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NYXL is the best team in the world

That's it. Phase 3 of the Overwatch League is officially over and we have again crowned a Stage Playoffs Champion. To the surprise of absolutely no one, Dominican New York's Excelsior won for the second time in a row, cementing the fact that they are now truly the team to beat.

New York Wins the Playoffs [19659003] As exciting as it is to see New York wear down its competitors so domineering, we have to say the Stage 3 playoffs have been the least interesting in Overwatch League so far. Now that the playoffs allow four teams to get into the mix, both Los Angeles squads had the opportunity to race for the prize money. But the Boston Uprising defeated the gladiators with a clear 3-0 win. Also in the second match, the Excelsior defeated the Valiant in another quick 3-0 victory. It was not really captivating, to be honest.

In the final of stage 3, we expected New York and Boston to go down the track and put things into the fifth game. But that did not happen. New York managed to win the first two cards and even forced Volskaja Industries, where Boston was undefeated so far. Numbani looked good, but eventually the Excelsior managed to defend their 3-0 win, not least thanks to the coupling games and the coordination of the entire team. Seriously, we saw play time for every single player on NYXL and they all shone.

In the end, Saebyeolbe proudly declared that he was the best tracer in the world. And you know what? We believe him.

Boston is (almost) flawless

At the moment, Boston Uprising is in second place overall in the Overwatch League. Their dominant performance in the third leg played a major role in getting them there, as they did not play a single game on any of their opposing teams. Sure, they have lost the title fight in the play-offs against New York, but as far as the number of cards is concerned, they have officially lost no game on this stage.

Despite the loss in the final, Boston has still proved that they were a frightening force to be reckoned with. In the Widow duels Mistakes prevailed against Pine, and Striker continued to tear the rear lines as a tracer. The gap between Boston and New York only became clear when it came to how flexible the players of NYXL could be and what support they had. JJoNak went on to shine as Zenyatta, and if you have supporters (who also call Anamo) who can do harm to the opposing team while they stay alive and heal their teammates, there's no other way to outsmart New York but you Support the players themselves.

Still, we look forward to seeing what Boston brings in Phase 4 as soon as Brigitte is introduced to the Meta. It will be a big shock and everything can happen.

The Seoul Dynasty has a new main tank

  Obsolete League

The Seoul Dynasty has been in motion for some time. At the beginning of Stage 1 and 2, they were strong, but stopped at the end and both times did not playoffs. In Stage 3, they just looked like a hot mess, and it was difficult to understand what was going on with all the different lineups.

At the moment it seems like they are starting to stabilize once again. Ryujehong, officially her star support player, has now taken on the role of the main armor of the team and he made his debut this week at Winston, Orisa and Reinhardt. In Seoul's match against the London Spitfire they looked well coordinated and even managed to bring things to a match. Previously, the dynasty's Lunatic Hai core had never taken a single card from the London-Spitfire GC Busan players. In the last two phases, they have even suffered two 0: 4 defeats. This time the dynasty was still inferior, but they broke the curse and were able to win two cards.

And after London's merit, they have won a close Oasis victory, which is by far their worst card. Seoul went on to dominate the Houston Outlaws in a 4-0 win later this week. We also want to shout out Gambler, who was a huge Mercy upgrade for the team, and he definitely helped keep the dynasty together.

Seoul and London are looking pretty good again, and maybe they have what it takes to become the dominant force in Stage 4 of the Overwatch League.

Our Favorite Game of the Week

Fans in Twitch Chat are always so hard on Janus because he has a lower win rate than Mano. But today he definitely showed up for the team. During the final, New York beat Numbani against Boston, and just when it looked like they would be strangled before the card was completed, Janus placed Primal Rage to keep the uprising in check. This allowed the rest of his team to push the payload to the end, and Janus even got some kills to seal the deal.

Similar to New York defending Point C on Numbani, Saebyeolbe was absolutely crazy for Tracer stopping Boston dead in their tracks. He tore into the back lanes, decimating them, then back to the payload to Pulse Bomb Gamsu and then finished his highlight role with a cool kill on Strike, because why not?

Of course, he had the support of his team (Pine for the win), but being able to survive for so long and annihilating everyone on the opposing side was an unforgettable sight. Saebyeolbe has definitely consolidated his position as the best tracer player in the Overwatch League.

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