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Police arrested the suspect after searching for armed robbery near the River Rouge building

On Thursday morning, a man was arrested for armed robbery in a liquor store in Garden City after a long search in the Fort River Rouge Building.

The police confirmed that they arrested the suspect around 5 pm on Thursday.

According to the Garden City Police Department, they were hijacked at a liquor store in Cherry Hill. The suspect was described as a white man about 5 feet 5 inches tall. When the police tried to push down his white and tan Ford F-1

50, he refused to stop.

The police chased him to the city of Dearborn Heights, and finally caught up with Telegram and Dearborn. The man got off the car near Shafer and Mellon. The police were searching for an area of ​​50-60 acres near the Rouge River complex.

Ford Motor Company issued a statement earlier Thursday that they were told that the suspect had entered the property of AK Steel, prompting its lockdown.

In a statement issued to FOX 2, Ford stated that all Ford buildings at Rouge base have been locked to ensure the safety of employees. Ford said the Dearborn police notified the company that they were looking for “armed and dangerous individuals” in AK Steel’s property.

The AK Steel property is located inside the gate of the Rouge site, but is not a Ford facility.

The Dearborn police confirmed that the Ford Building and AK Steel had been locked until about 1 pm, and Ford stated that normal operations had resumed.

The search for the suspect is still in progress.

We were told that the search started at 9:30 am after the suspect was involved in an armed robbery of a convenience store and liquor store in Garden City. Allegedly, the suspect then chased the police away at high speed, and eventually jumped out of his car and took off.

The police have his car.

The United Auto Workers Federation issued a statement on the situation to FOX 2:

“At present, as far as we understand, there is no fire. Our employees at AK Steel and Ford in Rouge Complex are safe and locked down. We want to emphasize that this is an active situation that the Dearborn police are dealing with. At this point It seems that it has nothing to do with the workplace. Our thoughts and prayers are carried out with the Dearborn police and all those who are under lockdown in this situation.”

Brian Rosenberg
United Auto Worker
Director of Public Relations

This is a developing story. Keep in touch with FOX 2.

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