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Overwatch’s April Fools’ Day joke is an evil version of the game

OverwatchThe experimental mode of Blizzard has always been a way for Blizzard to try new things and see what might be effective without making a complete set of changes.On April Fool’s Day, the developers are running a method different.This is life now Overwatch, If someone wants to see the dark mirrored version of FPS, in which Mei is an unstoppable huge tank, Sigma can fly, and D.Va can drop her mech from the sky and overwhelm any unfortunate person, making It fell into the shadows.

All Nippon Airways

Developer comment: The feedback we received is that Anna players usually don̵

7;t see the immediate impact of their supersonic speed, because supersonic speed is usually used for Genji and Winston who immediately jumped out of range. With this change, Anna can also enjoy the fruits of her labor by powering up the darts and reducing damage.

Nano Booster

Raising allies now also raises Anna


Development comment: Pointing a blank trainer gun to the face now matches expectations more closely.

Trainer gun

Projectile damage increased from 6 to 9

Can now cause serious injuries

Spreads reduced by 50%

No longer knocks back enemies


Developer comment: The slightly less mortality field does not have the same meaning as it, but we can experiment. Maybe the device should be immortal, so we can be proficient in technology.

Biological launcher (second shot)

The health of the direct-fire grenade increased by 33%

Immortal Realm

Now reduces incoming damage by 50% instead of setting minimum health

Cooldown reduced from 25 seconds to 15 seconds


Developer comment: The fort is still a tank, but no longer the size of a tank. We also tightened some screws on his gun arm, and the weapon proliferation disappeared! The number of beeps is less, and the number of plush is more.


Reduce the proportion of characters by 15%

Configuration: Reconnaissance

Weapon proliferation has been removed


Developer comment: We heard that players are very excited about all things crowd control, so now with this sweet combination, you can potentially increase the stun time, or I want to use it for mobility (bad, very bored).


Hitting an enemy now resets the cooldown of Shield Slam


Developer comment: The enemy team often disrespects the pilot D.Va. Now, it will be more difficult to get the machine to fall on you.

To the motor armour

Now deals 600 damage to the enemy

The final charging cost is reduced by 30%


Developer comments: They said he can razor skyscrapers to the ground. This does impose a lot of creative restrictions on our heroic idea of ​​skyscrapers as the theme. This change should also solve the problem of occasional contact with the ground by some doomsday players.

Rocket punch

Can now travel upwards


Developer comment: Echo Player is actually the most useful person around. They are always saying things like “here, let me show you how it is done”. This change should make players more helpful to each other in the game.


Increased duration from 15 seconds to 30 seconds


Development Comment: Unsubstantiated rumors: Genji’s cybernetics is actually driven by the blood of his fallen enemies.


Now reset the cooldown after eliminating the target


Developer comment: Just spread them wherever you like and claim that if someone is eliminated, you will be completely in line.

Storm Arrow

Storm Arrow now flies towards the environment

trash can

Developer comment: The players did not spend enough time admiring the beautiful floor texture, so we enabled Junkrat to take on more dangers. Discovery is a very powerful and exciting motivator, so there are even more potential lurking underground.

Steel trap

Up to 3 traps can now be activated at the same time

Cooldown reduced from 10 seconds to 7 seconds


Development comments: tinnitus is not a joke. Don’t let it happen to you.


Now also increased the knockback strength of Soundwave


Developer comment: Bullets will have strange situations in the future. The same goes for tumbleweed.

Peacekeeper (formerly fire)

Headshot can now refund 1 ammo

Dead eye

No longer limited to 1 tumbleweed


Developer comment: The ice wall is actually a physical barrier. But Mei can also cause a lot of damage. Can’t you see that this endless conflict is dividing us?


Reassign to the tank role

Character ratio increased by 15%

Health increased from 250 to 400


Developer Comment: Now is the time to underestimate the amazing damage Mercy’s Caduceus Blaster can cause. Can’t run. I am sorry.

Guardian angel

Can now target the enemy


Developer comment: When playing Moira, there will definitely be close-up damage and the desire to cause some damage, so we will tend to do so, but we will also move in the opposite direction by inspiring the allies who actually heal.Crazy plan intensified with sharp fingers

Biological grip (secondary ignition)

Range reduced from 20 meters to 15 meters

Damage increased from 50 to 75 per second


For every 100 points of life of allies restored through creature grip (force shot), the cooldown is reduced by 1 second


Developer Comment: Orisa is still learning to make the most of her quadruped exercise. We hope that this change in gameplay will help deepen the connection between players and heroes, and at the same time regard role-playing as a new kind of centaur-like almighty, committed to becoming the protector of Numbani.


Forward speed increased by 40%


Developer’s Comment: We are working on barrage, so now we can reduce the deaths of one player on average.


Cooldown reduced from 9 seconds to 6 seconds


Can now move while casting


Development Comment: Recent research has concluded that nothingness such as ghosts is even more daunting when propagating in the air.

Shadow Walk

Cast time reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1 second

Ghost form

Flight is now allowed for its duration


Development comment: The user manual of “Crusade Armor” points out that the precise German engineering technology does not require regular maintenance to change the steering oil. Please decide to do so for yourself.


Now has 200% power steering


Development comment: Or, the new cooldown of the chain hook is 4 seconds, but Roadhog’s morale is low due to the lack of the hook, so that he can’t muster the enthusiasm to try as soon as possible, doubling the cooldown time.

Chain hook

Cooldown reduced by 50% after hitting an enemy


Developer Comments: The experimental barriers are heavier than expected. Putting it aside prevents Sigma from anchoring so close to the ground.


No longer bound by gravity

Experimental barriers


kinetic energy

Cooldown reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds

Soldiers: 76

Developer comment: Therefore, it turns out that targeting the head is the best tactical choice.


Now generates 6 ammo per second when activated

Tactical sun visor

Now aim for a headshot


Development comment: deleted


Stealth change


Development comment: Symmetra’s photon projector can now further project photons.

Photon projector (primary shot)

Increased range from 12 meters to 16 meters


Developer comment: Although Torbjörn does have a rivet gun, his real mastery is revealed with a hammer. However, he is better at using it to fix the turret than using humans.

Forging hammer

Damage increased by 200% when overload is activated

The critical strike will extend the duration of the overload by 2 seconds


Developer comment: It doesn’t matter if you didn’t blink and charge 3 seconds ago, they are all back! The logic of time travel is beyond doubt.


Now restore all flashing charges


Developer comment: Poor health means we can do more harm to her, right?

Widow’s Kiss (Original Fire)

Damage increased from 13 to 15

Spreads reduced by 30%

Widow’s Kiss (Second Fire)

Submachine guns can now pierce enemies


Development Review: Winston’s Original anger The offensive capabilities have not fully met our lofty expectations for genetically modified space apes, so we are here to promote it a bit. Winston also has a soft spot for his invention, so if you think that breaking his glasses will make him unhappy…

Barrier projector

Enemy damage can now grant Winston the ultimate charge

Primal Fury

Increased melee damage from 40 to 90

Melee knockback increased by 40%

wrecking ball

Development comments: The maneuverability and survivability of the wrecking ball are often questioned. Are these adjustment values ​​suitable for the game? I think we can polish them if necessary.


Reduce the cooldown of all skills by 3 seconds


Has been active now

Damage increased from 50 to 60


Cooldown increased from 5 seconds to 7 seconds

Adaptive shield

No longer prevents the enemy from producing the ultimate charge


Developer comment: Zarya no longer feels burdened by distributing barriers equally between herself and her teammates. Now, she has the ability to selfishly hoard the two of them in order to obtain greater benefits, or selflessly dedicate them all.


Particle Barrier and Projection Barrier are now on a shared cooldown and require 2 recharges


Developer comment: Zenyatta’s power may actually be unlimited, but he has shown excellent discipline. He enters and leaves the meta at will.


You can now hover for up to 3 seconds by pressing and holding Jump

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