NVIDIA’s RTX 3070 GPU is about to go online, which means that PC gamers everywhere will bend over, hoping that their lenses can ensure this budget-friendly but very powerful hardware. Want to grab the best $499 upgrade opportunity for your gaming equipment to get the best chance? This is a review of its release time and the best reminder of our successful completion of the order.

When will NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 be released?

NVIDIA RTX 3070 release time
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 will go on sale on October 29th. Please get the release time and order reminder below. Will you be able to get the Founders Edition?

According to Newegg’s RTX 30 series information website, GeForce RTX 3070 is expected to go on sale. October 29, 9 a.m. EDT. The release time is also consistent with other graphics cards in the series, so we think it is accurate. That being said, if the PS5 pre-order fiasco has brought anything to tech enthusiasts, in theory, highly anticipated items can enter the store at any given time. It pays to be vigilant.

Best tips for ordering NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070

It cannot be denied that having your own RTX 3070 will be a big challenge when the card is actually launched. With this in mind, here are some tips that may help your ordering process go smoothly.Obviously, even our best intentions are far Success is guaranteed, but this is what we know on the basis of pre-ordering many other high-demand goods.

Pre-order link

Sometimes, the fastest way to successfully complete an order is to know the correct link to get the item you need. This list does not include all retailers that may offer RTX 3070, but it may provide a reliable starting point.

In addition to these links, there are some useful tips that are worth knowing when you start your search. Some of these suggestions may be effortless for those who have tried before, but we will still provide our insights.

  • Prepare your information: The official NVIDIA store is difficult for those who have not made a purchase before to store their billing information, but the other retailers in the above list make it easy for you to do this. Therefore, please work hard to set up your credit card and shipping details before the release time. Just because there is something in your shopping cart that has not become yours. If your information is not ready, you can take it away.
  • Follow the right people: Even if the retailer has set up a notification system for when 3070 is expected to go on sale, it is almost certain that these emails will not be sent fast enough for you to actually receive them. Instead, it helps to follow and receive tweet notifications for transaction-focused Twitter accounts such as Wario64 and IGN Deal. In this extreme case, even these reputable sources may be a bit slow, but they are more effective than retailers.
  • Use app: Most of the retailers listed above have apps in addition to their standard websites, which may be helpful in using these apps. Especially applications built to increase speed, so some consumers will swear in this case.
  • Use the fastest device: If it’s not the smartphone you need, at least make sure to use the fastest device at home to set it up. These sites may crash, and you want to use a browser that can easily handle this pressure. Don’t be booted by slow hardware.
  • Notes on third-party cards: Especially on the NVIDIA RTX 30 series, users have reported the most problems with non-Founders Edition third-party cards. When the time is up, they may be easier to obtain, but it seems that the options made by NVIDIA may now be the best for your system. No matter which method is used, there are advantages and disadvantages, but the recorded manufacturing issues are still worth mentioning.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 will be available on October 29th.

Will you try to buy RTX 3070 on Thursday? What is the best secret to protect this popular GPU? Tell us in the comments section!