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NFL drafting rumors: Terrace Marshall has “had a lot of conversation with the Eagles”

let’s start Philadelphia Eagles link…

The Eagles “fascinating” to attract second round WR selection-NBCSP
And this is what Kyle Brandt reported on the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football on Tuesday morning about the Eagles, and the impressive prospects for recipients. The following is Brandt’s report on LSU’s wide terrace Marshall (JR.): “This guy is 6-3. He had 10 touchdowns in seven games before choosing to participate in the remainder of the season. You think they have all of these people, and they do. This is another thing they can pursue. A huge explosive organizer. He has been talking to the Eagles a lot, so we will wait and see.”

; Very interesting! By trading off the sixth pick, the Hawks effectively freed themselves from the LSU’s fellow offense and may enter the top six pick Ja’Marr Chase. They also affected their chances of choosing Devonta Smith or Jaylen Waddle’s widest receiver duo in Alabama at least to some extent.

Weapon X Mailbag: Which player will get the worst response at the 12th pick? -BGN
Look, I think if we were to adopt the move of the prototype Howie Roseman, it would be Gregory Rousseau in Miami. I would not call “low production” the hallmark of Howie. Think about how many times we heard that Derek Barnett broke Reggie White’s record of dismissal in Tennessee, despite his poor exercise test on the combine harvester. They selected Donnel Pumphrey. He is a guy who has never played in the NFL. He is the head of the FBS steal code in the first division of the NCAA. Rousseau withdrew from the 2020 season, so his stock has fallen, so Howie’s idea of ​​”the smartest man in the room” surfaced. “People forget the 2019 college season” is new. “Other teams don’t stay up late to watch the PAC-12 game.” His class is still very young, just like when he turned 21 on April 5, just like Barnett’s draft. Ban is still very young and is still 24 years old (he turned 25 on June 25). Back in production, this guy stood out on The U as a freshman in a red shirt in 2019, losing a total of 19.5 tackles and up to 15.5 sacks. This year this is not a particularly strong EDGE group, but if we get the standard Howie pick at 1-12, I think it should be Rousseau, and I can accept it too (assuming both Alabama recipients are gone) .

From The Bleachers #58: Live guest simulation audition-BGN Radio
In the latest episode of the movie “From The Bleachers”, Shamus Clancy (Shamus Clancy) and his friends Ryne and Big Oil conducted seven rounds of Eagles mock draft. They learned the dangers faced when trying to be too cute and trading. For the full experience, watch the Bleeding Green Nation YouTube episode!

Crazy April: Now is the time to vote for our Eagles Media 64-bit sweetest 16-Crossing Broad
[BLG Note: If you want to throw me a few votes, I wouldn’t be upset!]

Historically, quarterbacks who trade for the Hawks are disappointed with their new team-PhillyVoice
The Philadelphia Eagles traded their quarterback. a lot of. But it has been a while since they traded the unhappy Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts in February. The quarterback the Eagles traded recently made room for Wentz, Sam Bradford, AKA Sleeves, AKA Sammy Sleeves, and AKA Sleevie Wonder in 2016. team. Spoiler alert: very bad. This is not to say that the Hawks completely surpassed all trading partners, because the players they selected with the picks obtained in these trades did not fully ignite the world.

Ripple effect-trigger a blitzkrieg
I don’t think the Eagles will have overtime, but we can’t rule it out. Slater, Sewell and Vera-Tucker are all great prospects. However, Eagles OL may actually be the power of the team. There are many other loopholes that need to be filled, and it makes more sense to extend it to other places. Lane Johnson is no longer young, so you can always think of draft picks as the future. I just think 12 will be something other than OL. I really want to know what will happen if Chase drops to a few positions. How much do the Hawks like him? We know that Hoy is not afraid to fluctuate up and down the draft. The unlikely scenario is to return, but everything is possible. If the Eagles’ goal disappears, and they think the best value is to move back a few points, it would make sense.

Can these six teams win in the NFL offseason? Why the Packers, Saints, Eagles, Rams, Pony and Falcons have been quiet; what’s next-ESPN +
why? Obviously, the Eagles will start eating vegetables in 2021, hoping to enjoy some cakes next year. The Wentz deal forced them to absorb a huge dead-end figure of $33.8 million; the release of Jackson and eventually the addition of Jeffery would cost Philly more than $40 million this season. If it finds Ertz’s trading partner before June 1, this number may be close to 50 million U.S. dollars. However, next year, the Eagles’ cap space is expected to be close to 32 million US dollars. After trading with the Dolphins, they may get as many as three first-round picks, while at the same time getting conditional picks from the Colts. If Jalen Hurts performed well in the 2021 starting game, that would be great! They have the quarterback of the future, and all those first-round players will be built around him in 2022. If he struggles, then they will go higher in the 2022 draft, and if further trades are needed, there are two outstanding picks available. .

NFL supplies almost doubled Eagles’ Alex Singleton’s salary by 2020-but cash was deferred-Inquirer
In the final season of a two-year, $1.08 million contract, Singleton was a good deal for Hawks general manager Howie Roseman. But the NFL has a formula for rewarding performance-based compensation. In the total set last year, each team was $8.5 million. The NFL Players Association released 2020 data from the system on Tuesday. Singleton was the highest earner of the Eagles, earning an additional $464,296. However, there is a trap-as part of the COVID-19 agreement between the union and the union, in order to reduce the impact of the coronavirus for one year on wages, the union estimates that performance wages will be paid by 2024. Therefore, Singleton is worth looking forward to.

Free agent signing by age-upper limit
The other teams that add older players to the roster are the Rams (1 signature), the Eagles (4) and the Ravens (2).

Daniel Jeremiah (Daniel Jeremiah) Simulation Draft 3.0: DeVonta Smith (DeVonta Smith) is still Big Blue View’s choice
I will try my best to make a brief introduction to this, because frankly, Jeremiah did not make any new breakthroughs in this draft. I have no doubt that Smith’s production capacity in Alabama is exceptionally good and is an excellent trail runner, which should enable him to immediately increase production efficiency under the right circumstances. But I still doubt him, especially the Giants and the NFL as a whole. Although I don’t like to provide professional comparisons for college graduates, sometimes they are a good shortcut to describe traits. The player I saw in DeVonta Smith was a young Tate from Notre Dame – if he was allowed to compete with Taya Tavailova ( Tua Tagovailoa joins Mac Jones instead of Jimmy Clausen to participate in the modern communication coastal offense.

KJ Wright, Richard Sherman are the top free agents the Cowboys can still pursue-Blog Boys
There are very few reports on the Sherman Market. He seems content to wait for the team and the deal to reach his liking. The odds may be long, but if the Cowboys can recruit veterans like Wright and Sherman, their views on free agency will change.

NFL: We are monitoring the “deeply disturbed” allegations against Deshaun Watson-PFT
On Tuesday, the first woman to sue Texas quarterback quarterback Deshaun Watson for sexual assault revealed her identity and discussed with reporter Tony Buzbee. ) Delivered a speech to the media at the press conference. Ashley Solis called herself Watson’s “survivor of assault and harassment”. Watson faces another 21 civil lawsuits alleging similar behavior when using a masseuse to perform massages. . Watson was also the subject of criminal investigations by the Houston Police Department. The National Football League (NFL) did not comment on the start of the investigation, but Brian McCarthy, NFL’s vice president of communications, did comment on Tuesday.

NFL draft rumors: Terry Fontenot wants to draft QB, Arthur Smith thinks Matt Ryan has more than 2 years left-The Falcoholic
Before the 2021 NFL Draft, it is fascinating and changing with each passing day, accompanied by various opinions and reports. The rumor factory has been very busy lately, and it seems that we have new rumors every day. This is understandable, because the Falcons have a new regime. Not only does he have the former league’s most valuable player in the quarterback position, but he also enters the top five in the upcoming draft. The latest rumor comes from ESPN Insider Chris Mortensen, who appeared in the network’s latest special draft. When they reached the Falcons’ draft pick, Mortensen shared what he heard about the Falcons’ plan that might be carried out at the end of the month.What i hear is [Terry] Fontenot is more focused on quarterbacks, and Arthur Smith believes that Matt Ryan does have two years or more. He has no real medical history, he has not missed many games in his career, and his performance has not dropped significantly.

Non-public daily report #31: Panthers trade Sam Darnold (Sam Darnold) + 2021 failure/failure-SB Nation NFL Show
Rob “Country Statistics” Guerrera (Ninnis Nation) and Brandon Lee Gordon (Bleeding Green Nation) reacted to the big move from Carolina, with Bradley Smith of Cat Scratch Reader (Bradley Smith) ) Introduced Sam Danold. What is the panther thinking? In addition, we bet on the total number of wins for one team in each division.

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