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Premium accessories for the new Apple Watch

Are you a proud wearer of new products Apple Watch Series 6?Have you discounted Series four Or choose Series 3 A more attractive $199 price tag? No matter which sport mode you use, you will naturally think that your next stop is the Apple Store online or in person. Where else can I buy watch straps, wireless earbuds, charging docks and other accessories?

Literally, anywhere else. All these things are worth owning, but Apple charges a pretty high premium for them. Thankfully, there are many affordable alternatives, many of which are listed below. I have tried some of them myself; I have included others based on user reviews or other factors. Please note that my use of “cheap”

; here does not mean product quality, but rather price. I will update this list regularly.

Cheap Apple Watch straps

Thanks to the easy-to-change strap, Apple Watch can quickly change its appearance and function. Rubber band for work. (One day.) Sports band in the gym. (Someday.) Milan Cycle Theatah. (sigh.)

To purchase any of these products in the Apple Store, you will need to pay a fee ranging from $30 to $150. How ridiculous is that?Here are some examples of inexpensive Apple Watch straps-in some cases the way Less.


The Milanese ring is a metal mesh belt with a magnetic buckle. This is one of the easiest wrist straps to wear (the same is the size on the wrist), and it is also a very elegant choice.

Apple charges $149 (!) for its version, but there are countless options on Amazon that cost between $10 and $15. I have linked to one of the following, but this only represents the content. No matter what you do, you don’t have to pay $149 to Apple.


A craze about the Milanese circle: Over time, they chew on the sleeves of coats and sweaters. Therefore, if you want the appearance to be trimmed without problems, or just don’t like the metallic feel on your wrist, you can consider using a leather strap.

Like this: Fullmosa (via Amazon) sells a variety of calfskin Apple Watch straps, most of which cost between $10 and $15. You can choose from about twelve different colors, many of which also have one or two buckle color options.

Again, this is only one of dozens of products. I chose it because more than 4,300 user reviews average about 4.5 stars.


The stock sports band of the Apple Watch is good, but I always like the look of the Nike version-the version with all the holes. It turns out that you can choose color combinations as low as $7 (or even lower prices). And the choices don’t stop there. Just search for “Apple Watch Silicone Strap” or “Sports Strap” on Amazon and you will find a wide variety of products-many of which are priced at $15 or less.


If you don’t want to use silicone straps, but you want something that is stylish and suitable for sports, consider using a sports ring. This is like the nylon braid of the Milan ring, with hook and loop fixing instead of metal and magnet.

Below, I linked to only $8, but you can also find multiple packs in the $15-$20 range. Apple’s unit price: more than $49.

My colleague Shara Tibken pointed out that Velcro does not last long on these cheaper bands, but even if you have to change it every six months, you are still ahead.

See more exciting You can get Apple Watch straps from Amazon.

Cheap Apple Watch charger

Using Apple Watch can be troublesome because you have to charge it every day. This means unplugging the charger from the existing bedside table setup and hoping that it will not be lost on the way.

A better option: pack a portable charger.Not portable stationPlease note that it uses an ordinary Apple charger, but it uses a rechargeable mobile power supply with its own Apple Watch magnetic charging module.

Of course, this can also be troublesome, because you may have to charge the charger after a few uses. However, please leave it in the hotel room and plug it into a laptop or any other USB port, so it is best to go at night.

Just like choosing a mobile power bank, the higher the battery capacity, the more power you get. But before you buy a Belkin or Griffin charger from the Apple Store and spend at least $60, check out some other options.

Select technology

Unless you are looking for something smaller, such as a keychain charger, this is a worthwhile purchase. This is a 5,000 mAh power bank, so it lasts longer than most Apple Watch chargers. It is located in a base that can also be used as a watch holder. When you travel, just grab the battery. Oh, it also has a standard USB port, so you can charge your phone or other mobile devices.


This little guy can be about as compact and keychain-friendly as a portable Apple Watch charger, it can hold a 1000 mAh battery-it can be charged a few times, depending on your Watch battery is low.

One notable perk: the charger itself uses the Lightning cable for charging, so you don’t need to carry the Micro-USB cable, this cable is used in most cases.


Are you already traveling with a power bank? Just plug it into one of its USB ports (or any active port) and then plug in the Apple Watch charger. What needs to be clear is that this has no power in itself. It is just a plug-in charging stand for the watch. It is also one of the cheapest and most compact designs I have ever seen. (You can get a charging cable for a few dollars more, but then the cable is messy.)

there are more Apple Watch charger available on Amazon.

Cheap Apple Watch headphones

One of the best tricks for the Apple Watch (if you have Serises 3 or higher, that is) is the onboard storage for music and podcasts. To take advantage of this, you need a pair of wireless headphones.

Like AirPods? There is no doubt that they are perfect for your Apple Watch. They are also a $159 game (AirPods Pro is $249), so no, thank you. I will definitely read the summary of CNET’s best sports headphones first, including my runner’s first choice, AfterShokz Aeropex.

But they are also very expensive, and we will talk cheaply here (no, listen).So, check out these reasonably priced Bluetooth headsets, they will work perfectly with your watch-and our roundup The best cheap AirPods alternative.

Sarah Tu/CNET

The sturdy feel of SoundBuds Slim belies its amazingly low price tag, providing good sound, convenient magnetic’buds and carrying case. Read our SoundBuds Slim review.

Sarah Tu/CNET

From good-sounding sweat-proof earplugs to charging cases that support USB-C and Qi wireless charging, these seem really great. EarFun Free has a list price of $45, but the current price is $36, and there is also a 10% coupon available for activation. (Both may change at any time.) Please read our EarFun Free review.

Okay, these are the cheap but still good Apple Watch accessories I chose. What will you add to this list?

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