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Obama grilled Trump at Biden campaign rally without restrictions

Barack Obama was soft and let it fly.

In three and a half years, even if his unconventional successor criticized him mercilessly, he mostly respected the former president’s tradition of not criticizing his successor. President Trump verbally and in more than 3,000 tweets, from falsely claiming that “bad guys (or sick people) tapped his phone” in early 2017 to asking Obama to be prosecuted for spying, treason, and usually Just “the most corrupt president in America.” American history. “

Now, in the last few days of the 2020 campaign, Obama has made his own speech and then made some remarks.

On the surface, he is running to help former Vice President Joe Biden, especially by stimulating the voter turnout of young Americans, blacks, and Hispanics who lack enthusiasm for Democrats.

But he was also troubled by himself and his bad legacy.

In the last three solo performances (in Philadelphia, Miami and Orlando, Florida), Obama seemed more interesting than when he ran for himself in 2008 and 201

2. On Saturday, he and Biden planned to show up together to bring their love to the battlefield state of Michigan, holding rallies in Flint and Detroit.

At these gatherings on the eve of the drive, the crowds are small and distanced from society, which is consistent with pandemic precautions that made the Biden campaign bigger but higher risk rallies with Trump differentiate. However, when Obama entered every outdoor stage of U2’s “City of Blind Lights”, he wore loose tops and casual clothes with rolled up sleeves. He took off the black mask, as if tore off Trump’s wear since he took office. The metaphor is the same as the muzzle.

Attacks that have been unsolvable for many years have brought depressive returns to the people, which made his crowd cheer.

Obama told the Orlando crowd on Tuesday that Trump “has not shown any interest in work, has no interest in anyone other than himself and his friends, or the importance of the presidency is not just a reality show that can make him crave attention. “He really wants attention!”

Just this week, “Obama made a fuss again at the inauguration, saying he was bigger,” Obama continued to laugh.

“Who is thinking about it now? No one but him. But the rest of us have to suffer the consequences: more than 225,000 people have died in this country, more than 100,000 small businesses have closed down, and 500,000 jobs have been lost in Florida alone. “

What is Trump’s final argument about re-election? Obama said: “People are too concerned about COVID.” “He is jealous of the media coverage of COVID!” He added with a smile that this caused more trumpets from the crowd.

Many of Obama’s keynote speeches echoed his televised speech to the Democratic National Convention at the American Revolution Museum in Philadelphia in late August. The theme is the same: He went to the Oval Office with Biden and Trump, “They are very different people.”

However, the performance is a kind of remix: he replaced the dignity of the speech with a standing posture and increased the deaths of 55,000 people, thereby increasing the number of deaths from COVID-19.

His demographics are all different, with young voters everywhere and people of color who Biden needs more votes. These groups voted for Obama twice, but the biggest question remains whether he can transfer the appeal.

His record is not good. Despite his efforts for Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton), the voter turnout in key parts of the Obama alliance fell in 2016, which made her lose the election. Opinion polls show that enthusiasm for Biden has also weakened. In the Democratic presidential primaries, many young voters especially support Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders or other more progressive candidates.

Obama tried to talk to progressives who were eager to make bold changes and frustrated by the polarization and paralysis of the government. He defended himself and Biden for the progressive change.

Obama said at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, home to the National Football League Eagles: “The fact that we didn’t get 100% of what we wanted immediately. This is a good reason not to vote.” “This means we have to vote first and then proceed. Some changes, then vote again, then make more changes, and then continue to vote until it is correct.” The car horn sounded in approval.

Kevin Madden, a senior adviser to the 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney, said: “He still has the ability.” “He has a good idea on how to persuade voters who must be persuaded and who have good intentions and need to promote. Voters have a very good muscle memory.”

Madden said it remains to be seen whether this push is sufficient, but a smaller audience will not hinder Obama’s message. The video clip “is entering social media, entering all these smart phones in pockets.”

Obama pledged “Joe”-“Someone cares about you and misses you,” he said in an appearance in Miami last weekend, but he spent more time with Trump. This attracts the audience, but the former president is also trying to correct his record from Trump’s claim that Obama and Biden have left a “mess.”

“He wants to contribute to the economy he inherited. He wants zero blame for the pandemic that he ignored,” Obama said in Orlando. He continued: “I just want to remind you that the United States created 1.5 million jobs in the last three years of the Obama-Biden administration than in the first three years of the Trump-Pence administration. This is a fact. Check Click.” (According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, he is correct.)

Obama said to the crowd: “In fact, he inherited the longest job growth streak in American history, but like everything else he inherited, he messed up.” During his tenure, Trump will be ” The first truly unemployed president since Herbert Hoover.”

He pointed out to each audience that the United States and South Korea recorded the first case at the same time, and the per capita death rate in South Korea was 1.3% of that in the United States. However, Obama said that Trump told interviewers that he would not do anything different.

“Really?” he said. “You can’t think of something you might do differently? Maybe you shouldn’t watch TV and suggest that we can inject bleach to treat COVID?”

He pointed out that Trump has paid little or no taxes over the years. In Miami, he asked everyone to raise their hands and, like Trump, have a secret Chinese bank account. (No hands, only laugh.) After reports that Russia offered a reward for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan, and reportedly calling the soldiers “suckers” and “losers,” he complained that Trump “has not taken action.” (“Who did it?”)

He laughed at Trump for alienating allies and “touching” the dictator: “Do you think he will stand up against the dictator? He thinks Leslie Starr is a bully!” He distorted the president’s promise of the health care plan: “It has been two weeks in the past ten years. Where is it? Where is the great plan to replace Obamacare?”

Even Obama’s praise of Biden and his running mate California Senator Kamala Harris often implies condemnation of Trump: “You don’t have to worry about what crazy things they will say and what they will do. Tweet. They are just too busy.” The rise is huge.

Although Obama seems to like his satire, his performance runs counter to the less partisan brands he has promoted.

It is not that Obama has completely got rid of his offensive role in the past.

“He is such a fool,” said Chen Lanxi, the policy director of the 2012 Romney campaign and now a researcher at the Hoover Institution. “Don’t let him be the snow angel he isn’t.”

But for more than three years, Obama has consistently rejected Democrats’ requests to contact Trump.

“At the moment we have been storing the gas in the tank,” said Eric Schultz, a senior consultant traveling with Obama. “The strategy of the next president is always to say when he can have an impact and make a difference.”

Trump is clearly watching. On Tuesday, he tweeted and then tweeted: “Obama is attracting very few people. Biden has almost no people. We are attracting tens of thousands.” In the third tweet, he complained about Fox News. Broadcasting “Obama crowd, Biden’s false speech.”

As Obama said to the rallies, “Tweeting on TV will not solve the problem.”

In addition to the rally, Obama also held other votes. He recorded an interview with LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers, which was broadcast on HBO outside the paid column on Friday night. He has done radio advertising, automated phone calls, Zoom fundraising events and social media events. Before the Miami rally, he stopped at the office of the teachers’ union in a Latino-intensive community to meet with campaign volunteers. In Philadelphia, he met young black men at a youth center.

Afterwards, outside, he grabbed the megaphone to cheer the party organizers: “Guys, it will be inspiring to see your efforts there. Don’t be discouraged.”

In this spirit, he rallied to participate in Bruce Springsteen’s “Hope and Dream Land”. He restored the mask with large white letters “VOTE” written on it for brief distribution among voters. It will disappear again soon.

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