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One UI 3.0/3.1: the main new features of Galaxy devices [Video]

Samsung’s efforts to update the device in an ultra-fast way are commendable, because the One UI 3.0 update is released faster than at any other time. We have been studying the One UI 3.0 and 3.1 upgrades in depth to determine what the top new features are.

Unfortunately, a few things here are only available when One UI 3.1 is updated, and in standard 3.0 update. Basically, in order to provide the Galaxy S21 with some functions that the old device does not have, it has version 3.1. Some of these features may appear on older models, but they cannot be guaranteed because certain hardware is required.

With this in mind, we will try to outline one of the best features, from One UI 3.0 and 3.1

respectively. The introduction of One UI 3.1 has not been widely popularized, but we have seen the Galaxy S20 FE update, so we hope that the previous devices will be available soon.

Video – One UI 3.0/3.1: Important new features

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Samsung has updated the long press on the home screen icon and access to the quick actions or widgets in the latest One UI 3.1 version. As we all know, this feature was first introduced in Android Nougat, but Samsung has decided that some adjustments are needed, and One UI 3.0 includes some minor adjustments.

For starters, the pop-up window is slightly larger in size and has a better overall layout, which includes easy-to-access options such as add to home screen, uninstall and select to move. In some cases, the menu options can be reversed, which may overwhelm you until you learn a new layout. In other words, the visual effect of the new pop-up window is much better, and the option separation effect is better.

Added adjustments and options for always-on display

If you have one of the best monitors on the market, why not offer a large selection of “always-on” monitors? Well, Samsung has made some adjustments to the Always-on screen in One UI 3.0 and 3.1, making it one of the top new features added in the OS upgrade.

All the AOD customization options and widgets you already know and love have been updated through the One UI 3.0 update. First there is a brand new Digital Wellbeing widget, and it is said that improvements have been made under the hood to improve battery performance. If you want to improve or at least inhibit the use of smartphones, the Digital Wellbeing widget may be a good choice.

Call UI customization

Samsung has adjusted the incoming call UI settings for people who still happen to take calls on their smartphones-are you crazy? If you are not answering or making calls, being able to adjust or adjust the call UI may not be the main feature of One UI 3.0 or 3.1, but it is a good choice to adjust this short startup screen.

You can adjust the background and even change the appearance of the contact when answering a call. This is not something that many other OEMs have not even considered, making it look good, but not necessarily changing your life, but will have a big impact on some people.

Detailed notice

When receiving a notification on a Galaxy device, do you want more than just a floating window? Well, with One UI 3.0, you can switch between “short” and “detailed notifications” by fine-tuning to adjust the shortness of incoming pings. The enhanced notification also includes Bubbles support, which itself can be considered an important One UI 3.0 or 3.1 feature for those upgrades.

If you want to reduce distractions throughout the work process, short notifications may be better, but detailed notifications are hard to miss. These larger pop-up windows can benefit from additional features such as smart reply suggestions. It’s worth noting that Edge Lighting now bundles short notices instead of larger detailed options.

Better audio control

Android’s audio controls happen to be an area where Samsung really excels. In One UI 3.0 and 3.1, one of Samsung’s main features has been comprehensively improved, shame the rest of Android. When managing the volume of each part of the OS and the broader system, the new floating window has a larger slider for each individual audio level setting.

A larger display is a bit taller than possible, but the controls allow you to manage each setting more efficiently than the current “stock” implementation in Android 11. This is where the Live Captions settings are hidden.

Smart home controls

Android 11 brings a new function menu, which includes controls for smart home technology, but in typical Samsung fashion, there are some problems and “quirks.” First of all, the activation methods for quickly switching between Google Home connected devices are different. Samsung has placed these quick toggles in the notification shadow submenu.

You need to fully expand the notification bar and click on the “Device” option. If you have connected Google Home smart technology or a device connected to Samsung SmartThings, you should load the toggle switch here.

This is still more convenient than investing in a dedicated application for each project, but it is an additional option when it is not necessary. Although it is still here, so you don’t have to worry about not having a power menu panel. The only drawback is that this is a unique feature of One UI 3.1. Therefore, at least temporarily limited to the Galaxy S21 series.

Google Discover Feed

Finally, Samsung deleted the “Samsung Daily” and instead used the Google Discover Feed in the One UI 3.1 core home screen. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available on One UI 3.0, which means that only users with Galaxy S21 can use this top-level feature.

The quick news feed aggregates articles and videos that you might find interesting and can be obtained by swiping to the left from the “main” homepage view. Samsung Free also joined the Samsung Free Edition. The Samsung free version has been extended on the discontinued Bixby Home, providing a lot of frustrating ads and annoying clickbait news. You can swipe left further to access this section, but we are sure that Google Discover is a good choice.

Director’s View

The camera has some powerful new features in One UI 3.1, which may be regarded as an important feature for budding smartphone photographers. Have you ever thought of using a multi-camera setup without using multiple cameras? Well, the director’s point of view may be the answer to your prayers.

In fact, you can use this new camera mode to simultaneously record with all the included lenses on your Galaxy smartphone. Of course, as a viewer and the device itself need to deal with many things. This feature is touted as one of the top new additions to One UI 3.1, which unfortunately means that it is currently limited to the Galaxy S21 series. Considering that the Samsung camera app may need the processing power to process up to five video streams at a time, we bet it may not drop into the many old models that are eligible for the update.

Object eraser


Without knowing how to use Photoshop, it is difficult to delete unwanted objects, objects or people from photos. The Gallery app in One UI 3.1 adds a concise “object eraser” function that allows you to effectively erase objects, people, and other things you don’t like from photos.

Considering that all of this is done through machine learning, the final result is not bad. Technically, this is a “lab” feature, which means it’s not ready yet, but it is a great option that can help you clean up your photos without putting the image into Photoshop.

A UI 3.0/3.1: What is your favorite or most important feature?

Do you have a top feature in One UI 3.0 or 3.1 that can be lyrical all day long? If so, please be sure to let us know in the comments section below. If the old Samsung Galaxy device you are about to shake has not seen the latest Android 11 version, please make sure to let us know what you want to try the most.

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