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Nvidia’s RTX 3070 reservation is really hell, so I live blog

Last Thursday, Nvidia opened a pre-order for the GeForce RTX 3070, which was the lowest price among the three graphics cards with Ampere technology announced by Nvidia at the September event. This is a good card.However, if you have been following the RTX 30 series in recent months, you will know that it has also been very much It is difficult to do this, and it may still be difficult next year.

I knew that I wanted to upgrade my graphics card this year, and I bought the RTX 3080 and found nothing, but once the number of bookings increased, it actually sold out. (Damn robot.) So I decided that 3030 would be fine. Anyway, I don’t have a 4K monitor yet. This morning, I decided to shoot.

I activated two monitors with 20 different tabs distributed in four Google Chrome windows. There is also an extension that automatically refreshes these tabs to make sure I don’t miss them.

Newegg is immediately out of stock. The same is true for Micro Center. On my screen, they never opened the pre-order to completely sold out.

I bet all of my bets on Best Buy and focus on a retailer that claims I may still be licensed. In any case, the founder version (Best Buy and Micro Center exclusive) is my first choice, which does no harm, and the Best Buy credit card means I don̵

7;t have to spend $499 at a time.I decided to post my entire experience on a blog edgeLax, so my colleagues can enjoy my pain.

Now you can too. How is this going:

9:00 AM: Okay, 9 am, and RTX reservation is not yet open

9:01 am: Newegg is out of stock

Best Buy does not seem to have opened pre-orders yet

It doesn’t look like they ever opened on Amazon

9:02 am: Micro Center is out of stock

Not sure if they are open at B&H, just say “coming soon.”

I have a [at Best Buy]

9:03 am: The shot is gone.It came out

Best Buy has not opened the Founder

9:04 AM: Best Buy releases more inventory every few minutes

In my experience, Best Buy is the only US retailer that does this.

9:05 am: Pre-builts with GPUs sold out at Best Buy

GPU inventory is still insufficient

9:06 am: Lol, there are 3 RTX 3070s in my shopping cart? ? ?

9:07 am: Make me BUIYYYYYYYY

9:08 AM: Gigabyte sold out

I have a founder version in my shopping cart

9:11 am: I am picking up information

waiting for payment

Please let me buy it best

9:12 am: I’m checking out, but waiting for payment

9:13 am: Oh wtf

Now it won’t let me do it by the roadside

But i keep trying to send it

9:18 am: I don’t think God wants me to buy this GPU today…

9:19 am: I think i want to give up

9:20 am: Taking all factors into consideration, Best Buy is the only modest way to buy

They release a certain amount of inventory every few minutes

I mean, it’s still difficult to buy one in the shopping cart, but it’s much easier than Amazon and B&H sold out instantly

Best Buy website crashes

9:21 AM: FusionExcel is now restocking

I put it in the shopping cart on the web and mobile devices

Is there any mistake

9:25 am: Okay, so it won’t let me ship or curbside pickup, but somehow I still have a device?

9:26 am: What makes Best Buy

9:27 am: I think bots broke Best Buy

9:28 am: No shopping cart

This will not inspire joy.

At this point, I was ready to give up, but Tom would not allow it. He marked that Micro Center has a model inventory, which is Founder’s Edition. So I quickly returned to the “Micro Center” tab, and…

10:13 am: Go over there now

The light of hope shines.

It seems that I may be able to have a happy ending to my blog

Ah, the page will not load dddd

10:14 am: I think we got somewhere

Let me in

Let me

10:15 am: Loaded on my phone

10:16 am: Load on my desktop​​

Gosh, do I think I got it?

10:17 am: Come on, let me complete the transaction

Micro Center, don’t let me down now.

10:18 am: Come to Micro Center

10:19 am: gh

10:23 am: I’m still trapped

Oh shit

10:24 am: Yes.I want to buy micro center now

10:25 am: Come to Micro Center mom needs you to do magic

10:27 am: Okay, I opened five Micro Center pages, two of which show my shopping cart

10:31 am: hold up.I am ordering summary

10:32 am: I’m at the last minute! ! !

10:34 am: AHHHHHHHH

10:36 am: My goodness

Just pass

10:36 am: Have I thought about it? ? ?

10:38 am: My goodness i think this works

I am checking my Micro Center account and banking application

10:49 am: It doesn’t show up in my order history…

Before Micro Center told me, I could not complete the publication of this blog (including Slack and Chorus)

10:51 am: My goodness.It passed

I received the mail

11:55 am: FML.They cancelled my order

They canceled

I’m crawling like a crazy woman

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