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New mission update adds 90Hz, gifts and new fitness tracker

Facebook announced in its blog that the Oculus Quest v23 system software update will be released today. New updates include a native 90Hz refresh rate option for Quest 2 and the new fitness tracker Oculus Move. The ability to buy and give away apps for others will be released later this month. Oculus Link will also exit the beta version today.

At the time of release, Oculus Quest 2 only supports applications such as the Home area and Oculus Browser to support a 90Hz refresh rate, but generally does not support games. You can use the workaround patch to unlock the frame rate, but it is not an officially supported game. Starting today, the update should start rolling out. This update part only applies to Quest 2:

“Starting today, all system software including Home, Guardian and Passthrough will run at 90Hz by default, and we allow developers to start providing Quest products with 90Hz native support.”


Eye Fitness Tracker

Then update v23 will also include Oculus Move, which is a new embedded application for Quest and Quest 2, which can be used in all applications and games. This app will track your estimated calories burned based on your activity level, which is measured by the movement of the headset and controller. You can also set daily goals. The blog post says this is a “gradual” rollout, so it may not appear in your library immediately.

In the end, I mean that after years of waiting, you can finally give away games and apps to other Oculus users. This update will not be released until “late this month”. You will be able to purchase items on mobile apps or web browsers and send them directly to friends. You will start to see a new “Buy for Friends” button, similar to how Steam handles PC games.

Application gift oculus quest rift vr

Combined with the new features delivered to PC browsers (not just Chromecast devices), Quest and Quest 2 received many new features in time during the holidays.

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