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Order the wrong size of Apple’s new Watch strap, you must return the whole product

Last week, Apple introduced the new Apple Watch Series 6 and its new straps: Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop. Both are made of stretchable elastic material that does not break, so choosing the right size is extremely important.

But according to reports Mcrums, It seems that buyers have other reasons to be careful: If you buy a strap of the wrong size, you must return the watch and strap for modification. Since the supply of new straps and the Watch Series 6 itself are restricted, this may mean a delay of weeks or even months before you can replace your watch.

Apple customers have been on Twitter and Mcrums forum. Eli Hodapp, the chief executive of the mobile game subscription service GameClub, even shared an exchange with Apple̵

7;s support staff, who agreed with Hodapp’s suggestion that the system was “a bit crazy.” As the support staff said: “Yes, I totally agree with you. But Apple does have a policy because it is considered an ordered configuration.”

And posted as a user on Mcrums: “I think if the size you ordered is incorrect, you can keep the watch and only need to return/replace the strap. But Apple says through the chat support that you must return the watch and the band. That’s a waste. Frustrated. I am selling my S4 watch and buyers will have to wait until everything is sorted out.”

(We have contacted Apple to confirm this policy and will update this story if we receive a response.)

The pandemic worsened the whole situation. Of course, the best way to make sure you fit your watch strap is to try various sizes yourself. Some customers stated that they could also change inappropriate bands in the store. However, many outlets are still closed due to COVID-19, and customers are worried about unnecessary travel during the global pandemic, which is not an option for everyone.

Apple tried to alleviate the problem by publishing a paper installation guide. Users can print out the file and put it on their wrist to find their size. However, many customers stated that the size recommended by the guide does not always match the size of the delivered product. edgeMy own staff also found a similar problem, the band size suggested by the tour guide was too loose. This is also not just a question of comfort, because the title function of the Watch Series 6 (ie its new blood oxygen monitor) requires good cooperation to function properly.

In other words: be careful when ordering one of the new Solo bands, and if you can (if not too dangerous), try it yourself. If you have any questions about the size of the new band or the return policy, please let us know in the comments below.

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