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New Nintendo rumors spread “Super Nintendo Switch”

According to reports, new rumors about Super Nintendo Switch or sometimes called Nintendo Switch Pro have been reported. Although rumors and vulnerabilities point to the existence of a new and more powerful Nintendo Switch for more than a year, so far, these rumors and vulnerabilities have not been materialized or formalized. Unfortunately, this has not changed, but a new rumor has surfaced with many details about the rumored hardware.

The latest rumors come from the claims of some “verified insiders” in “Reset Times” who claim that the new Nintendo Switch is basically a PS4 with DLSS and a better CPU. In other words, it will not make Nintendo games reach the PS5 and Xbox Series X levels, but it will be between the next generation of games and the previous generation.

If this sounds like a big upgrade, it̵

7;s because it is, partly because this new model is not only a revised version of the Nintendo Switch Lite level, but also more like what Wii U means to Wii, or at least a claim. As you would expect, this will be supported by the new head, although the rumors do not state exactly.

In addition, there is not much interest or consequences for the system other than the goal of 4K resolution, although this may only apply to the docking situation. The leaker also mentioned the 2022 release window, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 May be released subsequently.

Of course, and as always, all this information should contain a lot of salt. Not only is there nothing formal here, but even if all is 100% accurate to some extent, it may change.

As you might expect, Nintendo did not comment on this, nor did it comment. It did not comment on individual Nintendo Switch Pro or Super Nintendo Switch rumors, and this situation will not change, but if it does, we will definitely use whatever it provides to update the story.

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