Hollis first complained that after Hollis mentioned on Instagram Live that a woman came and “cleaned the toilet” twice a week, a commentator called her a privilege. Hollis acknowledged his privileges, but stated that he “worked hard” for his own money.

In the second comment, the woman named Hollis had nothing to do with her, Hollis said that it did grind her gears.

“What about me makes you think I want to be a relative?” Hollis said. “No, sister, literally, everything I do in my life is to live a life that most people can’t live. Most people don’t work so hard. Most people don’t get up at 4 in the morning. Most people do not get up at 4 in the morning. People don’t fail publicly again and again, just to get to the top of this mountain. Literally, every woman I worship in history is irrelevant. If my life is closely related to most people, then I make a mistake.”

In the caption of the video she cross-posted to Instagram, Hollis listed historical women she admired, who she believed were “not relevant”.

“Harriet Tubman, RBG, Marie Curie, Oprah Winfrey, Amelia Earhart, Frida Khalo[[[[The original text]Malala Yousafzai, Wu Zetian…none of them has anything to do with AF. “

The roar is consistent with Hollis’s consistent message: the only reason women do not reach their full potential is their lack of imagination and motivation. But this film is disturbing, especially because, as some people have read, Hollis seems to literally compare herself with other feminist icons Harriet Tubman.

Of course, we can question whether Hollis is really saying that she is at the same level as these women, or that she is just saying that she is their role model. (She did not reply to the comment to clarify her meaning.)

But people are still angry and confused, especially because Hollis has a history of stealing civil rights leaders.

“If she wants to pay someone to clean the house, that’s great, but does she really just compare herself with Harriet Tubman?! 😂” one person commented.

“Malaara was caught by the Taliban on the bus for going to school. What does this have to do with your narrow relativity struggle on the Internet? This is very happy for me,” another wrote.

People also think this is very strange, because Hollis’ brand image is built on an intimate relationship with the audience. She can rely on a girlfriend to encourage herself to be her best self.

“I think we thought you were friendly because you have been sending this message to everyone for years. “I’m just like you,” a commentator pointed out.

While watching this video, I really want to know if Hollis’ empire is beginning, not completely collapsed, but a little shaken. She had a difficult year in the past. Last year, after she broke up with her ex-husband Dave (who co-chaired several couple-help meetings with her), they were criticized for promoting themselves as relationship experts and fakes. Hollis’s latest book, Did not see the upcoming, Was completed before the split and was updated to include this content and some reflections on the COVID-19 pandemic. The book lasted for about six weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, but it failed to be as successful as her first book. Girl washing face, It spent more than a year on the list, and in its sequel, Girl, stop apologizing, Stayed there for more than six months.Relatively mild reaction to Did not see the upcoming Makes me wonder if her enthusiasm is waning.

I also saw Hollis change himself. Although her message is similar, her delivery is clearer and more confusing than before, which makes me wonder whether the finish of her “your best friend Rah” has begun to make a breakthrough. Maybe she just had a bad day. Girl, what do i know?

Stephanie McNeal

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