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Paramore’s post-event plot timeline

December 2010-Paramore announces that the Farro brothers have left the band

More than a year after the 2009 album was released Brand new eyes, Paramore shared the news that its founding members Josh and Zac Farro are about to leave the band in a blog deleted on its official website.

When the fans were shocked by the news, the remaining three members Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York admitted that they were not. The statement said: “None of us is really shocked. In the past year, it seems that they don’t want to show up again.” “We hope that Josh and Zach do something to make them happy, if that’s not by our side. , Then we support them to find happiness elsewhere.”


The statement continued: “We never thought of abandoning any of these. We really hope that you can be encouraged by another fact that the three of us who are still here are preparing to embark on a journey together.” “You have always been our driving force, why should we stop now? We have to persevere. Knowing that we have a unified passion and clear vision, we will be stronger than ever.”

December 2010: Josh Farro stabbed his former teammate

Just a few days after Paramore made the official statement, Josh posted a severe condemnation on his blog, since the deletion. After noticing Williams’ resignation statement “without my permission,” he continued to call Paramore a “manufactured product of a major brand” and accused Williams of being manipulated by her management. ‘S teammate is just “riding a ponytail “Haley’s Dream”.”

“Hayley’s manager would tell the band to be in the hotel lobby at a certain time, but he and Hayley would not participate in the performance for several hours. We found out that throughout the morning, without us, they had been meeting with record company executives. This is Considering that this is not just a solo artist, but we are a band, which is simply too strange,” he wrote.

“The band is always in the dark,” he continued. “After many meetings between Hailey, her manager and the record company, they decided to sign her to Atlantic Records. We don’t know why Hailey was the only person to sign the contract because we were told it was a “Band”, but we are also such young people to master all of this… the next thing we know we are going to hold an autograph party for Hailey.”

He also claimed that her parents controlled her and pointed out: “Hayley’s father…if we have any complaints, he will constantly threaten to “unplug” the entire band, which shows that we were hired to fire guns. And Hailey is a real artist. In reality, we are also a member of the band. We have always been considered less important than Hailey. It’s obvious how her family sees things.”

Farrow confirmed the rumors that he was dating Williams, claiming that after they broke up, “things with the band started to go downhill.”

January 2011: Paramore’s “Nowhere To Go”

In an interview with MTV, Williams, York and Davis stated that Josh’s blog post hurt them. Williams said: “The three of us are still here-we will not go.” He also revealed that guitarist Justin York (Justin York) and drummer Josh Freese (Josh Freese) will join the band and participate The upcoming South American tour. “A lot of kids are still asking if the band is going to disband, it just shows how bad online communication was when the rumors started to spread. So this is our way of showing the future, and we are frustrated about it.”

York in the blog post said: “It’s really a drag…. Once we make a statement, we all know they might make some remarks.” “So I think we are all preparing ourselves… It’s really hard to read , Just because it seems that a lot of things have nothing to do with what happened. I think it’s weird because it just seems unnecessary.”

February 2011: Josh formed his own band

Farro formed the Novel America band with singer Van Beasley, drummer Tyler Ward and bassist Ryan Clark. Just a few months after leaving Paramote, he plans to record his first EP.

He said at the time: “I think’liberation’ is a good description of my feelings in the past month.” “From Paramore, I don’t think I will be a band member or have any relationship with it, so when I In fact, when I discovered the passion and love for music again, I was like,’Wow, this is great.'”

December 2015: Jeremy Davis leaves the band

Paramore released his own album of the same name in 2013, and everything has been fine for several years, full of tours and parades. However, in 2015, the band’s official Facebook page shared that Davis’s departure was “really painful”, although they did not provide too many details. The statement read: “We are full of hope for the future of Paramore, and we are also excited about what Jeremy will do next,” the statement said, guaranteeing the band will not break.

February 2016-Davis filed a lawsuit against his former band member

The bassist claims that he is a partner of Varoom Whoa, which is a legal entity owned by Williams, which runs the band business. However, Paramore believes that Davis is actually an employee of the band and therefore cannot obtain a source of income from sales, tours and merchandise.

February 2017-Zac Farro rejoins the band

Some good news!News broke that Zac was playing drums on the band’s fifth album After laugh, Paramore (Paramore) announced that he has become a full member again. Paramore updated its official website to display a T-shirt with the image of a young Zac Farro and the title “I’m Back.” Those on the Paramore mailing list received emails with the subject “Zac’s Back”.

Williams said: “I once read about Tolkien and CS Lewis-when one of them died, their entire group of friends changed completely because one of them was gone and that person brought Part of everyone in the world also died.” Later, he said in an interview billboard. “When Zac left the band, I lost a part of Taylor; I lost a part of me. We spent a while, found happiness, and wanted to write music because life goes on. But [Zac] When he came back, he kept saying, “It’s not just happening; opportunities like this are not always that important. No, “I need to go back to this band. “He did say this in the question and answer session: “I have returned to my family. “”

May 2017-Paramore and Davis resolve legal disputes

The band’s lawyer told Thursday that before performing on Thursday’s hometown tour in Naraville, the band Tennessee Although the terms of the settlement were not disclosed, “everything has been settled and settled.”

October 2020-Hayley shouts out

She tweeted on Wednesday (October 28): “There is a reason, @paramore only has 3 people left.” “Surprise, hatred, this is not my reason. Paramore will not condone religious/political dogmatism.” Beliefs, these beliefs make our LGBTQ+ friends, fans, and family feel abandoned and desperate.”

“And, you know, if that’s not happy, then please feel free to go to the places where all the past members of paramore have been. Except for paramore, it’s almost anywhere else. For paramore’s LGBTQ+ family (and @ColormeBrian, I’m blunt Don’t hide you) You are full of love, and you are loved too.” She concluded.

Although she did not specifically appeal to anyone, fans thought she was referring to guitarist Josh Farro. Users in the comments unearthed alleged Facebook comments in which Farro compared homosexuality with pedophilia.

October 2020-Zac stays away from Josh’s 2010 blog post showing support for the LGBTQ+ community

Zac joined the chat. After Hayley tweeted, the drummer tweeted the first post in more than two months with the title “Letter to our lgbtq + fans”. “I want to say that I love and support all of you, and have your support, and [sic] The most important thing is to stand with you. I will not tolerate any behavior that does not love and support your community. “

“When my brother and I left Paramore in 2010, there was a post about the band that I did not fully forgive. My name was included in the post, yes, but I was not told the full content of the message. “He continued. “I’m talking publicly about not only the founding drummer of Paramore, but also the rejoining in 2016. I mean I have my own voice, my voice represents our band and fans, not me. Words. In actions I disagree with.”

He concluded: “We have our own voice, and everyone has power within.” “Let us use this power for love and peace, not separation and exclusivity.”

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