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Preparing to close the PlayStation’s digital store is a general slogan, so please start as soon as possible

From login issues to slow downloads to missing buttons, it can be painful to put PSP, Vita and PS3 libraries somewhere

After hearing the news of the closure of PSP, Vita and PS3 stores last week, I was disappointed, but I was not as excited as others. More like embarrassed and exhausted. Are we really doing this, Sony? Will, all right.

Recently, due to the clarification that we can still download the purchased goods after closing the store (for the time being, anyway), I plan to delay the time to order the library. July 2nd-the closing date of the PS3 and PSP stores-is far enough away from me that I don’t need to act.

With a mentality of “I̵

7;ll fix it later”, on Friday, I started wandering around in various forums and communities to get myself to rethink which digital games and cost-effective purchases are worth researching before it’s too late. tomb cost How many Is it on the CD now? Okay, of course, there is another PS1 Classic on this list. The next thing I know, I’m working on it, and I can’t help myself. I’m a little crazy.


On the front of the PSP and Vita, I have a PlayStation Portable, but it no longer has a usable battery (the protrusion makes me). And, even though I have never owned a proper PlayStation Vita, I did get a repurchase of PlayStation TV when they were super cheap-I just never did a lot of things with this small box at a glance.

My PS3 has non-PS2 disc playback capabilities, and I only got it late in the cycle, so I never got too many games for it. Interestingly, most of my PS3 games are cool, quirky, and cold PlayStation Network indie games. These are the exact content people rushed to buy before the store closed in 2021.

Of course, you don’t need to know my entire personal PlayStation history, but I’m just mentioning it briefly as a starting point.After setting up the system again, I found some unexpected games-when did I buy it Red ring? -And I also realized that I didn’t have everything I thought I had.

Patchwork Heroes is a hidden treasure in the digital PSP library.

Whether you are sworn in by Sony or are still willing to accept the idea of ​​buying digital copies of older PlayStation games under any of the circumstances allowed, I urge you to make an early decision.. Since the “traditional” console library cannot be checked in a web browser, the bookkeeping process is very troublesome. What I’m talking about is that as a person, he doesn’t even own so many digital products anymore.

My first wake-up call was when I tried to log in to these systems. I first started with PlayStation TV. Although my account information still exists, the password gave me an error. It turns out that I need to use an obscure Sony page to authenticate my PS TV and PS3 login to generate a password.

(If you use the “two-step operation” and struggle like me: go to the PlayStation Store, click on the avatar at the top, and then click “Account Settings,” “Security,” and “Device Settings Password.” This will help you log in.)

After logging in, I checked my PSP, Vita and PS3 games, and cross-referenced them through the collection of very useful game recommendations on ResetEra. Another good option: A list of games you can play on Vita, but only if you bought the game on PS3 and transferred it over.


If there is a theme in this article, it is that everything involved in preparing the PlayStation Store to close is more complicated than the time and skill it takes-about an order of magnitude.

For example, the “Add to Cart” button (and price information) is not visible to me in the PS3 store.

I’ve heard about this complaint recently, but what I saw with my own eyes is wilderness. As a workaround for missing buttons, every time I set out to buy the game I want to buy (which is a process in itself), I have to press and highlight the “Overview” button, then press it once and press X to enter confirmation. I have also read about the purchase failure information, but I did not encounter any of these errors. Fingers crossed.

If you are like me, you need to fill in the gaps in the PS1 and PS2 Classics series on PS3 and Vita. This is not ideal, but in many cases, searching for games manually is better than relying on an incomplete list of the PlayStation Store. For the former, search for “PSOne”; for the latter, search for “PS2”. There should be an alphabetical list of classics for you to read. I will also take notes as needed so that you know which games are already installed-the download list will not help. By 2021, it is still obsolete.

Instead of browsing the classic games in the PS3 and Vita stores casually, it is better to search for

At the risk of taking risks beyond what I need, there is also the problem of browsing the PlayStation Store on these platforms and downloading, installing and patching games.All a lot of It was slower than I remembered, and I didn’t have any favorite memories at first. Entering this process, expectation can take care of everything-even in the best circumstances, it will feel like a project.

I ended up with a dozen PS1 Classics, including Rockman Legend, Mizuiko Biography, with Dragon Knight,as well as resident Evils (If Capcom does a modern port event for the 25th anniversary of the series later this year, I will laugh), and you must not miss things like Tactical Ogre: Let’s Unite. When can I play these games? This is a topic for another day-honestly, I will try it!

I only completed the minimum work, which means I got the games I wanted (some may not be needed), but I didn’t back up anything or invest any extra time to ensure the prospective purchase of my digital games. These conversations are conducted online. If you have invested in digital libraries for PSP, Vita and PS3, then I will not necessarily encourage you to start buying a bunch of old games that may or may not be needed before Sony stops buying new products, but I will start making plans .

For those who have left the PlayStation ecosystem due to these closures-or at least reconsider their stance on Sony’s acquisition of digital products-I am very happy. The brand was a big success.

Bring it up…

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