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Players' Meeting "Justice for Thanos"

<img src = "http://media.comicbook.com/2018/05/justice-for-thanos-1108135. jpeg "alt =" Justice for thanos "title =" Justice for thanos "height =" 368 "width =" 655 "Data Element =" 1108135 Although the insanely popular mashup between Avengers Infinity War and Fortnite just went live yesterday, it took just a few hours for the team to nerfed at Epic Games the all-powerful Crazy Titan was significantly less "all-powerful." Although many complained that he was too heavy and the nerf was a good thing Others thought it was extremely unfair, as the character in nature should actually be (1
9659005) Reddit is doing as Reddit does, as a call for weapons was placed under the banner of "Justice for Thanos." In the original post, Redditor stated & # 39; RustedPopcorn & # 39 ;:

Justice for Thanos of r / FortNi TeBr

The support came immediately, with one user even saying, "That should have 5k upvotes by tomorrow, and this mode of play should be a 99v1 in a sense, this is nothing but solo with Thanos, which is stupid."

Epic Games has yet to respond, though they have mentioned that they "closely monitor" player feedback regarding the event, including the nerf itself – which they have described in detail below:

"We have just pushed a hotfix in the following Changes to Thanos in the new Limited Time Machine for Infinity Gloves: "

  • Shield Cap has been reduced from 300 to 200.
  • Max. Health increased from 700 to 800.
  • Laser damage against players reduced from 15 to 12.

This move will make it easier to find this coveted glove in the game and ultimately destroy opponents in true Thanos style. You can also learn more about his sweet moves in Fortnite as well as the full patch notes.

Epic Games writes: "Drop Solo As You Hunt and Fight Over the Infinity Gauntlet The first to equip the Gauntlet will turn into the mighty Thanos and exercise the power of the Gauntlet! You will need some serious firepower To kill Thanos, only rare, epic and legendary weapons appear in this limited time mashup. "19659005] Asked how exactly this collaboration came about, the development team said:

" This collaboration started as a simple phone conversation between Epic and Marvel on mutual appreciation from Fortnite and Avengers We worked closely together over the following weeks Bringing these two worlds together and landing on Limited Time Mashup, Infinity Gauntlet, when we saw the movie last weekend, which was unbelievable, we were still there more excited. "

Fortnite Season 4 is officially live for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and iOS players. The free-to-play game is officially released on Android devices, a release date yet to be announced. With Epic Games' massive presence at the upcoming E3 this year, it's likely that they will drop some of the major bombs for the game, including the highly anticipated Android release.

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