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One-third of COVID survivors suffer from neurological or mental illness-study

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On Mykonos, the famous party island in Greece, “everyone will explode”

Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP via Getty Images The narrow stone-paved alleys in the traditional village of Oia on Santorini are usually crowded with tourists even at this time of the year. The Greek island is the most famous sunset view in the world and will always be the most important tourist destination. However, COVID-19 has suppressed the increasing prevalence of the Greek islands in 2020. Although the warm Mediterranean climate means that the tourist season in Greece usually starts in early April and lasts until late October, the streets are relatively quiet. However, as well as the convenience of quick testing, Greece opened to international travelers on May 1

4 after nearly a year, hoping to regain its former success. Business owners on its two most famous islands, Santorini and Mykonos, hope that the reopening will be of great benefit. Giorgos Dimitrokalis wakes up every day to enjoy the magnificent view of the caldera. Although he was born and raised in Santorini, his appreciation of the Aegean Sea has never been Intermittent. However, for the owners of KD Hotels and Resorts and the Vice President of the Santorini Hoteliers Association, it is difficult to be the only one who appreciates this view. “It feels like a completely different island. Unrecognizable. Last year we joked that the locals had the opportunity to enjoy this small island for themselves. I hope this summer, the situation will return to the pre-pandemic state, because the island has indeed suffered Suffering. “Unlike other parts of Greece, the economy of islands such as Santorini and Mykonos depends largely on tourism. In 2019, according to the data of the Hellenic Tourism Association, the country’s total economy accounted for about 20% of the country’s overall economy. This was the best year in ten years. Then, the coronavirus came out, Santorini, Greece The view of Oia on the island is unobstructed. Alkis Konstantinidis: “It’s summer outside, but there are as many people on the street as winter. There’s not even a soul outside. It’s surreal,” Imerovigli’s Sand Lily boutique Said the boss, Poly Linoxylaki. The Greek Minister of Tourism Harry Theoharis (Harry Theoharis) eagerly hopes that another year will not be lost, and recently announced that the government will reopen the tourism industry in Greece from May 14. Dimitrokalis, who owns 10 hotels, explained that there are two types of tourists visiting Santorini. People around the island: “So far this year, people’s interest has increased in hotels close to the beach. Our customers stayed there for about 7 days, usually families, most of whom are Europeans. In more Central hotels, such as those in Caldera and Fyra, are usually travelers from overseas, such as Americans, Brazilians, Chinese and Australians, who usually stay for no more than three days. They come to visit the island and enjoy the sunset. Then leave. “For Embark Beyond, a luxury travel consulting company headquartered in New York, “Greece and Turkey may be the only European countries open this summer.” Therefore, Americans advise their customers to “book before the gate opens.” , It’s too late.” “We were told that international flights to Greece will be opened around the world on May 14. We are just waiting for officials to tell us what the agreement is for this year.” Dimitro Kali Si said that he pointed out that Americans are the biggest fans of the island. “The majority of tourists to Santorini are from the United States and Australia. If they can’t come for some reason, I will have a lot of trouble.” said Linoxylaki, a seller of clothing and accessories mainly made by Greek designers “These are my customers. They support small businesses like me. The scheduled time in the summer of the year is usually around 70-80%, but according to Dimitrokalis, today this number drops to 25-30%. He said “We hope that more people will be interested in this next month, and we hope that by the end of this season, we will be able to reach about 50% of 2019. We hope to book at the last minute to achieve our goal. “Most bookings start from midsummer, but everyone is optimistic. Dimitro Calis said: “If the weather is good, we expect the season to expand this year because we have lost the first three months. . “Despite her doubts about the reopening, Linoxylaki agreed: “We hope that September and October will be the peak of the season. But to be honest, I personally don’t believe that we can open on May 14 as the government said. Among them, Mykonos (Mykonos) is a popular Cycladic island with bright white houses and a wild nightlife. In 2013, Kim Kardashian and his family went to Miko When Mykonos was filming “Keep Up Up with Kardashians” (Keep Up Up with Kardashians), Kim Jong had a northern story full of paparazzi…and many tourists. Overview of Chora of Mykonos at sunset. Demetrios Ioannou is today the CEO of Semeli Hospitality Group Iraklis Zisimopoulos. About ten years ago, he received the Kardashian family and their crew. They looked back on those days with nostalgia, but were full of confidence in the future. “I am sure they will come back again; the coronavirus will not last forever.” He said: “Maybe not this year, but we have seen that the vitality of Mykonos has not disappeared. We believe that there will be better days. “Tismopoulos is also the secretary general of the Mykonos Catering and Entertainment Association and the Secretary General. The chairman of the Mykonos Town Business and Professionals Association. He smiled bitterly and said: “I have hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, Everything is closed. “In September last year, the mayor of Athens Konstantinos Koukas said in a speech at the Athens News Agency that they only arrived last season. As Zisimopoulos explained, it will reach 30% in 2019. “Last year It is disastrous, but we hope this year will be different. It will certainly not be close to the normal season, but it is certain that it will not be like 2020. “In shaping this process, the most important role will be the agreement that enables tourists to enter Greece.” Knowing that there are three options: 1) those who have been vaccinated; 2) those who have tested negative in the past 48 hours ; 3) People who are sick and now have antibodies. “When it comes to Mykonos, people don’t travel to the island just to enjoy the beautiful scenery, nor do they swim in the crystal clear blue ocean. They go because they want to have fun. Everyone There is only one thing…Nightlife! Mykonos is known as the “party island” of Greece around the world, where you can openly become your own name. Anastassos Capetani Yas (Anastasios Kapetanias) has made many contributions to this reputation. Among the top five in Greece and the world, this was the first time he had to cancel it last year since it was first launched in 2009. But he has a good opinion of this summer High hopes. “People are eager to have fun,” he said. “Every day we receive many emails begging us to participate in this year’s festival. They told us’we need to see our friends; we need to be free again”. Everyone will explode. “For the Greek government, nightlife is not a top priority and will be one of the last things to open here. The conditions are still unknown. But for the local economy, this is a daunting task. Kapetanias explained: “Every summer, XLSIOR Island alone attracts more than 30,000 people from all over the world. “We have people from the United States, Brazil, Spain, and Israel, most of whom come every year.” He also worked with A number of local companies cooperate, such as hotels, car rentals, restaurants, etc., to assist their customers. “Last August, the government decided to close all bars and nightclubs at midnight. All reservations were stopped and many cancelled,” he said. Zisimopoulos The whole situation is completely surreal, as Kapetanias described: “People are everywhere on the streets, looking for villa gatherings to attend, everyone is hiding like in a war. This is not Mykonos. ”One of the windmills overlooking Chora on Mykonos. Demetrios Ioannou The Greek government decided to vaccinate all residents on small islands with a population of less than 1,000, including Kastellorizo ​​and Uzbekistan in Greece. Oinousses, these are some of the earliest islands in Greece without COVID. Can a similar plan be effective for Mykonos, which has about 10,000 people? Zisimopoulos believes it will solve many problems: “If all the locals are Once vaccinated, no matter what happens on the island, we will have a strong protective cover. In the normal season, we have to book at least 10 times a day. The maximum number is now 2. In the last 20 days, we have seen some movement, and the speed of vaccination in the United Kingdom, Israel and the United States has increased. We have reservations about this. Most of these bookings are in July and August. “On the other hand, Kapetanias said that a good idea to restart a live music festival like him might be a quick test. “They can go to a clinic on the island earlier. Test on the same day, if the result is negative, they can get the result and enter it. We just need to be super organized so that people can be completely safe. “It’s like the engine on the island is always running. Everyone is organizing, hoping that they don’t have to cancel again. “Because of this situation, we will be able to hold events in the place of our dreams, but not elsewhere. This year, most of our activities will be held outdoors. Of course, we will also bring the best DJs, musicians and dancers loved by the audience we know. “When talking about this year’s event, Kapetanias said that this year’s event has been announced from August 18th to 25th. Let us regenerate our lives and spend the holidays, and because we have been deprived of a lot of things in the past year, this will It makes us feel better. I really believe in the coming hope.” Zisimopoulos said. Kapetanias agreed: “To be honest, I want to meet happy people this summer, they will laugh, be happy, safe, and hope to come again next year.” Read more in “The Daily Beast” many. 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