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Police say a former Walmart employee was arrested after ploughing a car into a Concord store – WSOC TV

Concord, North Carolina-Police say someone was detained after driving a car into Walmart in Concord on Friday.

The Concord Police Department tweeted around 6:30 in the morning that it was investigating the Wal-Mart incident near Remard Street, near Concord Mills, and Deletta Road near Interstate 85.

(Note: Susanna Black and Anthony Kustura of Channel 9 reported from the scene after the driver hit the front of Concord Walmart.)

According to the police, someone drove into the store around 6 am. When the police officers arrived at Wal-Mart, they walked into the house to face the driver and detained him without incident.

The driver’s name has not been released, but the police said he was a former Wal-Mart employee and was fired in the past week. The officials did not announce the motive, but said that the driver may be dissatisfied with the management. He is facing several charges.

It is unclear whether the suspect ever worked in this store.

Channel 9 staff reported that dozens of police, fire and EMS staff can be seen in the store, most of which are concentrated at the entrances of pharmacies and grocery stores.

The front door of the shop was hit and messed up.

Channel 9 learned that first responders were able to drive all employees out of the building, and no injuries were reported. The shop was originally scheduled to open at 7 am. It is not clear when it will reopen.

A Wal-Mart worker inside the store at the time shared a post-disaster photo with Channel 9, showing the aisle was damaged and items scattered on the floor.

A worker in the building said that after the crash hit the front door, the car drove around in the store, and all employees ran outside. Witnesses told Channel Nine that the vehicle was seriously damaged.

It is not clear whether the car is still in the building, but the police said the driver caused a lot of damage.

“If you take a car through Walmart, you will cause a lot of losses,” a police officer told Channel 9. “The aisle is not wide enough [for a car] Therefore, it will cause a lot of property damage. “

>> Anthony Kustura and Susanna Black of Channel 9 are investigating on the spot and will be updated in real time throughout the morning.

Please contact wsoctv.com for updates on this developing story.

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