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Official Emma Corrin said she was hospitalized while filming in Spain

Christopher Stevens, “Daily Mail”

No one can accuse the crown of being too subtle. With the return of the magnificent Netflix drama, Lord Louis Mountbatten’s lip close-up echoes the news records of soldiers and rioters on the streets of Belfast.

When Mountbatten (Charles Dance) joined the Queen in the “Army of Colors”, a Republican terrorist roared to bleed Britain.

Then, the narrative switched to Prince Charles and met the teenage Mrs. Diana Spencer for the first time. All of this started even before the opening title was rolled-at least we know what it will be.

Most actors are veterans. Olivia Colman (Olivia Colman) returns to Queen, Josh O̵

7;Connor (Josh O’Connor) as Charles, Helena Bonham Carter (Helena Bonham Carter) as Margaret Princess (Princess Margaret).

But everyone’s eyes are on the newcomer Emma Corrin, whose difficult task is to show us who Diana was before she became the most famous person on earth. The writer Peter Morgan asked, how could anyone in the royal family or in the media think that this shy, inexperienced young woman is suitable for international attention and all the duties of a future queen?

When we first met her, she was 16 years old, dressed in great costume, and participated in the school’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Wearing flowers and green tights, she declared herself a “crazy tree”. When Charles wandered around the foyer of her stately house Althorp, waiting to date her sister Sarah, Mrs. Die tipped her toes from hiding place to another, and said loudly, “I’m sorry, I,” Here! “

Later, Sarah said that her sister was “obsessed with the idea of ​​meeting you.”

Dee did this again a few months later, making sure to run into Charles in a jump game after Mountbatten was murdered by the IRA.

When the prince laughed at his Aston Martin’s wheels, she confided her condolences.

In this version of the event, Di has a plan that can be executed perfectly.

She liked the royal family so much that Charles could not avoid marrying her.

The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh (Tobias Menzies), Margaret, Anne, the Queen Mother… All these high-ranking royals, Charles is very unlikely to call it “the entire horrible Politburo”-they are all Surrounded by Diana.

Even the woman he loved, Mrs. Parker Bowles (Emerald Fennell), thought he should take risks.

This is completely different from the story depicted in ITV’s “The Diana Interview” on Monday, which claimed that the quasi-young bride was in awe of the royal fiancé so much that he called him “Mr.” instead of using him Christian name.

Morgan never thought of turning his character into a caricature, ignoring the real characters that inspired his story. Maybe he thinks they are not worth considering, or they have learned to ignore everything about them in the media. But his ruthlessness towards people around him, such as Sarah Spencer, now McCorquodale, was initially portrayed as driving Charles to a private residence and later tried to sabotage Chance of her sister.

The subsequent episodes of Diana’s pain, including her description of bulimia, did not change. Some have “trigger warnings”, including “some scenes where the audience may feel uncomfortable eating disorders”.

Before she got married, we saw her standing in front of the palace refrigerator in the middle of the night, eating dessert. Then she knelt on the toilet, pushed her fingers into her throat, and vomited repeatedly.

In Australia, when they traveled abroad for the first time with Charles and their youngest son William, and in 1990, when the marriage was breaking irreparably, painful torture reappeared. It is cruel to watch.

This season is the only opportunity for 24-year-old Miss Colin to interpret Diana.

When the show returns for the fifth time, the “Princess” will be played by “Nightclub Manager” Elizabeth Debicki… Although in view of the pandemic’s restrictions on filming, how long will we have to wait? People can say.

This is also the only chance Gillian Anderson has the impression of Margaret Thatcher. This left a deep impression, although compared to the real prime minister, it was more like the famous Mike Yarwood (Faith Brown) on the Mike Yarwood show. Anderson kept shaking as if she was immersed on the deck—comedians always copied it, even though Maggie never did.

The queen tried to please her over the phone and even gave an immortal political speech, but when Margaret Thatcher arrived at Balmoral Palace wearing court shoes and her iconic blue dress suit, the last straw came, and Not wearing slippers and a Barbour hat. Obviously, Queen Je is so snobbish that she can’t stand anyone who doesn’t know how to dress in a Scottish moor.

Anderson may have left a very low impression, but Olivia Colman is certainly not. She is not like the queen in any way-she doesn’t look like her, doesn’t like her, doesn’t like her, doesn’t like her, doesn’t like her. She was a middle-class suburban housewife when she played the monarch, and when the rest of the actor acted like a puppet in “Imaginary”, it was bizarre.

The queen mother knocked back on gin and tonics and shouted: “Dumpy, with the Nazis.” Prince Philip complained about Mrs Thatcher’s campaign, “That’s a thing of the past. This country needs two women to run the workshop. .”

Dennis Thatcher (Stephen Boxer) went further: “Two menopausal women, that will go well.”

Stable, maybe not. But this is definitely soap. Despite all the flaws, the crown provides us with what the Royal Cavalry needs-uninterrupted drama and emotion full of fairy tales.

Whether it was Philip caught a glimpse from behind the steel facade, drunken accusing his son of poaching Mountbatten’s paternal love, or Margaret, the most shocking thing was that she called Mrs. T an “ordinary person”. We showed the royal family and very much imagined their love… “whatever love is”.

Ed Power, Independent

As queen Olivia Colman (Olivia Colman) behaved somewhat restrained. On the surface, the crown is a long-form exploration of Elizabeth’s place in the 1980s.

Here, she is like the brilliant Prince Phillip of Tobias Menzies, acting as an agent for the audience. Coleman was very content to sit down and accept all this. This is especially true when Anderson’s Thatcher comes in. As you might expect, she is a force of nature. However, there was something wrong with the original preference of File X stars for the most divided prime minister of that era.

Empire Terry White

The tension between Anderson and Coleman is intertwined and is one of the best scenes in the history of the crown. The other half of the series is dedicated to defining the British woman in the 1980s with Thatcher: Princess Diana (Emma Corrin).

It can be said that this is a more difficult actor and acting task. Diana (Diana) is the most photographed woman in the world.

Emma Corrin has youth, innocence, and uncondensed sweetness. But unlike Anderson and Thatcher, you will never completely lose the feeling that she is playing Diana.The real Princess of Wales was glimpsed in a moment, but blurred in the imitation of others

Katie Rosseinsky, “Night Standard”

In 10th place, Anderson’s “Iron Lady” initially felt like The Crown’s answer to Gollum, with her stooped posture (with a heavy wig on her head), each syllable made a creaking sound. It seems strange for such a sophisticated actor to try something much bigger than life-but a large part of Thatcher’s role is acting. This lady had hired Laurence Olivier’s vocal coach in a famous capacity to help drag her natural tone into a more trembling and authoritative position.

Lewis Knight, “Mirror”

Newcomer Emma Corrin took on the arduous task of playing a global idol, but she managed to capture Diana’s voice and demeanor, far beyond her years, which made her role a star The tragic rise is even more convincing.

At the same time, although the new series shows Prince Charles the most trivial and selfish, actor Josh O’Connor fills the Prince of Wales with soul and sensitivity in order to leave a pleasing mark on the heir to the throne, even if He and Diana are more toxic.

Caroline Framke, variety show

In the four seasons so far, Morgan has written a very addictive, secretive and stupid royal soap opera, only occasionally know how obvious it is. However, in addition to the creepy performances, equipped with the most luxurious set design Netflix can provide, The Crown successfully sold itself as one of the most serious dramas on TV. In the fourth season, despite its shameless glory, it may already be the most successful, even though it has established this prestigious feeling. After all, with the emergence of the “crown”, Diana’s misfortune reminds us every moment that the fanatical audience of the royal family always brings drama into a more human reality.

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