As the restaurant reopens to allow outdoor seating in New York City, the mice are returning to the rubbish left by them for a meal, leading experts to expect that rat attacks on outdoor diners will increase.

New York City mouse, restaurant, coronavirusSean Gallup/Getty Images

Dr. Bobby Corrigan, a rodent scientist in the urban area, said he has seen a huge change in the behavior of rodents in his apartment: “You can’t believe what is happening outside the apartment. It’s crazy. I heard rats on the street. Screaming,” Corrigan told Gothamist.

He said friends have been calling him to warn mice. He described a phone call saying: “I’m watching mice, I have never seen them play in the park, they are wrestling, they look happy while playing.” I said, believe me, they didn’t participate in the game, soon Someone will be killed and eaten! “

Corrigan said: “Any mammal will soon behave abnormally if it takes food away.”

New Yorker Elias Schewel told NY1 that he took his dog out for hunting. “We don’t provide services,” Schewel said. “We do this for entertainment.”

“Actually, this is my honor [Sundrop] Schewel continued, “Learn how to kill each other. It’s like a hack mouse.