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Overwatch League Stage 4 is being played due to a potential bug on patch 1.22

In recent weeks, the Overwatch contest community has been quite vocal about the fact that they wanted to play Season 4 of the first season of the Overwatch League on Patch 1.23. More important than that, with games just one day a year, professional players simply had to know what to prepare for, but Blizzard has commented on the subject to this day.

In a tweet Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer affirmed: "Level 4 is being played on patch 1.22." There was a potential bug in Patch 1.23 that could hamper the production team's ability to continue the game on a companion card when there's a break or break, "says Nanzer." The developers worked hard to get it right on time Preparing the Overwatch League players to find a solution, but so far they could not do that as we needed it for the league. "

The most important thing in this tweet is that we finally have a confirmation on which phase 4 patch will be played – just over 24 hours before the first game starts – unfortunately, a mistake and lack of practice time are not explanations that could help the community feel much better because of it Level 4 is a patch that most people thought it should be.

There are several reasons why players and audiences hoped that the newer Patch di Overwatch League, but the biggest reasons were Hanzo's overhaul, which will not be included in the patch at all, and a few significant Brigitte Nerfs. This is the first time that Brigitte is available in the Overwatch League game, so she hopes she can be played in a more balanced state. However, since the stage is played on patch 1.22, it is very likely that the next few weeks of the game will depend on how teams use the game's newest hero.

The fourth season of the Overwatch League begins on Wednesday, May 16, and ends on Sunday, June 17, the last day of the regular Overwatch League season.

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