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Questions on Boxing Day, you may have searched Google

London (CNN)-Boxing Day is the day after Christmas, and it has nothing to do with empty gift boxes.

This is the information you need to know about holidays.

What is the meaning of Boxing Day?

This is an unfortunate day for giving. As early as the British Victorian era, the servant was allowed to take a vacation to visit his family on December 26 because he had to work for the employer’s Christmas celebration. It became a standard practice, so in 1871, a new holiday was born. It coincides with St. Stephen’s Day, which is a Christian holiday with a similar charity theme. When Boxing Day is Saturday or Sunday, observation will be made on the next Monday.

So why call it Boxing Day?

There are two theories. Some people say that this is because when the rich hand over boxes full of small gifts, money and Christmas leftovers to employees in recognition of their service. Another theory is that churches provide people with boxes for donating money to the poor, and the money is distributed the day after Christmas.

Where do you celebrate Boxing Day?

No matter where you are. But this is indeed recognized in former British colonies such as Britain and Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

I am American. Can I still celebrate?

of course. let̵

7;s play together. No one can stop you from becoming a charity.

What do you do on Boxing Day?

Some people like fox hunting or horse racing, because St. Stephen is the patron saint of horses. Although fox hunting was banned in 2004, people still regularly participate in the sport. For others, the day after Christmas is like the Friday after Thanksgiving in the U.S. This is the ultimate bargain shopping event.Of course, these are people in us Do not In the pandemic. It’s best to stay safe and stay away from socializing this year.

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