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PS5 players report an adaptive trigger interrupt on the DualSense controller

Hundreds of PS5 users have reported that the adaptive trigger of the DualSense controller has broken or malfunctioned due to spring displacement.

some PlayStation 5 The owner reported that the adaptive trigger function on its DualSense controller was broken. PS5 brings many new features, but for those who are not scalpers or professional basketball players, it is a difficult effort. As more and more game consoles gradually enter the hands of fans steadily, feedback on the new features of PlayStation 5 continues to flood in.

One of the console’s best-selling products is its new controller DualSense. In addition to more comfortable shapes and sizes and improved buttons, DualSense also brings two outstanding features. The first is the new haptic feedback system, similar to Nintendo̵

7;s HD Rumble, which can generate subtle, highly specific vibrations that make the player feel the difference between walking on sand and walking on concrete. Another big selling point is the adaptive trigger, which can be tightened or relaxed according to the specific situation. For example, when the player draws an arrow, he can feel the bowstring tighten. The tension on the trigger can be so strong that just pressing a button can be a real struggle. When the controller is shown, some people worry about whether the trigger can be “disconnected”-now, at least in some cases, it seems to be there.

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Through the hot hardware, hundreds of PS5 owners have reported failures or triggered interrupts. Some users reported a “snapshot” and then the button lost all adaptive functions. Others report that their trigger will activate with the slightest touch of the controller. It is not clear how universal the problem is, but there are certainly more than a few isolated cases: a topic related to the problem lasts for 11 pages.

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Since the console has only been used for more than one month, all parts are still under warranty, so replacing the controller should not be a problem. For more brave users, the controller can be removed to replace the spring at home. The potential problems can be compared to Nintendo’s infamous “Joy-Con drift”. Sony hopes these cases are more exceptions than routines. The report did not specify whether anyone managed to obtain a return from its controller.

Adaptive triggers are actually game-changing features, and developers are just finding out how to best implement it. It would be a great shame if the player missed these functions due to a spring failure. It’s too early to say that the problem is widespread, partly because it’s hard to tell how many PS5s are in the hands of people who really want to play these games: Since its launch, the scalpers have brought in nearly $60 million, so console sales figures. Can’t be regarded as face value.In any case, Sony probably hopes PlayStation 5 This problem was solved before it got bigger.

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