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Pompeo’s last days: With the end of his rule, the Secretary of State was strongly criticized.Mike Pompeo

The ending of Mike Pompeo’s tenure in the US State Department was as controversial and uproarious as his 32-month tenure, but it is not clear what traces he will leave after his death.

In the last few days of Pompeo, in a self-congratulating tweet, he advertised at a rate of two dozen per day as he tried to write his first draft of history.

The former Kansas congressman has obvious ambitions for the 2024 presidential election. He emphasized his successful propositions by belittling the derogatory nature of the previous government, calling the previous government an unfortunate comforter.

Some tweets are actually incorrect, such as accusing Barack Obama of signing the arms control treaty signed by Ronald Reagan.

Other claims are contradictory, such as his insistence that the United States has resumed its deterrence against Iran and his claim that Tehran is more threatening than ever. On Tuesday, he called Iran the “new Afghanistan”

; and there is no evidence that Iran has become the center of al Qaeda operations.

As Pompeo pointed out, although Iran’s economy has been successfully hit by sanctions, its low-enriched uranium stocks are now more than 12 times higher than when Pompeo took office as US Secretary of State in 2018.

“If the actual economic pressure imposed by the United States on Tehran increased or at least did not prevent the activities that the policy was supposed to reverse, it would have had an impact without producing favorable results,” said Nathan Rafati, a senior Iranian analyst. Naysan Rafati) International Crisis Group said.

Similarly, Pompeo believes that the summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un led to the stagnation of nuclear warhead and long-range missile testing. But he did not mention that Kim Jong Il announced the termination of the moratorium, and now Kim Jong is preparing to have a larger arsenal than when he started meeting Trump.

Pompeo’s portrait of Trump’s America is in stark contrast to recent events. Two days after Congress was hit by an unprecedented violent attack by a mob instigated by Trump, Pompeo unceremoniously tweeted: “Becoming the greatest country on earth means more than just our incredible economy and a powerful military. Power; this has to do with the value we project to the world.”

He also boasted that his State Department team “has done more than any other organization in establishing an alliance that can ensure American interests”, and then had to cancel his European song and dance trip because his colleagues did not want to see him.

The Luxembourg Foreign Minister stated that he would not be able to see the top US diplomat and called Trump’s actions “criminal.” Sophie Wilmès, the Belgian Foreign Minister, should also have met during this trip. He made it clear on Twitter that her government is counting on Joe Biden to restore unity and stability in the United States.

Brett Bruen, director of the Obama White House’s Global Engagement Department, said: “It is unprecedented that the US Secretary of State is unpopular in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of our closest ally, especially at the end of his term. Said. “This just shows the degree of his rejection of himself. “

Pompeo is known for his thin skin. In his potential victory circle, his media interviews were limited to admiring conservative talk show hosts, and he did not raise any questions after the speech.

On Monday, at the headquarters of the state-sponsored Voice of America (VOA) station, he accused its reporters of lacking patriotism and even “deparaged America.” He told them “broadcast this is the greatest country known in the world”.

When VOA reporter Patsy Widakuswara tried to ask him questions after speaking, he walked away and ignored her. A few hours later, Widakuswara was demoted from his position in the White House to another position.

Trump and Pompeo were appointed by Michael Pack, the head of the US Global Media Administration, to oversee Voice of America and other federally funded broadcasters. Michael Pack tried to consolidate his position by strengthening the new government to dismiss him, thus turning the situation around. The legal independence of the agency is in his favor. But it is not clear whether Parker will succeed because he cleared news and management personnel, alienating Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

Bruen said: “I think it is difficult for the new government to help him find a chance to withdraw.”

Pompeo also tried to exert a final and dramatic impact on US foreign policy through other means, with the purpose of making it difficult for the next administration to change direction.

In the past 10 days, Pompeo has designated Houthi forces in Yemen and Cuba as terrorist organizations and terrorist state sponsors, although neither of them poses a direct threat to the United States.

Aid agencies warned that Houthi’s designation was due to the complexity of the delivery of humanitarian aid, which could cause widespread death in Yemen.

“You need to stop lying to Congress,” a staff member told a State Department official at a briefing reported by “Foreign Policy” and confirmed to the “Guardian” by a source familiar with the conversation.

A senior member of the Democratic Congress said: “Like many other similar briefings we have received from this administration, they sent these poor people to defend these absurd policies, and they couldn’t.”

During his work at the State Department, Pompeo spent a lot of energy trying to nail the nails to the coffin of the nuclear agreement reached with Iran in 2015. Trump withdrew from the nuclear agreement in 2018.

So far, this effort has failed. In response to the wave of US sanctions, Iran has stopped complying with some agreed restrictions on its nuclear activities, but said it is ready to negotiate with the new government to rejoin the agreement.

The sanctions and the designation of terrorists is to make the Biden team try to return to the status quo before Trump, thereby causing them political losses. The premise is that people do not want to see him reward American opponents, but this is far from Is it clear whether it is effective?

A senior Democratic staff member said: “He is creating a difficult news day for the next government, but it can be controlled.” He predicted that the trap set by Pompeo can be cleared without spending too much political capital. “Most of the damage caused by Trump and Pompeo is through administrative measures, so it can be remedied through administrative measures.”

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