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Nintendo has a $ 20 battery charge for Switch | News and opinion

This stand guarantees that the switch will not burn and that it can be loaded in tabletop mode.

  Nintendo Switch Adjustable Battery Level

Right now, your Switch Docks options are pretty limited. Nintendo just wants you to use the official dock, which is useless for playing in tabletop mode. The stand on the back of the switch is also not great. You could opt for a third-party dock / stand, but you risk breaking your switch.

Fortunately, Nintendo has decided to solve the problem by offering us a different stand, only this one is cheap and really very useful. [1

9659004] It's called the Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charge Stand and costs $ 19.99. It improves the stand integrated on the back of the switch in many ways. First, it is much more robust and the angle can be adapted to the viewer.

Probably the most useful feature is the ability to charge the Switch during tabletop mode. Nintendo has achieved this by adding a connector on the side of the stand that allows you to plug in a power adapter while you play. Power is then transmitted through the foot and into the charging port on the bottom of the switch.

One missing feature is an HDMI port. Nintendo has decided to use it exclusively for tabletop mode. It would have been nice if it could double as a full dock, but apparently for some reason we can not have it all.

If you want to have the adjustable charge level, Nintendo will let us all wait until we buy one July 13th. If you need anything to improve your tabletop mode games by then, check out the Nyko Kick Stand.

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