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PS5’s snub suggests that Sony hardly cares about India

PS5 and PS5 digital versionSource: PlayStation via YouTube

Sony started pre-orders for the PS5 last week, and the console will go on sale on November 12. There are two versions: the regular PlayStation 5 is priced at $499, while the PS5 digital version is priced at $399.

Sony can hardly maintain the demand for pre-ordered products in most markets, and the PS5 and PS5 digital versions are everywhere. But there is a bigger problem in India. Sony hasn’t even bothered to share PS5 price or availability information. In addition to listing on Amazon India, saying that the PS5 will be available “at the end of 2020” and making interested customers interested in game consoles, there is little information about Sony’s next-generation game consoles.

Obviously, PS5 will be launched in India, but it is inexcusable for Sony not to disclose any details.

This is not the first time Sony has ignored the Indian market. The PlayStation 4 was not launched in India until January 6, 2014-almost two months after it was released in the US-and even then, the availability for the first six months was still so limited that it was difficult to gain control of the console. Lack of availability has always been a theme throughout the PS4 life cycle, limited edition variants sold out within minutes, and DualShock controllers were not available anywhere in the country.

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At this point, it is clear that Sony will not be able to meet the initial demand for PS5. This pandemic has affected its production line, and the demand for game consoles has exceeded expectations, which shows that Sony is willing to wait a few months to release the PS5 on the global market. However, it is inexcusable for the brand not to share any information about prices or availability in the Indian market.

Compared with other regions, the market size of game consoles in India is minimal, but the sales volume of PlayStation is nine times that of Xbox. This is why it is particularly frustrating to see Sony keep silent about the availability of PS5 in the country. Microsoft and other markets also revealed the prices of Xbox Series X and Series S in India, and both consoles have been pre-ordered in India. The Xbox Series X, priced at 49,990 rupees (US$680), sold out on Amazon India in just 15 minutes, while the Xbox Series S, priced at 349,990 rupees (US$475), is still in reservation.

At the same time, potential PS5 customers in India do not know what the price of the PS5 and PS5 digital versions are, or when the country will launch these two game consoles. Sony no longer sells mobile phones in India. In addition to the TV and camera business, PlayStation is the brand’s largest source of revenue. By keeping customers ignorant of the PS5’s availability, Sony has essentially shown that it doesn’t care about the Indian market at all. As a result, it gave Microsoft its first-mover advantage.

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PS5 is the place for exclusive works such as “Spider-Man” and “Horizon Forbidden West”. Unfortunately, for anyone in India, we don’t know when it will be released or how much it will cost.

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