Pfizer is one of many pharmaceutical companies competing to develop a coronavirus vaccine. The company said it hopes to be authorized for emergency treatment before the end of this year.

Chief Executive Albert Bourla revealed in an open letter published on Friday that although scientists are rapidly developing a vaccine, they are not ready before Election Day-President Donald Trump repeatedly proposed This proposition. He added that the company will be authorized by the Food and Drug Administration as early as the third week of November.

Pfizer is expected to obtain preliminary data on whether the vaccine is effective by the end of October, but still needs to collect safety and production data. The CEO also emphasized that the three aspects of safety, efficacy and manufacturing quality data will prove to be the key to ensuring the success of treatment.

Burla said: “In order to ensure public trust and eliminate a lot of confusion, I believe that it is important for the public to understand our estimated timetable for these three areas.”

“One of the key points I want to point out is that effectiveness can only meet one of these three requirements. This alone is not enough for us to apply for approval for public use.”

Bourla pointed out that the company is still “operating at a scientific speed” and safety remains the top priority.

The FDA stated that it will take several weeks to process emergency use authorizations, which means that vaccines can be approved for such uses before the end of 2020. However, it is only allowed to be distributed to high-priority and high-risk individuals, and it will be defined at the advisory board meeting on October 22.

Moderna Inc., another major competitor of the United States, previously announced that the earliest date that it can apply for its own vaccine authorization is November 25.

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