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Outriders Crossplay can now be used normally, and inventory can be cleaned and repaired

Outriders has confirmed that the interaction between PlayStation, Xbox and PC is fully functional again, and has also confirmed that it is working hard to solve the inventory clearance error that plagued many players, and that there will be a recovery event in the near future. Cross-border games are difficult to release in Outriders It was closed during the period, but the latest patch that has been deployed to all platforms is now available for friends to play together, no matter where they choose to play.As for the inventory erasure error, the patch could have greatly reduced its occurrence, but it seems that it actually caused an increase in reports.

Square Enix shared a note on Reddit, confirming that the team is “urgently investigating”

; and planning a one-time large-scale repair to restore most of the lost equipment.

Although no date is given, it hopes to be used in the “coming weeks”, which will help your inventory, which means nothing will be replaced.This recovery event will only recover the most valuable items lost, such as epics and legends, and most likely will not recover the inventory full of blue equipment. In addition, the recovered items may not have exactly the same statistics as the lost items, but they should be comparable.

Unfortunately, items acquired before auto-save will not be restored, and Square Enix can “temporarily” solve any single recovery issues that are lost or that occur in the future.

The team hopes to solve the Accolades Wipe issues in similar recovery activities or on a one-to-one basis, but these issues are more complex and will take more time.

These issues and many more have caused the developer to award a community thank you package to any player who tried Outriders in the first two weeks of the game.

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