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One battlefield state, two rallies—and a completely different version of reality

Phoenix.com-Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris) held a rally 30 miles apart on Wednesday six days before Election Day. They gathered momentum in this battlefield state and decided the game. the result of.

But voters think they are forgiven for running in two different worlds.

In Trump’s world, the coronavirus crisis is exaggerated. The biggest threat to the country is a threat to socialism or communism. The most important issues include the corruption allegations of Joe Biden’s son Hunter and the government. The “state of depth”

; the officials conspired against the president.

In the Biden-Harris world, this pandemic is a top issue. It is suppressing the wallets of the middle class, the incompetent president threatens access to health care, and the country is in a state of return to normal and Towards a sharp edge between despotism.

Trump’s rally symbolizes these two attitudes. Supporters squeezed into a part of the Phoenix Goodyear Airport. Many of them were elbow to elbow without a cover. A driving event held by Harris was sparse and socially distancing. Far away, participants even covered their faces when no one was near them.

The number of coronavirus cases nationwide has soared, with the death toll reaching 225,000. Scientists generally believe that if people wear masks and abide by social guidance guidelines, the virus can be contained relatively.

Trump boasted that he had done a “great job” in dealing with the virus. Many of his rallies expressed doubts about the official diagnostic figures, while others said that the elites are using this problem to control the population. Others say that the media is reporting the epidemic to hurt Trump.

Buckeye’s Michael Bieda, 53, said: “I think it’s too exaggerated. It’s a political method that prevents people from voting.” “This is a force that the other party can control.”

Goodyear’s 74-year-old Dee Ann Kriebs (Dee Ann Kriebs) wears a red “MAGA” hat. He said: “Covid is so politicized that it’s hard for me to believe the numbers.” In the election, she took “deep state” as the primary topic.

She said: “Washington must eliminate the deep state.”

Tammy Byler, Waddell’s operations manager, said the panic surrounding Covid-19 “feels like communism trying to take over.”

People watched the video at a rally with Arizona President Donald Trump at the Goodyear Airport in Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday.Brendan Smialowski/AFP-Getty Images

Harris said at the rally that the coronavirus is “one of the largest mass casualties that we have experienced as a country since World War II,” she said, and Trump “discovered this incident.”

Mason’s teacher, Rachael Clawson, said her husband worked in the tourism industry and the virus caused her to leave a single-income family.

“If we can’t control this epidemic, what does it mean for his job?” She added: “The opportunity to get medical services is huge. We have three children with a history of chronic diseases. Consider setting up a young family without medical insurance. Very frightening.”

“Create a fictional world”

Clausen said she was worried that if Trump was re-elected, he would move toward autocracy.

She said: “He thinks Article 2 of the Constitution allows him to do whatever he wants.” He worries that if voters give Trump another four years, “what does this allow him to do?”

Kimberly Marteau, 61, a lawyer visiting from Los Angeles, said that the pandemic is “a huge problem.” She said that she supports Biden and Harris because they will “let facts and science lead us forward.”

She said: “Information and truth are our defense against those who want to create their own world rather than reality.”

The decisive rally underscored that the degree to which Americans voted was not only the policy they had to formulate, but also the reality they believed to be true.

Tony Schwartz, co-author of Trump’s book “The Art of Dealing,” said: “Trump has been creating a fictional world that fits his desire to become a reality.” “The latest news is to face the irrefutable facts.” Directly contradicting the facts he claimed, he is doing this repeatedly now. The Covid number is rising. The economy is still in deep trouble. And it continues.”

Nationally, Biden leads Trump by 7.8 percentage points in the NBC News poll average. In Arizona, Biden leads Trump by 3.5 points in an average score of 58. This is encouraged by the betrayal of college-educated white voters and independents.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris) spoke at a mobile campaign in Phoenix on Wednesday.Sahil Kapur/NBC News

The composition of the two groups is in sharp contrast. Trump’s crowd is mainly white, including many older voters. Since 1952, they have helped the Republican Party hold state elections in all states except a presidential election. The Harris population is relatively young, with black and Hispanic voters accounting for a large proportion, reflecting the rising number of democratic voters who are reshaping Arizona and most other parts of the United States.

The state is also engaged in a fierce competition for control of the Senate, with the appointed Republican Senator Martha McSally trailing Democrat Mark Kelly in the polls.

Trump said: “The biggest question we face is whether they will cheat votes. This is my biggest question.” Although experts say voter fraud is extremely rare in the United States and is unlikely to affect any results.

For some Trump supporters, the coronavirus lockdown is unnecessary.

Marlene Parsons, a retiree in Glendale, said, “This is a stupid move. We must overcome this and destroy the economy.” She said that the virus was not “as serious as described by the media” and she refused to wear a mask, “because it can’t make me feel good.”

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But for Democrats, reducing the virus is crucial. Many people say they want Trump to listen more to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert.

Steven Slugocki, chairman of the Maricopa County Democratic Party, said: “Only by controlling this virus can we return to normal.” “This is a realistic movement that listens to scientists. Speech, or propaganda from Fox News, Donald Trump insisted on listening to Dr. Fauci’s speech.”

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