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Others detailed allegations of abuse by the officer who bowed down to George Floyd

In November 2013, Minneapolis police stopped LaSean Braddock shortly after midnight because he worked as a mental health worker at Hennepin County Medical Center and returned home from two shifts.

Braddock, 48, said that he is a bit accustomed to being stopped by the police because his identity has been stolen, and sometimes he mistakes it for the person using his name. He said he carried papers from the Minnesota Criminal Arrest Bureau as proof, so the stops were usually short: he would show the papers to officials. They will review and let him go. Braddock said, but that day, the police officer at his driver̵

7;s side window stuffed the documents into his pocket without looking at them.

Braddock said that when he hesitated to get out of the car, the officer violently hit the driver’s side window with his flashlight. Then, two police officers tried to pull him out of the car, and then he got out of the car by himself.

LaSean Braddock (LaSean Braddock).Courtesy of LaSean Braddock

Braddock said: “Then they tried to hit me on the ground, but I only had 240 pounds.” He added that although he was still not sure why he was stopped, he avoided injury. “Then they jumped on my head, neck and back. I lay flat on the ground.”

More than six years later, Braddock met with one of the officers again while watching a harrowing video of George Floyd’s last moments. Braddock said that Derek Shavin was one of the officers who treated him roughly. A police report that night confirmed that Chauvin was one of the arresters.

Floyd (Floyd) was black. He died on May 25. The white white clothes (Chauvin) pressed his knee to his neck for a few minutes, while he was wearing handcuffs and shouted for help and said he could not breathe. His death triggered months of racial justice protests in dozens of cities around the world.

Shavin, who was charged with second-degree murder for Freud’s death, will stand trial on Monday.

Braddock said he believed that if Floyd had made a violent accusation against Chauvin the day after he met, and Floyd had been taken seriously and was not fired, he would still be alive. .

Braddock said in a recent interview: “Unfortunately, they didn’t do anything to Derek Chauvin.” “If they did something for this, it might not have gone that far. .”

Many people who had clashed with Chauvin before the fatal encounter accused him of using excessive force in interviews with the news media and official complaints.

Chauvin was a 19-year veteran of the department before his dismissal. He was nominated in at least 12 police conduct complaints that did not take any disciplinary action, which resulted in a “reprimand”.

The Minneapolis Police Department declined to comment on past complaints against Chauvin.

The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office is prosecuting Chavin’s case and is trying to introduce several arrests involving Chavin, dating back to 2014, alleging that they have a history of excessive use of force.

The jurors may have heard of one of the cases, the arrest in the 2017 Zoya Code.

On January 7, the Minneapolis Zoya Code police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis said that he was kneeling on George Floyd until he complained that he could not Breathe, and treated her roughly.Nina Robinson/The New York Times via Redux

‘Don’t kill me’

According to court documents, Chauvin received a report on a domestic dispute on June 25, 2017, and went to Code’s home. A relative accused 38-year-old Code of trying to live her with an extension cord, but Code denied doing so. Code, who refused to accept the interview request, told Marshall Project, a non-profit news organization covering the criminal justice system, that relatives were winding the rope, and she had grasped the rope. The code said that after the dispute, she had left the house to cool down, and when she returned home, she met Qiao Wen and another officer.

The prosecutor said in court documents that Chauvin grabbed one of her arms when the code was passed and told her that she had been arrested. They said that when she pulled away, Chauvin pulled her to the ground in a prone position and knelt on her. After being handcuffed, she refused to stand, so Chauvin lay on her stomach and lifted her out of the house, putting her face down on the sidewalk.

Code told the Marshall Project that she pleaded: “Don’t kill me.”

According to the prosecutor, Chauvin told his partner to restrict Code’s ankle at the time, “even if she did not provide any physical resistance.”

Code told the Marshall Project that when he tied her up, she told the officer: “You are learning from animals. That man-that is evil.”

The code is accused of understatement of domestic assault and wrongdoing. These allegations were dismissed on March 12, 2018.

In Chauvin’s trial, the Code was listed as an associate witness in the state. The prosecutor will juxtapose the treatment of the Code with Chauvin’s actions in another case to prove that Chauvin knows how to use reasonable force to restrain a person.

In that incident, Shavin helped a man who committed suicide, was intoxicated and mentally troubled. The prosecutor wrote in court documents: “The defendant observed other officers fighting the man and beating the man.” “The defendant then observed other officers placing the man in the side recovery position, which was consistent with the training.”

The prosecutor said that Shavin went to the hospital with the man. The police department praised his and other officials’ efforts.

On January 20, prosecutor Julian Hernandez of Rochester, Pennsylvania said that the Minneapolis police had been kneeling on George Floyd until he complained that he could not So far, he used too much force on Hernandez in 2015.Da’Shaunae Marisa/The New York Times via Redux

“He choked me on the ground”

Others who met Chauvin said he did much less.

Carpenter Julian Hernandez said that when he traveled to Minneapolis in February 2015, he watched the band at the El Nuevo Rodeo nightclub with about 20 colleagues, Qiao Wen ( Chauvin worked there as a guard on duty for nearly 17 years. Hernandez said that he had been drinking, and then went to the bar to try to buy cigarettes, but the cigarettes were too expensive. Hernandez said that when he left the bar, he heard someone say: “It’s time to go.” He turned around and met Chauvin, who said that Chauvin forced him to quit.

38-year-old Hernandez said: “The whole club is still running. He singled me out of everyone and told me that I had to leave because they were going to close.”

He said that he tried to tell Qiao Wen that he needed to remove the coat from the coat check and even showed him the ticket.

Hernandez said: “I thought,’Man, at least let me get my jacket. It’s winter.’ “And he won’t let me. “

After they went outside, “things became physical,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez said: “He tried to grab me from my neck, of course, I reacted.” “Then, after that, he choked me to the ground.”

The prosecutor said that Shavin restrained Hernandez by “pressing” the lingual artery under his chin and “pressing” it against the wall. They said, and then he pulled Hernandez to the ground, lay on his stomach, handcuffed him, and waited for the other officers to arrive.

He said that he clearly remembered that Shavin uv lived with him. Hernandez said that at the time, when he was in his 20s, he was serving a sentence in a California prison for selling drugs, and he had been clean for about six years.

Hernandez said he filed a formal complaint the day after the incident, which was later rejected. He tried to sue the police station, but no lawyer would file a lawsuit. He said that he did not file a lawsuit for financial reasons. He said: “I just want them to know what kind of police are in their class.”

Hernandez was charged with misdemeanor. Records show that a few months later, he pleaded guilty, and a year after getting out of trouble, the court withdrew the plea and rejected the case. Hernandez’s case was one of the prosecutors seeking evidence, but the judge denied this request.

Hernandez said of Freud: “What he did to me is nothing compared to what he did to the poor black guy.” “You can’t control the law by yourself.”

Chauvin’s lawyer, Eric Nelson, stated in court documents that his behavior was appropriate. The filing stated that the encounter with Hernandez involved Qiao Wen “on the dark night after Valentine’s Day, in the dark early morning hours, dealing alone with a detainee with strong resistance.”

The document stated: “Shavin confirmed and reported that the arrested person was actively resisting.” “According to the “use of force” policy of the Minneapolis Police Department that was in effect at the time, it was possible to “bind” those who actively resisted.”

Nielsen did not respond to requests for comment on these allegations.

Hernandez said he believed that if Chauvin’s superiors “considered more” complaints about “his aggressiveness” and condemned him, “he will still be a policeman and George Floyd is still alive.” .”

Braddock agreed.

Braddock is a former São Paulo resident and now lives in Chicago. Braddock said that on the night he was arrested, he asked Qiaowen and other officials why he stopped him, but never gave him an answer.

A public information report stated that he was accused of serving a sentence in Hennepin County Prison for failing to comply with police orders and obstructing legal procedures. He said that a “routine license plate inspection” of his vehicle showed that the owner was guilty of a felony. Guarantee.

The case was dismissed in January 2014. At the time, Braddock’s prosecutor Jordan Deckenbach said that the prosecutor threw the case after reviewing the video of the car at the city’s prosecutor’s office. The city prosecutor’s office said it no longer has a record of why the case was dismissed.

He and his lawyer said that Braddock also filed a formal complaint against Qiao Wen the day after he was detained.

Deikenbach said: “Mr. Braddock’s complaint was rejected without contacting him and interviewing him, which shows that the complaint was not taken seriously.” “If Officer Jovin abused Mr. Braddock And being disciplined, including kneeling to Braddock’s neck, Officer Qiaowen may have a different attitude towards George Freud, resulting in George Freud being alive today.”

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