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Pikmin 3 Deluxe review (toggle)

As each month goes by, Wii U becomes less and less important, because most of its first-party databases are constantly being mentioned section by section and brought to the Switch. Why, it’s almost like what Pikmin did – Do you know where we are going?

Pikmin 3 Deluxe It was an attempt by Nintendo in the final port of the game, and the game deserves more love than when it first appeared. Pikmin 3 sold more than 1 million copies. According to the standards of many games, this is a good result, but it is not necessarily the first-party Nintendo IP. Nintendo probably hopes that the success of the Switch will bring a new audience to the game, which is really worth it.

If you are not playing for the first time, Pikmin 3 will follow the adventures of three explorers Alph, Brittany and Charlie, who fell on the planet PNF-404 while looking for food to return to their famine-stricken homes. The three must search the earth for maintenance-using the local Pikmin population to help them-while also trying to find the lost Cosmic Drive Key. They need to leave PNF-404 and return home.

First of all Pikmin There is a strict time limit, which frustrates some players who want more freedom to explore, and they have been worried that everything will be wasted at the end of the 30th and last day, and they get Game Over. Pikmin 2 Moving in the completely opposite direction, the result may have given yourself a little freedom: unlimited days and large caves without time, all the tension is completely gone.

Pikmin 3 is the perfect compromise of Goldilocks style. You do have a limit, but this is based on fruit. Every time you collect some fruit and transport it back to the ship, you will make some juice: each can of juice allows you to survive another day, and the game is worth about 100 cans, which means you still need a certain end point to beat the game, But much more forgiving than the first game.

Initially, your three protagonists are separated, but after a while, they will reunite, and then they can be divided into different groups. Despite the difficulties of using this mechanism, they are fairly simple, and in most cases, you may find that you prefer to gather everyone in a large group. In theory, you can save time by splitting the group and dispatching to do some separate things, but this is usually more troublesome, because you might attack one group when you are busy focusing on another group. There is one exception, which is the cooperative model, but we will talk about it later.

Those who have played Pikmin 3 on Wii U will notice that many changes have been made to the controls to make things less troublesome. Previously, you could lock enemies and objects by hovering your cursor over them and holding down “ZL” for half a second, and then lock them. Then you can press “ZL” again to cancel it. In most cases, this is fine, but in parts where a lot of things happen, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the exact goal you want to remember.

This time, you only need to click “ZR” and then click it again to lock other nearby targets. This means that if you want to attack an enemy but end up locking the fruit standing next to them, you can simply tap “ZR” to shift the focus to the enemy. The “charge” action is no longer associated with the lock: now, you can just press and hold the “X”, point in the direction you want them to charge, and let go.

You can also bring up a new menu by pressing and holding the “Y” button. This allows you to switch between leaders or disband Pikmin and divide them into groups. All these changes make the control system better than before, but better does not mean perfect. It is still a bit clumsy to get used to it at first, especially for those who may not be used to the actual strategy type (or the equivalent of a PC mouse).

There is a major additional function that can irritate certain hardcore types, but it is not designed for them: the function of displaying prompts by pressing D-Pad. If you don’t know what to do next, just click to pop up a text box telling you what you should do next, and there are arrows on the floor to guide you forward and help you find your way. No, this is not required, most gamers will be able to do well without it. But for those who may be less interested in exploration and more interested in progress (or, of course, those who are really in trouble), this is a convenient feature.

Finally, there is a co-op, which is added to the main story mode for the first time and is a very good addition to the package. You have to control three captains at a time, and only one opponent controls it, so why not share the burden with friends or family or well-trained apes? The implementation is not 100% seamless-sometimes you all run around in the same role and are like ghosts to each other-but it is good and never breaks the deal. But when you are not all like ghosts, it is definitely a joy. The initial motivation is to walk in groups, but in reality, you need to split to make the most of the limited time each day.

Functionally, it works exactly the same as in the “task” mode on the Wii U, but now the whole process is fine. Sometimes, you may encounter a situation where there is only one person to do, but these situations are very few and far apart, and the second player can even act as a supporting role, establish Pikmin numbers and grab the fruits, and A player tries to continue telling the story. Of course, you sometimes need to get together, but if there is anything that makes the struggle better.

The “Story” mode is accompanied by “missions”-including all paid DLC missions released for the Wii U version-and a new option called “Side Story”. Captains Olimar and Louie appear in the main game. The Side Story is divided into two parts: the prologue shows what happened to them before Pikmin 3 happened, and the prologue shows What happened after the credit ended.

Nintendo has asked us not to spoil the epilogue, but the preamble consists of many tasks, most of which follow a similar routine: You have a time limit to give you as much fruit as possible on the boat in order to get enough points to earn a medal. Get at least one bronze medal and you will unlock the next mission, but the fun is to replay the missions and try to clear them as quickly as possible to improve your ranking in the online leaderboard.

Therefore, Pikmin 3 Deluxe is more or less: “Story” mode has improved controls, which can be made easier or more difficult according to your preferences, “Quests” include all previous DLCs, and “Supplementary Story” even if there is no certain It is a breakthrough. However, we do not mention anything else. This is our negligence, and that is the performance of the game: if it is just to preempt negative reviews in normal places.

It seems that the game is still running at 720p and 30 frames per second like Wii U. Now, this will obviously cause instant “lazy Nintendo” comments, but the following points need to be kept in mind: First of all, a lot of things happen in the game, a lot of characters are displayed on the screen at once, and sometimes a lot of transparency and reflection effects appear. It is easy to only require improvements to the Wii U version, without knowing exactly how the game is combined, it is impossible to know the authenticity of the requirements.

However, the more important thing to remember is that, except for the slightly softer appearance, the game didn’t really suffer from it. This is a slow-paced game that does not need to run at 60 frames per second, and there is still enough detail there to be able to observe that everything is going well. There are many games that will suffer 720p and 30fps presentations, but this is not one of them: this is an excellent game with these specifications on the Wii U, although the Internet has decided that this is still an excellent game on the Wii U, the next one is to watch The big scandal.

Would it be nice to see an increase in resolution or frame rate? Of course it will-we are also a little disappointed. But that’s all we have: a bit disappointed. The way someone conducts activities online is like Nintendo brings Pikmin troops to their house and asks them to take the cat outside and then launch it into the trash can. The visual improvement would be great, but it has also improved in other areas and is still interesting.

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