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Police officer was suspended after rough treatment of a 65-year-old woman at traffic closure

A police officer in Alpharetta, Georgia, was arrested after being caught on a Dashcam video that roughly treated a 65-year-old woman during a traffic stop.

In a statement posted on Facebook, a spokesperson for the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety said the woman refused to sign her ticket during the traffic-freeze on May 4, and was told she would be arrested if she did not cooperate ,


A police officer was later roughly suspended from intercourse with a 65-year-old woman at a traffic stop.

Alpharetta Department of Public Safety

The police said the woman was visibly upset during the incident and hit a police officer with the door of her vehicle. An officer tried to remove her when she refused to comply with her after she was told that she was in detention.

In a video released by the Alpharetta Police Department, one sees a policeman gripping the woman's vehicle's cab and grabbing the 65-year-old black when she calls for a supervisor.

The policeman calls for someone to help him get her out of the car as he seems to pull on the woman's arm.

"If you break my arm," the woman begins, as the policeman yells over her, "You're under arrest to get out of

While the melee continues, another officer is turned on as the woman continues to call for a supervisor. The second officer says, "We will not try to hurt you," as the first officer continues to pull the woman's arm, apparently to pull her out of the car.

A third officer approaches and barks at the woman, "to shut up and get out of the car."

When she gets out, the officers tell her to calm down, but she repeats it calls for a supervisor, the third officer appears to aggressively grab her arm and pull her close.

At the end of the video, at least four officials appear to be involved in the arrest of the woman, while two others are on call.

"As you'll see, this was a complicated issue because of the age of the driver because the cop did not want to hurt them," the spokesman for the ADPS wrote in the statement.

"Support was requested and available officials responded to the scene," they said. In an obvious allusion to the third officer in the video, "the spokesman accused one of the officers" of using inappropriate, even rebellious language and tactics.

The spokesman for the department said the official's behavior did not reflect the organization and said that an internal investigation was in progress.

The spokesman added that signing a ticket in Georgia is required and that officers are being allowed to detain these tickets to make a cash contribution "promising to appear in court."

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