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Packers rookie AJ ​​Dillon shines in defeat of Titans

21 to proceed. Two touchdowns for 124 yards. Many people think that Derrick Henry’s data line looks like this on Sunday night, not AJ Dillon’s data. In the first 15 weeks of the season, the rookie Green Bay Packers, who didn’t play much role in the offense, ran back to a huge stage and achieved a breakthrough performance. In a snowy statement victory in Week 16, Dylan won all the victories of the Tennessee Titans.

Entering the game, Dillon had 24 goals for 114 yards, no touchdowns, and a catch for 16 yards. In all fairness, expectations for Dillon in the first year are not high. Fundamentally, he was a red shirt. In that year, he could easily cope with the offense and learn from Aaron Jones and Jama Williams. In the limited betting, he averaged 4.8 yards per entry, which is not terrible anyway. However, he still didn̵

7;t get a firm foothold on the offensive end.

This all changed when Jama Williams was ruled not to participate in the game due to a quadriceps injury, which may provide a small vacancy for Dillon. However, even if Williams is gone, Jones may continue to guarantee most of the moves.

Dillon scored less than 10% offensively in 2020 and was also included in the reserve/COVID-19 roster in five weeks earlier this year. After the game, Aaron Rodgers admitted that he was not sure whether Dillon would come back all this season. Obviously, if Ti Lung can show himself, he will never let him miss the opportunity.

For 60 yards and touchdowns, Dillon did not dribble and did not play solo on the court. Jones seems to be heading for another stable performance, taking a 20-yard kick from three yards.

The second drive was designed by head coach Matt LaFleur for Dillon. Since his first two carry only had two yards in total, the start was not very good. Dillon finally rushed for six yards and another nine yards. If the Titans had not committed a key penalty in the third offense to extend the offense, those two carry may never have happened. If that fine never happened, Dillon might have a very different night.

Later, security officer Darnell Savage (Darnell Savage) interception created a short-term situation for the Packers offense. However, in the first game, Rogers threw a ball in Jones’s direction, Jones was caught and landed awkwardly. Jones withdrew from the game and was replaced by Dillon.

In the next game, Dillon rushed to midfield for 14 yards. When Green Bay scored their third touchdown, Dillon became the featured guard.

When the Packers selected Dillon, his thought of the possibility of passing through tackles in a cold December football game was the first image I thought of. Against Tennessee, he did just that. In the third quarter, Dillon jumped from a hole and was beaten by one, forcing him to miss a tackle for a 30-yard touchdown run.

For Dillon, long scoring will undoubtedly have a good night for him, but he has not done it yet. Later, he was saddled with a lot of Titans, and this was his second professional touchdown. In the training camp, we saw the photos and heard the folklore of Dillon’s power, but Sunday night was the first time everyone witnessed it.

He indicated that Green Bay may have a bright future. He also showed why the Packers treat him so highly. In response to Dillon’s selection the next day, many people pointed to the time Lafleur spent in Henry in Tennessee. Comparing the physical conditions and play styles of the two players, it is clear that the Packers want Dillon to become his own version of Henry. Sunday night offered some hope for realizing the dream.

Dillon performed better between the two because Henry finished the game with 23 passes for 98 yards without a touchdown. At present, it is not clear what role Dillon will play when Jones and Williams return to health. For Green Bay, it is a big problem to have three viable options in retrogression.

Lafleur said: “When you have three guards, you will be full of confidence, which is really exciting.” “For me, these three guys are all starters in this league.”

This performance may become the most memorable performance of Dillon’s rookie season, but even so, the Packers will be very happy. At least, Dillon showed that this kind of offense can still be performed at a high level with him as the main guard.

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