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New Mach-E owners attract Tesla fans due to positive reviews

Around the fanatical personality of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the weird dynamics within the Tesla community waste a lot of virtual ink. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is The undeniable genius behind the current popularity of electric vehicles. As of press time, Tesla is the leader in the electric vehicle market and the world’s most valuable automaker, which is of great significance to both Musk and Tesla’s achievements.

However, no matter how defensive Tesla critics are, some of Tesla’s supporters often act like teenage comic books, attacking anyone who dares to criticize superheroes for any reason.usually called “Tesla fan” These supporters will appear among anyone they believe is a threat to Tesla̵

7;s reputation. For example, the new owner of the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Sergio Rodriguez (Sergio Rodriguez) is the owner of the 2020 Model X. He recently purchased a Mach-E for himself and started to make comparative reviews and post it online. He told the Detroit Free Press that his goal has never been to make one camp on par with another, but to put forward his own views on two electric vehicles, hoping that he can help others decide which is more suitable for them.

Jace Craft-Miller is also the new owner of Mach-E First Edition, and his new car has been released online. If you think about it, they won’t do anything out of the ordinary: who doesn’t like to show off or show off friends or strangers about their shiny new things, whether it’s a cool car, a beautiful bicycle or something more trivial Things are like brand new handbags, a pair of shoes or a new dog?

What these two have in common is that they attracted the anger of the Tesla community.Bragging on the Internet as you please, not on the Internet Electric car That’s not Tesla, otherwise you deserve to die the most painful death. Probably someone told these two people-Mike Levine, Ford North America Product Communications Manager, knows something because he has also been facing death threats.

Rodriguez said his ordeal began when someone posted a positive review of Mach-E on the private Facebook organization Tesla Owners Worldwide. Death threats began to emerge at that time, and most of the threats seemed to be justified only because he dared to positively evaluate another electric car. If there is something that justifies the death threat.

On his social media, Rodriguez said that he is usually thin-skinned, but once you start receiving private messages from others, “I know what your Tesla looks like. If I saw…,” You start to worry that maybe these are not just empty words. Both he and Craft-Miller have been reporting these users, but there is still a lot to say about this malicious life in an otherwise very supportive community.

For Rodriguez, this suggests that he may have given up on Tesla.

“Part of me wants to get rid of my Tesla, but doesn’t want to have this connection,” He told the publication. “But people are commenting and saying disgusting things. “Did you let Dayou buy it for you?” And “How much do people pay you?” “If it has to do with being a Tesla owner, then why should I be part of the team? It’s not cool.”

If this is an isolated incident, it will hardly register with anyone, let alone news. And, even though this is not universal (or as Rodriguez himself said, “Not all Tesla owners are like this”), it does seem to happen often, and the intensity is constantly increasing.

According to analysts and Automatically queue up after get off work Host John McElroy (John McElroy), this is because Tesla fanatics firmly believe “They have the messianic mission of saving the earth: anyone who is not with them is against them.” Others believe that this is a good old-fashioned car competition. It has entered the Internet age and has deteriorated thousands of times as a result. If you want, this is a sign of the times, and the only good thing is that it shows that Tesla is about to gain real competition, if not already.

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