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Nine Inch Nails reveal new song "God is breaking the door"

Nine Inch Nails envisioned their upcoming ninth LP Bad Witch with a sinister new song, "God Break The Door". Trent Reznor sings threatening lines on a dizzying mix of synths, a moaning saxophone solo and drums. "God interrupts the door / You will not find the answers here – not the ones you were looking for," warns the singer-producer before the electric jazz rush.

Reznor spoke in an interview about the experimental development of the song with Beats 1 presenter Zane Lowe. He explained how the piece came from his desire to "get back on saxophone after 1945" [his] technique after it had rusted over the last two decades.

"I look around the studio and see the untouched baritone tenor and alto saxophone sitting there … they're here because they remind me that I can not play them as well as I do earlier, "he said.

"There they sit in the corner and taunt me, we pulled them out and we just started fiddling around, arranging with [Atticus Ross]I just went there, an hour of performance turned into this one thing It felt like we had not been there before and it started to reveal a very different character. "The room changed and then we felt motivated. When it was time to sing, I really just tried to see things. I never had the courage to sing that way, I did not know that I could sing.

Later in the interview, the frontman explained how Bad Witch – the last installment of a trilogy after the year 2016 Not the Current Events and 2017 Add Violence – grew up on 22 June from an EP to a full-length album.

Reznor also described his band's long history with the Jesus and Mary Chain, and the alto rock band will cover the upcoming tour "Cold and Black and Infinite". from Nine Inch Nails, which launches in Phoenix, Arizona on September 13.

"I have some history with them," he said. "The first real tour we have ever played as Nine Inch Nails, we have opened for her. The good place in my heart of the good old days, when life was easier. They were cool. I love Jesus and Mary Chain, always had. The years before, when Psycho Candy was out, they played the Fantasy Theater in Cleveland. We rehearsed in fantasy, the upstairs is a nightclub. My manager at the time, his girlfriend was running the club and here we are I rehearsed and we would hang out, the night of the Jesus and Mary Chain Show, here they were guaranteed to be playing for only eight minutes. You remember the time back. They were desperate, they wanted to go on, we were just finished rehearsing in a closed nightclub, and Michelle, the owner, says' fast, fast, fast emergency – you have a drumstick? They only brought two, and they lost one, and they do not move on if they can not find one. & # 39; We had a drumstick. So we saved the show. "

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