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NFL playoff prediction: our draft picks in the divisional game

Few people think that the Los Angeles Rams or the Cleveland Browns will do this, and the success of the Buffalo Bills has far exceeded expectations. The Baltimore Ravens are back into competition. A pair of forty-something quarterbacks will face off in New Orleans. Everyone is (or should) be frightened by the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The wheat has been separated from the chaff, and the regional competition will further narrow the scope.

This is the matchup of the NFL playoffs this weekend. Unlike the regular season, draft picks are not based on spreads.

Los Angeles Rams in Green Bay Packers, 4:35 pm, Fox

Line: Packer -6.5 | Total: 45.5

Much will be done about the relationship between the Rams’ Sean McVeigh and the Packers’ coach Matt Lafleur. LaFleur served as McVie’s offensive coordinator in 2017, and they have been offensive assistants to Washington staff from 2010 to 2013. They are the key figures in the offensive revolution, but if you want high scores, you might want to try the game.

Green Bay led the NFL in scoring due to Aaron Rodgers’s turning back season, which made him a contender for the Most Valuable Player award. His success is due to Aaron Jones’ offense (1,459 yards) and Marquez Valdes-Scantling’s vertical threat (20.9 yards per game) ) And Davante Adams (Davante Adams) all-round brilliance (115 catches, 1,374 yards and 18 touchdowns).

However, if there is a team aimed at slowing down the Packers, it is the Rams.

Few defenses can match the relentless sprints of Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd. Although Rogers is not easy, in recent years, he has shown weakness several times under constant pressure. The moment has come. Complicating the problem is the lack of star left-back David Bakhtiari (David Bakhtiari), whose season ended with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in week 16.

Jones might be boycotted by the Rams’ top seven defensively ranked third-yes, Donald also leads. Green Bay’s home run threat from Valdes-Scantling is risky, thanks to his tendency to drop the ball.

The most interesting game left is the one between the suspension cornerbacks Jalen Ramsey and Adams. The latter is arguably the best and most underrated current relay in the NFL. By.

“You know me, I want to fight against anyone and be as good and evil as possible,” Adams said when asked about Ramsey this week.

On a neutral basis, with the same health condition, this may aggravate Rams’ frustration. But Green Bay has been striving to gain home court advantage in the playoffs, and hard work may become the team’s savior. The expected kick-off time in Green Bay, Wisconsin is about 30 degrees, and Rams quarterback Jared Goff’s thumb-throwing can be out of surgery in just a few weeks. He seemed to be struggling with grip last week, and the cold plus enough Packers defense should give Green Bay everything it needs. pick: Packer

Baltimore Ravens in Buffalo Bills, 8:15 p.m. on NBC

Line: Notes -2.5 | Total: 50

The Ravens have not lost a game since December 2. Since November 15th, Bill has not lost a game. Both have weatherproof offense and defense and can change the game. And both of them have overcome the psychological pressure of a common illness-Buffalo won the playoffs for the first time since the 1995 season; Lamar Jackson of the Ravens won the playoffs for the first time.

There are many reasons for attracting the two teams, and I have always believed that the promotion of the two teams is just signing and losing to Kansas City in the next round. But it’s hard to believe that even at home, Buffalo will slow down Baltimore’s dominance game.

When the Ravens pressed the “reset button” after taking a mid-season vacation, the team focused almost all of its offense on the runs of quarterback Lamar Jackson and the runs of guards JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards. This resulted in Baltimore rushing for 230 or more yards in four of the final five games of the regular season, including a ridiculous 404 (the fifth rushing yard in NFL history), beating Cincinnati in Week 17. In the game. That has remained in the wildcard round, and the Raven ran for 236 yards.

Buffalo ranks 17th in running defense this season, but if the team is not forced to keep up with Bill’s electric offense, the ranking will be worse. This proves the fact that Buffalo ranks among the NFL’s six worst defenses per carry (4.6) and sprint score (21).

Several of the bill’s defenses can severely undermine the opponent’s abilities, but a large part of them comes from secondary positions. On a cold day in Orchard Park in New York, the Ravens may focus on ball possession, and it is difficult to see Bill can stop them. Buffalo’s offense should not be small, even against the Ravens defense is also very good, but Baltimore should control the game time and game. pick: crow

Cleveland Browns in Kansas City Chief, District of Columbia, 3:05 PM

Line: Chief -10 | Total: 56.5

For all intents and purposes, Cleveland advanced to the divisional game after 13 minutes of the wildcard match against Pittsburgh. The playoffs rarely went sideways so quickly. The Browns’ defense forced three quick turnovers, and their offense completed the deal by leading 28-0 with 1:56 left in the first quarter.

Brown’s 48-37 victory shouldn’t be considered-luckily-Cleveland has the best team since coach Bill Belichick roamed the sidelines in the mid-1990s-but using Ben Roethlisberger )’S mistake is very different from forcing Patrick Mahomes to get into some predicament, so it would be foolish to hope to start over like lightning.

Kansas City may return to Clyde Edwards-Helaire in a terrible hip injury in Week 15. Even if they fail to do so, the combination of Le’Veon Bell and Damien Williams can provide enough balance and Mahomes should be able to chop Cleveland’s The second player, the latter passed to big passer Tyreek Hill and threw the ball under Travis Kelce.

Cleveland’s offense occasionally explodes-last week’s effort was the team’s highest scoring playoff game since the 1954 NFL championship-and the Browns can rely on guards Nick Chubb and Jerry ·Kareem Hunt’s superb combination makes a difference. But even Baker Mayfield’s most ardent believer should work hard to get him to confront Mahomes. The Browns are not the ones to overthrow, but they may not have done much to stop Kansas City. pick: Chief

Tampa Bay Pirates in New Orleans Saints, Fox 6:40pm

Row: Saints-3 | Total: 52

In the AFC playoffs, the oldest starting quarterback was Baker Mayfield, who was 26 years old until April. Three of the four starters in the conference were first-round picks in the 2018 draft. When any of these four start to play in the NFL, Tom Brady has won five Super Bowls, and Drew Brees is close to Dan Marino His professional passing record.

Young players reimagined the quarterback position to a large extent, using their mobility to enhance passing ability, while contributing to the league’s scoring explosion. However, Brady and Brees, the museum-quality example of the forgotten passerby era, continues, leading the Super Bowl contenders in the second week of the playoffs.

In fact, the game should not be defined solely by its famous quarterback. Brace’s Saints have a good offense this season-Alvin Kamara leads the NFL with 21 touchdowns, but also relies on defense and the team’s defensive coordination Player Dennis Allen (Dennis Allen) built it into the strong team.

Tampa Bay also has excellent young defensive abilities-support from the ball side undoubtedly played a role in Brady’s decision to sign there-in recent weeks, the Buccaneers have begun to really click offense. The team has many receiving options-receiver Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown; tight end Rob Gronkowski (Rob Gronkowski)-led Brady to at least 2017 The best statistical season of the year, and one of the best seasons of his career.

The routine meetings between these teams are laughable. The Saints won with a total score of 72-26. And they play football at home, even if the small crowd they are allowed to accommodate reduces the impact, it also works for them. The Buccaneers are a good enough team to be respected-in many ways, it’s simply a toss-but the Saints are among the best in the most competitive games of the weekend. pick: saint.

All time is Eastern.

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