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PS5 and Xbox Series X: Which next-generation games are we going to buy and why

So far, due to the difficulty of booking, you may know which game console you will buy in November.but Choosing between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X is one thing. How about the games you bought with the shiny new console?

This is a complicated situation, especially for potential Xbox Series S/X owners. Sony attaches great importance to exclusive products, such as “Devil’s Soul” and “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”

;, and now, the next generation of Xbox pay more attention to the game pass service, rather than any game. Nevertheless, for some people at CNET, seeing the previous generation of games with next-generation improvements is still very attractive.

Daniel Van Boom, PS5

I have an embarrassing game confession: I have never touched a demon soul. Or the soul of darkness. Or any game described as “The Dark Soul of X”. Therefore, the remake of “Devil’s Soul” excites me because I can fill the cultural gap while still admiring the wonders of AAA next-generation console games.

Next, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is a bit like a dark horse because we actually don’t know when it will come out. It is listed as a “launch window” game, which probably means before 2021. I watched the game demo released by Sony a few months ago for about two minutes, and then closed the tab because I was sold. It looks bad.

However, I will talk about Spider-Man: Miles Morales. I don’t care what anyone on this page says. Spider-Man is one of the most overrated games for PlayStation 4.

Mark Serrels, PS5 and Xbox Series X

Back in 2009 (when I was working on a game magazine), I remember everyone lost their minds to the Devil’s Soul. We had a copy in the office, so I picked up the CD, threw it in the PS3 and played it for about an hour. The whole hell was lost and I thought: “This is troublesome.” I turned off the console and never did not return.

Many years later, its spiritual sequel “Dark Soul” came out, and I fell. I played “Dark Souls” more than I was willing to count, and bought it on four different platforms because I am a lunatic.This may be my favorite game once.

Since then, I have been a big fan of the developer From Software, but I never have enough reason to go back and play Demon’s Souls. This is the beginning of everything. It seems as good now as ever.

I am cautiously optimistic. “Devil’s Soul” on PS5 is a ground remake by a ground remake master. Bluepoint Games was responsible for the wonderful remake of another classic “Shadow of the Colossus”, so I must believe that this game can be used with confidence.

I hope it retains the special features of the From Software game and avoids the mistakes you might encounter from Western developers or any developers who are not named From Software. But considering that the team respects Fumito Ueda’s views on the Shadow of the Giants, I think we will be fine.

Demon Soul Boss Legend

From the software

Nicole Archer, PS5

I am very excited about Deathloop, I will buy Deathloop, and then play Deathloop, I hope, I hope I will like Deathloop very much.

I don’t know what a demon soul is, and I don’t care about knowing it.

Sean Keane, PS5

I don’t care what anyone on this page says. Spider-Man is one of the best games for PlayStation 4. The joy of traversal, excellent writing, and my 25-year obsession with Spidey make it stand out in our endless parade of open world adventures in recent years.

The outcome of that game clearly showed that we will eventually participate in the game as Miles Morales, but I am very happy to see that this will be the dawn of a new generation of consoles. I will play Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Miles Morales), until his death, and decided to release PS5 to get the best experience-it runs much better than PS4 release. If only to adapt to Peter Parker’s new face, I would even play a remade version of the original game.

I will also delve into the remake of “Devil’s Soul”. Like Mark, I tried the original PS3 game, but didn’t click on it. But a few years later, I became obsessed with “Dark Soul”, and I hope that my love for From Software and Bluepoint’s adjustments will be enough to attract me to the original “Soul”.

Oscar Gonzalez, PS5 and Xbox Series X

I will remake Miles Morales and PS5’s Demon Souls. Considering the excellent performance of the game, the sequel to the “Spider-Man” PS4 game is definitely a breeze, although I do hope that Insomniac Games can make sure to get rid of invisibility.

As for the demonic soul remake, because I decided to sit down and beat Bloodborne on PS4, I was addicted to the From Software game. After so many years of declaring that these games are no longer my business, I sat down to learn about the complexity of Soulsborne games-from a wide variety of character constructions to sparse narratives, which need to be pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle and fully understood-in order to understand them The amazing thing. It is great to see if they will add previously cut content from the original content. Since the Souls game has been completed, and the only option is to start re-production, this re-production will also be a bit painful.

I also released “Cyberpunk 2077”. Technically speaking, it is the PS4 version, but I ordered it on purpose because it will be upgraded to the PS5 version.

Regarding Xbox Series X, this will be the first time I have not purchased a new game console to start the game, and I agree. I have said over and over again that my Xbox will become my Games Pass machine. A larger hard drive allows me to download more games from the service, while also leaving room for larger multiplayer games such as Call of Duty: Battlefield. Maybe it will be impressive before the console starts, but if not, I will study the Games Pass catalog well.

Eric Franklin, Xbox series X + S

I just booked the Assassin’s Creed: Creed Valhalla, Falcononeer and Dirt 5. And the sea of ​​thieves. In addition, Xbox One games that I have never played or just can’t touch the surface, can now be played with faster loading times, higher frame rates and increased resolution, such as Jedi Fallen Order, The Outer Worlds, Doom Eternal and Titanfall 2.

In December, I will get my first local non-crossgen title, “The Medium”, which looks spectacular, and the first Gears 5 story DLC in Hivebusters. As a fan of the “escape” mode in Gears, I was very excited by the three to four hours of story promotion surrounding these characters.

Oh yes, if I can find time to actually play these games, I will get “Cyberpunk 2077” and “Call of Duty: Cold War” between all of them.

Jackson Ryan, miscellaneous.

Are there dead cells on the em?

Stephen Panecasio (Steph Panecasio), PS5 (Final)

I didn’t get a PS5 when it was released, but you can bet that when “God of War: Ragnarok” comes, I will have the lowest PS5. Simultaneously? I might be attracted to Spider-Man and Valhalla, the Assassin’s Creed-I even like the endless loop, I like the premise-but both my bank account and I try to keep it.

I am also cautiously wondering if I would like Demon Soul. I have never played “Dark Souls” or similar “From Software” games, so I would definitely be scared of it. But, deep in my heart, my brain tells me that I might be very, very good at it. Isn’t it possible? Yes. Will I still try? probably. Is it enough to convince me to buy the next generation console before “God of War” finally comes out? Absolutely not.

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