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Not even mentioning Biden’s name

President Donald Trump continues to refuse to abandon the election. Four senior officials told the Daily Beast that his national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, was fueling the chaos.

O’Brien was once seen as a potential inspection of Trump’s unstable national security requirements. He approved the installation of a pair of Trumpists at the top of the Pentagon, while Secretary of Defense O’Brien has always opposed the adoption of Twitter. Dismissal.

An official claimed that O’Brien had always supported the peaceful transfer of power, joked about Trump’s disappearance on Monday, and instructed his staff to begin drafting transition materials. But three other officials told the “Daily Beast”

; that O’Brien had become one of Trump’s biggest promoters at a decisive moment and supported the president’s proposal to keep power, even if the move was carried out through a national false propaganda campaign. of.

According to multiple officials, O’Brien has complained for months about the current Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and his withdrawal from the president’s demands, including the use of generals for political purposes.

Officials said that this week, O’Brien supported the removal of several senior officials from the Pentagon and the relocation of former National Security Council official Christopher Miller to the National Counter-Terrorism Center to replace Esper as Secretary of Defense. Officials said he also approved the appointment of Kash Patel as Miller’s chief of staff. Patel previously served on the National Security Council of the National Security Council (O’Brien). A senior official described Miller and Patel as “O’Brien’s boys.” It is said that Patel has a close relationship with another former colleague of NSC, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who is now a senior intelligence officer at the Pentagon.

An official to Washington post NSC took over the Pentagon, but Dan Lamothe took over the main responsibilities of O’Brien. “Personnel changes in the Ministry of Defense [the Department of Defense] There is only a small close-knit circle around the president. These discussions rule out traditional national security voices. The official told The Daily Beast. Another senior government official accused the head of the President’s Office of Personnel, John McEntee, and Patel to plan the Pentagon’s removal.

If you even mention Biden’s name, that won’t work. You will be fired. Everyone is afraid to talk about opportunities to work with them. [Biden] transition.

National Security Officer

Other officials familiar with the matter pointed out that O’Brien also urged national security officials to openly accept the absurd Trump message that the election has not been passed and legal battles are still going on across the country, which may benefit the president. .

A national security official said: “If you even mention Biden’s name, that is not allowed, otherwise you will be fired.” “Everyone is afraid to talk about opportunities to cooperate with them. [Biden] transition. “

When asked if White House officials are comfortable saying Biden’s name in the West Wing, a senior White House official joked: “Of course, you can say his name. If you’re talking about who lost the presidential election. “

An official claimed that behind closed doors, O’Brien is increasingly preparing for Trump’s defeat and preparing for the transition. Other officials said the problem was that O’Brien did not let the commander-in-chief know this.

It’s like dealing with madmen on the subway. Everyone just sat there staring ahead, pretending that they couldn’t hear him, and then waited for him to finally get out of the car.

GOP sources close to the administration

O’Brien entered the current post of National Security Advisor in September 2019, has close ties with the Republican Party, and was regarded by national security officials as someone who could keep Trump in the United States after arriving at the White House. an examination. However, since taking office, officials who worked with him said that O’Brien supports the president at all times. A former senior National Security Agency official said he was called “yes” among the staff. A current national security official said: “He did what Trump said.”

It’s getting harder and harder to find hard hitters who are willing to tell Trump to admit. Three sources said that many people around Trump are very aware that even without Attorney General Bill Barr (Bill Barr) searching for voter fraud materials across the country, he initiated it without any evidence of large-scale voter fraud. The legal challenge will not change the outcome of the election. However, the drive of personal loyalty that bound the Trump world together prevented many of his closest advisers from telling him that his presidency was over.

“It’s like dealing with a madman on the subway. Everyone just sits there, staring ahead, pretending they can’t hear him, until he finally gets out of the car,” a Republican source close to the government told The Daily Beast.

Trump refused to admit that the main consequence of the result was the chaos of the entire national security agency.

A kindState Department officials said there was no guidance or news about the election. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at a press conference on Tuesday: “There will be a smooth transition to the second Trump administration.” Regarding whether the chief US diplomat really insisted that Trump was defeated Will not give up the regime, which caused international chaos. This made Pompeo shocked at the State Department staff who refused to resign like Trump as a strongman.

“We are all looking for clues. I think we understand… Whether he is joking or shocking. But we now expect this kind of contempt,” the senior department official said.

Pompeo spent a lot of time strengthening his no-joking stance that Trump did not lose the election. When asked on Fox News on Tuesday night about the influx of foreign leaders to congratulate Biden, Pompeo rejoined the meeting, “We remind everyone that all votes have not been counted.” He will have many opportunities to spread the message. . On Friday, Pompeo embarked on a more than a week trip to France, Turkey, Georgia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Regardless of whether Pompeo believes he has more time to take office, his governance is like he is in a hurry. On Tuesday, there was another round of sanctions against the “procurement network” that it acquired with Iran.He approved the sale of US$23 billion in arms to the UAE Abu Dhabi recognizes Israel’s apparent cost These include advanced F-35 jet fighters and 18 “Reaper” drones. Quite exaggeratedly, Pompeo announced that Nathan Sales, the head of counter-terrorism at the Ministry of Defense, was responsible for coordinating the global coalition against the so-called Islamic State, and announced the appointment of Joel after Amb. Joel Rayburn is the special envoy for Syria. Jim Jeffrey retired from two positions on Monday.

All of this has led to speculation and fears that there may be a last-minute conflict with Iran, especially considering the shocking Pentagon’s ongoing consequences that have not yet been explained by the Department of Defense.

Patel, Cohen-Watnick and the new policy chief Anthony Tata have been instructed to take action at the Pentagon. Theories range from retaliation against officials who believe they are not loyal to Trump, preventing the flow of intelligence to the inevitable transition to Biden, to selectively leaking Republican information deemed harmful to Biden or Obama.

An official at the Pentagon, who asked not to be named, said that Cohen-Watnick had many opportunities in front of him. In addition to being promoted to the Pentagon Intelligence Director, he was also responsible for the Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict Bureau, making him a Pentagon official at the same time, responsible for the supervision of all intelligence and special operations tasks.

The official said: “Basically, a completely ineligible person is taking crown jewels, but because he has close ties with the White House, there is no comment yet.”

The Pentagon representative did not respond to a request for comment.

However, although Pentagon officials expressed high confidence in Miller’s integrity, Patel was considered the White House mole rat in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Two people who regularly talk to Trump said that even before the major networks convened the 2020 presidential campaign on Saturday, each of them independently told Trump that he should fire FBI Director Christopher Wray before his inauguration in 2021. ), even if Trump is the president’s duck. One of the sources said that they have told the president that getting rid of Ryan is a “right and fair thing” regardless of whether they win or lose, because they believe the bureau chief is trying to undermine Trump’s efforts.

At present, almost all major players in Trump’s world, starting from the president, are operating publicly, as if the second term can be miraculously realized tomorrow.

“Until the judge says’no,’ you must continue, you should continue, as if you are going to re-term in office. You can’t stop in power,” Barry Bennett, who served as Trump’s senior adviser during the 2016 campaign Bennett) said. “You have to wait until January 20 to hand over the keys. Certain transitions have become very bad. If you go back to President Bush in 2000, no one would expect Clinton to stop because Gore failed in the November election. Serving as President. So of course he must pursue his own policies. He should.”

“As Judge Ginsburg said, a president is’elected for four years.’ So, four years [Donald Trump’s] The President… If there is a vacancy, he should fill it. Why didn’t he? Newt Gingrich, a former speaker of the House of Representatives and Trump’s informal adviser, said. When asked whether the White House is still continuing its political review of the second term, and after Biden’s decisive victory, is this appropriate Gingrich replied: “Of course [it’s appropriate]. He did not admit it. Why should he act as if he admitted it? “

He must go. His team is already infiltrating.I passed four resumes today

GOP source

Even most Republicans admit one of the reasons: he lost the election.

“He must go. His team is already infiltrating. I passed four resumes today,” said a Republican source close to the government. “I really think the worst thing for him is that without him, all of this will continue. He will be gloomy, I guess Biden walked into an empty White House…this is really an idiot.”

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